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  1. Recently someone is publishing day by day the room "Rape In Fog! Must accept Sex". But She / He is never on the room. so cant report. AnnieSummers
  2. I should not recomend to paste or even to talk explicit questions about this or that pirate version ... Just in case some misterious filter as the one works on the game bann some person ... You know. if we mention some words at the 3dx chat we can be ejected
  3. There are few 3dx pirate / copyed / pagied versions. Even have same login screen and even dotn delete 3DXchat logos and that
  4. On last update were added the same jaket with 4 differtn design textures. Happens same with the Jeans trousers ... few same model only different texture. I thing this is a waste of space and resources. Should be possible to upgrade the printing toool (the one that allow to put draws over the clothes) to add a new full texture over the item?, for example to make it looks built with fabric / silk / wool / latex / leather, basically it will multiply the mopdels by 5 without add new models. Also, to build all the new items with white base for make possible to put whatever color right over it (we have several top - blouse ... same model ... only different texture over it). If we check the clothes items we really have lot of items repited. Only need to change the color option / print option for made all better. Also other option is to add some tool to the chararacter editor that allow to upload the texture to apply to the item. There are lot at the internet that can be easy modified and applyed, and also people can build it. ¿Should be possible and easily to apply this?
  5. I dont want to devate this question here. There are different opinions about what is 3dx. And this picture is a proff about this confusion cause describe 3dx with the 3 concepts.
  6. I think on general we are aware of. On general some people think that things should not be tolerated and others think that shoud be ignored, also others think that should be reported. Here are different opinions, and also different points of view about what to do, and if there are a problem or not (as there are people that htink there are no need to do anothin). I Think, this kind of content should not be allowed. So filters for rooms names and similar questions can help if are right applyed, will be ok. If some person or group try to avoid the filters and continue with the transgressions ... Is on hand of developers to apply some penaltys / restrictions. Of course we can colaborate with reports and sugestions. Luky, there are not so usual rape rooms ... may be with not much efford we can make it vanish without request penaltys. But this will be will of the comunity (no caring my wishes and point of view).
  7. You are being clear enought. I will report you. I think we had enought patience with your insults
  8. This is a very restricted a summarized and generalistic description of VIDEO-GAME. Letr mer add some questions. At v I see that you like sophist philosifi. Caw eat Vegetals, Human eat Vegetals. Human are Caws. If you dotn see the diference bitween Skirim and Second Life or World of Warcraft and 3DX may be you need to research and even see diferences by own. Other question is if you want to see no diferences and identify Virtual World with Video Game. But both things are different. If you think that interact with Bots feeded by AI and code is same that interact with people that use some avatar for interact with other people You are free to think like this. I dont agree. I know that many people defend that 3dx is a game.
  9. If you dont care the topic, stop to disturb, Ty, and have a great day
  10. Please stop to open more and more and more topics here and to talk about things that are not related to the main topic. And be respectable with the people. You are free to open posts and to talk and share but dont insult. Respect people that is sharing here thougs and expereinces with respect to other, Or then Im sure someone will also report you.
  11. With "you" I mean general any person,, not you specifically
  12. On some things I dont see diference. Rape is Rape (no care if is RP, is a not right thing, from my POV). If you want a fantasy about be raped or rape someone ... at least do in private ant not on public ... Ty for dhare your thoughts
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