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  1. My Account blocked??????

    Reason Chat Ads

    Please fix it.


  2. A soul floating on pixels. really cute. You are creative and sensitive
  3. I hardly can understand that you have lag with a 1070. I have a 1050TI, and varelly I have lag on 3dx, playing with ultra, and now at 4k, ecxcept if you have a cpu that is making a bottle neck or something like this.
  4. I think all the features from the dll except the ghost. Omiting this part will not be possible to do some kind of ugly things
  5. You know what I consider totally and completelly unaceptable ? Rolplay and Play about Rape. This is very usuall here and noone was even worryed about comment it. terrorism ? bad thing yes.
  6. NOOOO. No pay for rooms.No pay for poses. No pay for clothes .... No ... No Economy Nooo Nooo Nooo. We have the "all in one" and is perfect.
  7. I will not change of opinion. No and no. Start an economy on the game is start to fuck 3dx. its enought easy not to avoid some ignore building a new avi. Move money only willmake easier to build and build ... Only starting for that. On this virtual world, money is mostly unusefull and from my point of view is better to keep it like that. But theer are different opinions of course
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