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  1. I dont mind having a hotwife ride me in front of her hubby
  2. I somehow think it has been posted in the wrong subforum. Might be a better idea to move it to the Roleplay section. Oh, and as we are talking, can i have a coffee please?
  3. The thing about the sound effect was just for the comedy purpose of my text. ;) I know that it would be a turn off for most people. And the erection slider should of course be available for all persons wielding 3dxchats very own 8inch Whopper ;)
  4. Well, dear Devs, we all know that we are living in a very much idealized world, here in 3dxChat-Land. But still i would sometimes just like to go skinny dipping without feeling like i have taken a weeks supply of viagra at once. I mean come on, every time we guys drop our pants its like we are raising the Flag on Iwo Jima........again. What impression does that give others about us? "YOU PERVERT! ALL YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT ALL DAY IS SEX!!!!" "Uhm, no, sorry. I just wanted to relax in the sun......really! I am sorry...i am not a pervert, i have just been designed this way......." So, i dont know if its very difficult to code this...but similar to the slider regarding the speed in sex from "help baby, i am stuck" to "YEAH....ENERGIZER RABBIT MODE ENGAGED!" we guys could have a slider going from "Limp Bizkit" to "FULL MORNING GLORY! FUCK YEAH!". Or if thats to difficult then just a switch with the "soft" and "hard!!!" option (but if you do this, please give us a sound effect as well *doiiinngggggg*). I have heard from various women that they would actually like to see the reward for the effort they are putting into getting her man horny, so this option might as well add to the enhanced gamers experience of this game Maybe its just me, but seriously, the constant priapism we guys are suffering in here is somewhat ridiculous. Take care folks.
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