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  1. same issue here, the game always ran super smoothly since last re-sub, and it's not on my end since lowering graphics doesn't help either.
  2. This. Just saying eh, but with the amount of money we pay every month, there's should be a minor patch each week, or at least some "patch notes" that tell us what to expect and what devs are working on. But of course, that would happen in a fair world, and this isn't. I'm not hating eh, but I think we deserve more than a patch every couple of months, when the monthly fee is this high.
  3. This isn't a competitive game, no esports involved, so your whining about people trying to make their rooms original and different from the others is completely clueless and out of context. You probably don't even know what CC is, you just googled it right? Sadly for you, in 2 years I never wasted a single minute in decoring/personalizing my rooms, so your "support" theory is just plain bullshit.
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