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  1. If they do I hope the keep both because current one is good for certain things like towels etc, but agree that old one was better for beds and some other things.
  2. Think everyone feel that way to one degree or another question just if developers are going to make flat naked feet and with shoes, since it would mean changing current tiptoe model but likely also have to do some sort of height adjustment for many existing poses to take into account the changed avi height without tiptoe. So while I agree it's something I doubt they're going to sink in development hours into, much like they have not with options for male models to have both erect and flacid options for their male part member.
  3. Reason I suggest sneaker heels because the shoeless female model is tiptoe, I find it hard to see developers redoing feet to not have tiptoe all sudden. So Sneakers with heels would make more sense than adding regular sneakers if it means redoing feet model and hoping they will go that far to add sneakers for female feet basically.
  4. Wouldn't really like Sneaker heals with different color variation skin options like this model for instance Or these could be another option
  5. Very nice looking builds, thanks for sharing with community.
  6. one obvious solution would probably be to make a public vampire themed RP room, then most who are interested will likely show up and you can start friending people there. While not saying by any means that it is bad idea to post here, chances are there gonna be many who just play the game and don't use forum much that wont notice.
  7. I don't think they're that blurry but I do think there some kind of bug that does not always load texture right, notice I copy building and delete it again texture become much more sharp then when they're initially placed.
  8. Since I saw complaints about new building textures, I thought maybe it would been in it's place to show some example of how these texture can help significantly lowering object counts for urban themed sims.
  9. Pretty much what title says think would be great if we could get sex swings added as interesting sex toy addition to 3dxchat maybe with some pose variations Just posted few links pictures I found sure it's probably possible to find many more to use, looking around.
  10. Not entirely true maybe for stuff like some the new shapes, but the building materials was asked for I know because I have been asking for it and many others put likes to my post about. So stop complaining just because everything added isn't what you personally wanted, the new materials textures are great for making urban areas without having to over spend on objects since you can make make bottom buildings with door props and windows and add the textures on above the floor base. Saving half dozen object from being added to make background and urban landscape props this is good for everyone doing city themes. My only regret is they didn't add a couple store front bottom textures too that we could use at bottom of buildings, or object already textured with bottoms for buildings that doesn't take up many objects either. Think these texture will be used lot for city apartment window backgrounds and for things like back alleys or urban areas rooms, so thanks for that Gizmo.
  11. Would kinda like if there would be some options under catalogue to add room descriptions and what not, also like options to add tags like Sex room, Roleplay etc.. it's easier for potential room goers to see what room is about before entering. I think this would also remove the need to do as much click baiting room titles to try get people to give the rooms a try, maybe also being able to post picture in certain resolution size from gallery or something to show how the room looks like.
  12. Obvious solution for me would be if the developers either rented out 24/7 option servers like some other game genre do with their game with limited people capacity, other option in my opinion would be to add premium option to accounts that let people with premium accounts do it, to off set the extra cost on servers since everyone will be wanted to do this to one extend or another. One last options I see if making some sort of Xgold donation box version where either own can pay Xgold into to keep it open or guest can if they like the room and wishes to support it, to avoid room floods or rooms simply staying open 24/7 because it's possible without there really being any need or demand for it. EDIT: Don't get me wrong I really like this idea of having option to keep room open 24/7 as anyone else, especially since there not many RP hubs to roleplay at within fixed public rooms. But just not at the expense of having really bad server stability like we had back when DLL rooms got out of hand and was constant disconnections and what not.
  13. Seems that is already planned for upcoming patch.
  14. Would prefer anything not developer made would go through some type of approval quality check process, I would not mind having talented people who like to, do those things as long as developers approve some their sample work and give them permission. I don't want situation like second life where the quality leap go from very bad quality to really professional looking levels, it would kill my sense of immersion if we get really badly made items going around that practically makes your eye bleed, you know?
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