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  1. Kinda explains why it sometimes react a little odd compared to its surface if it works like a box despite it's shape.
  2. Not sure you can if you use the water levels, I would probably consider just doing water textured object instead. Since if you plan on having water go up onto the ceiling then swimming is going to be hard anyways and you likely gonna have camera humping the ceiling, then just have however is gonna use it walk through the water. Since there is no drowning the water levels are not gonna do much for you besides allowing swimming. Alternatively you could probably build house much higher up and have a fake illusion of below water level basement with fake water, but you would need a bit high up for that to work I guess.
  3. Dunno if I am buying they're not trying we about 3 month away for Xmas time, which is where many renew their ยฝ or 1 year plan. So don't really see why they would sabotage themselves willingly probably well aware of this and how consistent server issue may cause some to reconsider extending another half or full year.
  4. Kinda surprising he would say time would be compensated for 50 min but okay ๐Ÿ˜„
  5. Dunno why you're all requesting more communication from developer team if you're not gonna read any of it.
  6. Guessing you mean like premade world with beach, but where each user has their own house plot area they can do with what they want?
  7. Since a few of my friends really wanted the beach, I have made a public download updated version available with the beach on it. Slightly different beach version from one I sometime publicly host but very close, I also added a couple of picture since room is kinda big there not picture of every single house or rooms. But there 4 family unit houses and 2 single couple unit housing aside from the beach. Other houses are mostly for decorative purposes also mail boxes and house numbers been added for RP purposes.
  8. would prefer it be optional, since night time is extremely hard to see if not out in complete outdoor without lightings, which take up huge chunks of performance in rooms where you run mostly day time and it's not needed.
  9. Future releases: - Moderation of User Worlds. Assuming the room tools are in the horizont.
  10. Probably happens in group chat or PMs sometimes and not always in Local, But I dunno but if there is many in room using PMs or Groups usually easier given there is no proximity chat range or extra channels aside from those. To help keep track of what is happening, but just a guess.
  11. Maybe possible to do that, but as to is it a good idea? Well I doubt it if you ask me, Second life did something a kind to this where they had a general room and mature room to begin with. Then I guess in hopes of keeping more big corps and stuff like that, they decided to divide it further so you had think was PG, moderate and adult. Which ended dividing up people those who wanted to have access to adult activities or just in general adultness, stopped coming into moderate rooms as much. The adult sex stuff I personally thought became much more depraved like a pandora's box being opened after. The mature rooms was kinda cool place people used to meet before the split. I think if this happens you're going to see a community divide and while some who maybe don't want random sex tourist around their rooms, think this may be good for them. I think cutting stuff up like this is just going to people who go to stay at sex room just be more there overall, with many other non sex rooms likely being less and less visited until only small group of people go there.
  12. Ah okay, just didn't wanna assume anything..
  13. Thought maybe be nice to add some bug tracker somewhere, where we can add bugs we find old as well as new ones?
  14. Think it's a glitch, while not having tested it I suspect she either crashed or logged out while visitors were still in room, then logged in and opened room without checking if it was still open. Since new patch changes allow room to stay open as long as there still visitors inside, so it probably created a copy room. But of cause can't say for sure without some testing out the theory.
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