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  1. I am guessing so, pattern seem same as last time. First a flat out disconnect to everyone. Then when you try to reconnect, there a cue then once you get in you get to be in like 3-5 min before DC again. Where it you either can't get in again at all following, can only stay inside much less time until eventually you can't connect to server at all.
  2. Same not sure if it's server issue or with patch itself, but guessing probably something with server. The room list, profile and etc.. loading really slow or sometimes just freeze out all together. Here hoping for a fix to the problem and thanks Lord_Arthas for bringing it up, was going too report it myself but seems you beat me to it.
  3. Don't worry Gizmo has said the lost days will be compensated so you have not wasted any money, you just have to wait a little till things get sorted out with servers and the DDOS attack.
  4. Seems even forum is kinda messed up it is trying to repeat my quote from above again in new post, @Gizmo Could we have it fixed soon, please?
  5. Yah my net works but both my account were disconnected so pretty sure server went down all together.
  6. Normally rarely ever have any disconnections but lately my room host been disconnected on more than one occasion reaching 3-4 disconnect now counting in the latest. Asked a friend who says it's same for her, so dunno maybe it's time to have some server maintenance or look at server stability?
  7. You can but going to be taxing on your hardware and your electrical bill when you're not on, compared to having server being able to handle it for a fee.
  8. Not sure it would be dozen empty rooms, if you had premium account price attached with it in order to do it, then if prize is at reasonable high. Then I imagine people with constant empty rooms would contemplate if it was really worth spending extra account money to have it open 24/7. That said in wishful thinking world I would personally have liked they changed entire room and public zone model, got semi BIG GTA style map with with people tracker, had low polygon aesthetic buildings with having hubs to various public zone buildings, went back to some few housing choices to invite people back to. But think they're never going to put lots of effort into doing something similar to how GTA V RP and online works. Feel like the easy accessibility to just from room to room in a instant along with ability to view rooms visitor numbers, is preventing people from actually taking a moment to enjoy where they are most the time.
  9. I suggested they did a premium sub plan that allow us to have room permanently open in the past, allowing money from a premium plan to go to fund extra server usage. But would definitely like a option that allow this that doesn't involve having my other PC turned on 24/7 in other to host a RP room. For me paying a premium sub would be preferable to paying for extra account plus the strain to maintain extra PC with repairs and what not long term from being pm 24/7, I dunno why it's so complicated to find some solution to make it possible. That said would still like option to invite to private room, on premium account so maybe some option that give us premium host room 24/7 and normal temporarily opened private room.
  10. Assuming sport pose we got this update was meant as Aprils fool, I couldn't help but laugh. That aside I kinda do wish we could keep the tab and get some sports related poses like Cheerleader stuff maybe gym flexible poses etc for roleplay or just in general P.S Assuming the new sports pose indeed is a Aprils joke any chance we could get a version of it with female Avi hand holding ground flat, while the male avi is masturbating?
  11. Was kinda thinking it's a Aprils fool or something, that might get different version or patched out later
  12. Was noticing when I went Into the world editor that some odd ripples showed up outside the circle area, also why do I even have a clearly visible light circle when zooming out? Anyways I noticed it only appeared when the shadow features were clicked on, I obvious scaled down image to not make it fill as much posting them here but original resolution is 1920x1080 and using Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 TI, anyone else noticed anything similar? With shadows clicked on: Without shadows clicked on:
  13. Like title say I think it could be really nice if we had the ability to invite other user into world editor with us, standing on the landing zone together. While working inside it the editor, that way we would have the ability to exchange ideas between but would also make it possible to help others like friends to build things.
  14. Dunno why but thought you were on vacation since you didn't had in last patch update under Patch Notes & updates.
  15. To some extend yes, problem with overlapping stuff like that is just sometimes it gets hard for people to figure out what type of poses they can use less they click the right place to get the different menu's. Would be much easier to just have some poses that would work for table too added to the existing menu. Is not like it has not been done with other the menu's chair for instance has same sitting pose as couch the leaning forward one, pretty sure it's in barstool too.
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