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    I am Alice in the game.

    Likes: playing sports, techno music (Hands up!), mojitos, spending time with friends, knowing new interesting people. I am into space stuff.

    I am a business woman in a company of technology. I am growing step by step, be nice with me and you will earn a really loyal friend.

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  1. Believe it or not... It was the stupid UI Scale, I got a 4K monitor and I set UI Scale: x2, so in that Scale and for my monitor I could not see the warning: Are you sure: YES NO What the.... Thank you a lot fot the help. Kisses!!!
  2. It must be my (stupid) computer, a friend of mine joined it with my account and he can delete all he wants to. I am out of ideas.
  3. Thank you, I have tried all of that, but nothing works
  4. I can neither delete pics, delete friends (unfriend button) nor delete gifts. I have tried to reinstall the game, with and without my antivirus (I uninstalled it, it is bitdefender) without a success. I deleted the folder in documents but after reinstalling the game, 3DX keeps my account and passwork, Anyone knows where the game saves that? Thank you a lot in advance
  5. Hello! I am Alice in the game. I really like the "old" face 1. I do not like the "new" face 1 to the point that I will wait to play until I see what is going to happen with it. Please Gizmo, I have no idea what happened, could you do what is necesary to bring back the "old" face 1? Without any change. Thank you in advance.
  6. Edit your silly comment and set normal size, then the Karma will make it work with your game.
  7. Half a coffee in starbucks
  8. Dear Dock, The spanish community is really small and they are a little split. The community of this game is not very big also. I recommend you to play this game if you know at least some English. If not, you will need to get on well with the Spanish or you could feel lonely most of the time. I am Alice in the game, just in case you want to know Como te he comentado en Ingles, la comunidad hispana no es muy grande y están algo separados. La comunidad general del juego no es muy grande. Si no sabes mucho ingles no te recomendaría jugarlo, pues vas a necesitar llevarte bien con los pocos hispanos para no sentirte solo. Si te animas a jugar deja aquí puesto tu nombre en el juego (no tiene por que ser el mismo que en el foro) y ya quedamos y eso Mi nombre en el juego es Alice.
  9. Happy Valentine's Day!!!

    1. Jenzi


      Thx. For you also! :)

  10. Hello Shannon! I will be at your party! Sure it is funny and cool as always! Kisses mwah mwah.
  11. Game is working now, for some of us So do not wear your pyjamas so fast! Come back to the Nerdy space!
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