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  1. I had the idea of transferring the leftover xGold from the beta test as a fee, but the idea probably won't go down well LOL
  2. The one with the colorful names is pretty to look at and that's about it. In very crowded rooms you can now see even less of the people, but instead you see little hearts and other symbols. Well, you can also hide them. For those who want to afford these luxury gimmicks, there will soon be a new highlight, a stove that only burns if you feed it with xGold (rumor has it) ROFL After all, for years there was no way to effectively reduce the fat XGold savings accounts, even if you gave all your friends Christmas presents and Easter eggs. And you didn't stand a chance with beer alone. Let's see what else is to come
  3. The mean thing is that there are real agitators at work there who talk so much shit that I don't even enjoy the game anymore. Such kind of discussion harms the game and the community. But these people don't care at all. But taking away the word from the agitators is not a solution. That would call into question the general freedom of speech and opinion. Discussing with them doesn't help either it only makes things worse. Not talking to them is what they don't like. Without an audience they don't have a chance to bring up their insane arguments.
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOSHINO! This helped me after i was trying several "old" Tricks inclusive fresh Installation and everything. A second User Account on the same PC was able to start the Game without Problems, so my Focus was already on the Registry, but you saved me a lot of work. I removed the Lovense Entry from the Registry of my User Account and the bug was gone. Does anybody know the exact background of this bug? As far as i rememberm my Game crashed several times in a row and then the error was there.
  5. Thanks to Gizmo, Lisa and the whole 3DX team. It has to be said that there has been a regular update in the past few months, at the end of the month. That is already much more than in a whole year before (felt). Thank you for keeping the game alive and attractive, even under the current circumstances. Even though we sometimes complain about everything, it is you who enable our community to exist as it is. Take care and stay healthy. Steve
  6. Since the last Update (404) the game crashes everytime i'm closing the application with "Exit". Further i noticed the same, when it disconnects for any reason and i hit "Reconnect". I had the same Problem with 402 and it was gone with 403. Now it returned. Any idea? My OS is Win 10 Pro 64 1909 with latest Hotfixes From my Eventlog: - System - Provider [ Name] Application Error - EventID 1000 [ Qualifiers] 0 Level 2 Task 100 Keywords 0x80000000000000 - TimeCreated [ SystemTime] 2019-12-28T18:34:10.400798800Z EventRecordID 23184 Channel Application Computer XXXXXXXXXXX Security - EventData 3DXChat.exe 2018.4.13.32520 5dd52b00 ntdll.dll 10.0.18362.418 99ca0526 c0000028 00000000000fbf58 25dc 01d5bd9eb2950a7b C:\Programme_2\3DXChat64-392\3DXChat.exe C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll 14b72c34-df4d-466e-92ff-4948057aad9b
  7. I feel like the little brother whose sister got ALL the Christmas presents, while being told that it would be enough for him to look at his lovely sister. And how pretty she looks in her new clothes and with the new haistyle and and and .... Seems like we'll have to be happy when we get some pair of socks now and then.
  8. Doesn't seem there is much interest in the topic. How do you organize your friends? I am not addressing those who regularly delete their FL, but those who have been using their list for years. Maybe usefull to have a "last login" date next to the name
  9. MeiLing, thnks for answering, that does not solve the problem, because the smaller the size, the more the spatial area, in which the light is visiblechanges too. In addition, the light cone is smaller, which leads to small round or oblong blobs of light. You then need a lot more lights, which in turn requires more graphics and CPU performance. The behavior does not correspond to that of a natural light source.
  10. I just found a table, that might be helpfull with finding the right light temperature for a specific ambient. Now i'm searching for a method to "dim" the lights, cause after applying the RGB values, the light has the correct temperatur, but is very bright.
  11. Another point that comes to mind. If a friend changes her/his avatar name, it would be helpful if the new name e.g. would be shown in a different color. The color might change back to normal when you open the profile, or is returned to normal if you don't read the profile, let's say, after a week, automatically.
  12. I totally agree with you Nikki, since the list is no longer displayed chronologically, it has become very difficult to find the last friends you made. For large lists you actually need an "Excel spreadsheet" to manage your friends.
  13. Hello Gizmo, Lisa, hello 3dx developers I would find it helpful if we could create groups for the friends in our game friends list. A friend should be allowed to belong to several groups. It would be easier to send messages to a certain group, to invite them to a small private "party", or to simply open a room only for the members of a group. It would just help to keep our people together, such as Families, BDSM Players, Swingers, or Groups of other interrests Is this generally possible? What about the rest of the community, what do you think?
  14. If you change the framecolor of the sunglasses to black, it changes tthe color too, when entering a room.
  15. There cannot be enough posts with this topic, Robi Somebody has to take care about the problem, even when the devs are chilling somewhere at caribbian beaches ...
  16. Shit, as far as the timing is concerned. But "force majeure" can not be controlled
  17. I fully agree with you Loruna! I've been playing 3DX for a few years now, and it's often the same people or guys who grumble about things and put their own interest above the community. It is interesting that many of them, despite everything, have been faithful to the game for years, so i might be not that bad. Of course, there are a few things that might be better or different from our own point of view, but in the end, fortunately, we are all so different that it will probably never be possible to please everyone. The devs do an excellent job and criticism should not be led as an attack, but as a constructive contribution.
  18. Same here, had the issue also yesterday. Who knows what they are tinkering with ... But it is annoying !!!
  19. "Hey Rochi, thanks! Will do. There are a lot of posts about your mod. I have sent an email to you " I wish so much this is the beginning of a long lasting friendship. Gizmo you are on the right track!
  20. I got this problem too now and then, but how can i find a prop with a value of 0.001? Sorry if my question sounds stupid, but if you have a very complex room, you are looking for the needle in a haystack ...
  21. Well, if i was asked, i would take almost all of the features from Rochis dll As there are: Camera Control: - Ctrl slows down FreeFly(F5) SPACE in Home Editor - Alt and Shift speed up FreeFly - Shift+X toggles name plates on and off. - Character Editor allows smoother and closer zoom - FreeFly now has a simple MouseWheel zoom in/out function (Set "Step Size" in options to get it working) Chat stuffs: - Chat deletes messages after 50 instead of 20. - Link Copying. Hold Shift to copy old way. - Web link opening by holding down Left CTRL while copying. - Holding down Left-Alt stops automatic chat scrolling. - /roll rolls a number between 1 and 100 Char Editor: - Prints on clothes. - Prints save on specific clothes. - Added colors for lots of clothes - Added skin color palette - Character Editor allows smoother and closer zoom - Shoes color 2 works but only people with my dll will see them colored. - Added a simple SET/GET RGB Color Picker after opening the Color Palette. - Save/Load outfits in Character Editor. - Opening a Color Palette brings up Opacity Slider. Bots stuffs: - make your bots cum x) - Shift+B works for "Bot Cumshot" as well. - clothes control box for Virtual Partners - F2 adds a fake female partner, F3 adds a fake male partner. To set you off of "bot mode" you need to press F4 Others: - Sex Speed Control randomizes the animation speed slightly. "Slider does it around slider position" Click on "Off" to have static animation again. - Removed clothes restrictions in sex poses! - Dances menu for pole dances! - PageUP cums, PageDOWN moans no matter conditions. - Shift+F pauses and plays animation rather than just simply freezing it. - Sex speed slider from min 0.1 - max 1 to min -1.5 - max 1.5 You can now completely stop the action or reverse the animation - "Left Shift+Space" toggles on and off the extra gear for rabbit fucking in the sex speed slider. - F12 Refreshes the Radio Stream. I really got used to them and don't want to miss them anymore ! If it is possible to bring that into the client, I could actually become a fan of 3dxchat after almost 5 years
  22. I found these statistics (from 2017) here in Germany. It also refers to Steam and also shows the clear distribution of Windows 10 64bit systems. The trend is very clear!
  24. OH NOOOO, they messed it up again! This cum-thing or whatever it is, looks really unhealthy. I'm wondering if they never have seen this in nature? The cumshot is a joke, it has about as much power as of a 90-year-old grandpa. And the sperm on the skin looks like the bubonic plague! Please give us back the old Cumshot animation, it wasn't good, but it was ok so far. I can not and will not do this to any woman here!
  25. That's what i meant with "missing information" and "wild guessing" about things going on Lisa haunts the virtual world, and the Heinzelmaenchen (don't know how they are called in english) restart the servers. We want to be informed, participate, do you understand us?
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