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  1. So, right now we are basically discussing on two topics. 1) how to continue with this project as the .world file is really growing (we might need to redo some areas to make it lighter), and 2) how to take shifts to keep the room "alive and lit" while me and my hubby are sleeping or at work. In the meantime, here are some pics from yesterday.
  2. So, back from Europe and back from two and a half weeks of thought-inspiring isolation, quite some snow, life-on-a-fire-stove, off-the-grid, and a tub with icy water instead of a shower. There is nothing like being away from the world we are used to live in. I wish we could do this twice a year, not once, haha! And of course, Bavaria and the high summits of the Tirol are just wonderful. More to come tomorrow, and on our Discord, ofc. Love you all! Yours, Plutarch and Aeliana
  3. Bueno, @Thania y @VirginieFR, pues visitenme, aqui en Roma antigua, que siempre esta tranquilo y sin muchos idiotas que anden molestando, jaja! El room mio se llama "Ancient Rome Sex" pero es un room muy pequeño y nadie lo conoce, casi. Y podemos charlar, tomar una copa de vino (o un "cuerno" de cerveza, como pueden ver en la imagen). Ah, ese yelmo de legionario en la mesa no es mio, jaja! Es de mi esposo.
  4. And of course, there is hardly anything as sweet as the after-care he gives me. The sex is wild, but the after-care is what makes a girl want more, in her life. That's my guess.
  5. By goddess Venus, is this entire thing going into me??? He, on the other hand, seems like telling me to keep my eyes on him, to not to close them. How can I ???
  6. He is just so delicious. Here are shots 9 and 10. Remember, one is my view, and one is his, all on camera F6.
  7. So, Plutarch and me were having a good rest (two days off) and a night to keep our room "Ancient Rome Sex" online. In fact, it was my night to keep the room lit, and since our world is so new, it will go off in no time if one of us is not online. And as I was getting into the 3DX dressing room, I noticed him snuggling to me from behind. Oh, oh! My old man has either gotten a viagra, or he is liking what I am dressing to keep Rome alive. Well, long story short, and knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words, we made love both in-game and IRL. The whole set will be on our Discord (it's like a 100 pics), but here are some screenshots. I'll be putting them in pairs, because one shot is his view, and one is mine. Yep. Two laptops next to us, our baby sleeping in the other room, and 3DX making those noises that drive us both so crazy horny. This first pair is how much he loves to keep me holding my hands behind my back. In the beginning I would forget until he started tying my wrists with a pair of socks, and now I remember to keep them behind me and let him drive himself into my throat. Thanks to the Roman gods, he and I both love it real slow at the start until the back of my mouth is coated with my own saliva and his pre-juices. And yes, he sometimes keeps me for 20 minutes on my knees.
  8. Bienvenida y pues, un gusto de ver que alguien hable mi lengua materna aqui. Si bien naci y resido en Miami, mi mama era oriunda de la provincia de Cordoba, en Argentina. Asi que el "castellano" como le llamaba ella, esta perfectamente a la par del ingles. Nos hablamos!
  9. Thank you for posting, and I guess --- welcome. I suggest you make more posts, show more interest, and then surely you will get interest back. Nobody reads a book with all blank pages, and nobody watches a movie with a white screen for two hours.
  10. We need a few volunteer males (four or more, ideally) and a couple (husband and wife, or one active and one passive player) to participate in a game called "Fuck my Wife". The active person watches his "wife" (gf, whatever) being used by complete strangers. Rules are detailed in the #dice-games channel on our 3DX Discord server and it should be fun. All rolls are based on /roll2, meaning you can get any number between 1 and 12. WHERE? 3DX world "Ancient Rome Sex" WHEN? Next Monday, January 22. WHAT TIME? The event says 6:00 PM but we can do it ongoing throughout the day, and even repeat it.
  11. And here I am, talking like Marcus Tullius Cicero, hahaha! Bla bla bla, bla bla bla... I think it's a good thing nobody is listening to me. ROFLOL
  12. Here are the rules for the dance competition which will be found in three places in the room "Ancient Rome Sex": The Circus Maximus The Colosseum The Baths of Caracalla (right now, only one of these spots is built) RULES All three dance poles must be occupied, and at least three seats must be taken by judges, also called jurors. The dancing girls are allowed to object to a certain juror, and he or she will have to leave the seat. Only unanimously approved jurors! If other people sit on the chairs after the game started, they don't count, and they must wait until next round to play. Girls MUST perform their dance completely naked, including shoes. Only bracelets, horns and tails if you wear them, and collars can be kept. Wings are OK, too. The dance must be of at least 15 minutes in length, and once jurors take a seat, they may not leave for the duration of this time. Jurors will ask questions, in a roleplay mode, and the girls will reply to these questions, and this must be done in a public channel, not a private group, so that masses can gather and watch the outcome of the competition. For each question answered, the juror must give a note, also made public from 1 to 12, so that the girl, the public, and the other jurors can keep tabs. Immediately after answering a question, and after the juror has graded her reply (between 1 and 12, with 1 being the worst and 12 being the best), the girl who replied can make one throw of dice (/roll2) to add points to her advantage. These points will be added to her total score. After every girl had replied one question from every single one of the jurors, the game is over, but the girls remain dancing until the tally is counted, and the winner is declared. The winning girl has a choice of either thanking the jurors by having sex with all of them, or by picking one of the jurors for that purpose, and her choice is to be obeyed. Other jurors may NOT PROTEST her choice. Jurors who protest might not be approved by girls next time. After this, the winning girl and the chosen jurors leave, and a new round can begin.
  13. TEMPLE OF FORTUNE This is a very small and cramped temple, which sat between the Cloaca Maxima and the cattle market ("Foro Boario"). In real history, people were sent there to sit out for 24 hours to prove themselves worthy of becoming member of some clan or a team. They had to speak to nobody, and they could not fall asleep, but I will change these rules a bit: During the time of 24 hours, the player is to remain seated there. There is only one stool available. he or she is not to speak to anyone, so being AFK is not a bad idea. As a quest, the temple can also act as a place where you must have sex with at least X amount of different people on that stool, and somehow prove it. Screenshot, perhaps. Its design was Etruscan, so it doesn't play along well with the typical Roman arch lines, but I like it. Even in times when the place was still around, the Romans hated it. In the famous HBO series "Rome", this guy called Lucius Vorenus is sent there to become an Avenati, a distinguished veteran class soldier or higher rank, very admired by other common legionaries.
  14. JANICULUM (today's Transtevere, or "on the other side of the Tiber") Added the field and water canal where legendary king Lars Porsenna tried to conquer Rome in the year 508 and 507 BC. A sex festival will take place there twice a year, honoring the actions of a girl named Cloelia, a guy named Gaius Mucius Scaevola who willingly placed his hand into a fire to prove his cause, and the famous three defenders of the upcoming Pons Sublicius, of which one was a Sabine, one was an Etruscan, and one was a Latin (Roman). More on that much later. Added a forest around it, where people can play "cath me tag" or simply rest. A small military outpost will be in the vicinity, or we might add a castra there, we'll see. Quest items are hidden there, too. Good for roleplays.
  15. Monday, January 8, 2024: CIRCUS MAXIMUS Added the mule-taxi from Velabrum to the Circus Maximus and back. Added teleports from the main entrance of the Circus Maximus to the gates of the colored teams (Red, White, Green, and Blue) so that fans don't need to run all around the huge building. Added a jurors table for girls to participate in a dance competition. Rules for the competition in the SEX-GAMES category Added cages for participants who committed petty crimes to be put in there, for display. Further punishment coming inside the arena, by the public in general. This will resemble a mass gangbang, but it comes with its own rules. See the category SEX-GAMES for that. Added a public speaker's stand, where anyone can get on, and speak. Souvenir shops which I still have to finish up and improve.
  16. Awwww, thank you, MeiLing. Coming from you, this is a big compliment for me! Love you!
  17. In fact, soon we will be "hiring" willing guys and girls to test these games, before opening Ancient Rome officially.
  18. Here are some screenshots for the plebe's upper grades, the ones where they could barely see the action from. However, they had an overall better view of the Aventine Hill next to the Circus. Logically, many girls will be waiting for customers, perching their butts and breasts against the wooden stall walls. I, as a priestess, and all vestals and all legionaries (whoever is dressed as police, since we have no legionary uniforms in 3DX) will be seated on the black marble section, next to the emperor himself.
  19. gates and a convenient teleport system for the arena will ensure that you need minimum amount of time from the spawn boat to the Circus. There, you teleport to your gate. Notice, however, that every gate has twice its sign. Yep. Two gates 1, two gates 2, and so on. One was for patricians only. The other one for both plebes and patricians. Fair society, right? Reminds me of today, in a way.
  20. Yep. It is the Circus Maximus. Sundays are race days. Bets, gladiator fights, girls in parade along the track of the arena. Payouts to players who bet against the house (Plutarch wants to try that one out), and players can also bet on other player's races. Or, you can race yourself. Pick a team. Ancient Rome had the reads, the whites, the greens and the blues. As a sidenote, during emperor Domitian's reign there were also the golden and the purple ones, but they were abolished quickly after the guy "lost his emperor job" if you know what I mean. Here are some screenshots.
  21. And here is what I see down below. If you read earlier posts, you know how to get to this teleport spot, and see Rome grow, all on your own (no need for me writing this blog, lol)
  22. Well, it's been a bit since my latest update, and the main reason is that I was working on something big. Bigger than the bridge over the river Tiber. So big, it's best seen from high above, right under Venus. Here I am standing, right under her gaze.
  23. Well, now I want to know all about this version, because there are so many out there. Margaret Thatcher's visit to China. Rocky Balboa's (Sylvester Stallone) fight against Igor in the movies, having become so popular in the USSR that the government became unstable. Or was it the sudden fame and rise of a little-known workers union named Solidarity in Poland, combined with the fact that the Pope elected was Polish, after the prior one dies in a mysterious night of (hmmm) food-poisoning? There is even a version that says it all was because of Hitler's death and a secret document he left behind, hidden in the Sierras de Cordoba, in the Argentine hills beyond the Pampa grasslands. Hell, there are so many conspiracy theories that even the guild of writers in Hollywood still don't really want to touch this topic.
  24. January 3rd already. Damn, time flies, LOL. Anyways, I was quite right to put the spawning point off on a boat. I just read somewhere here on this forum that the best way to keep wankers off your room is to do that, 'cause they are lazy to walk too much. On a diary note, Ancient Rome has now a little AFK area. Here leaving myself parked, as we are about to go have a drink irl. PS: For you all... That's my inseparable friend Gladys (four years playing on IMVU together, and more than 6 on Dofus).
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