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  1. Thank you Rockster and Mei for the replies. Really interesting to read your thoughts on it. I think I'm getting there slowly, working it all out. It's like learning relationships irl I guess, but all in one go with literally no safeguards... except the obvious one of not being there heh.
  2. I do do that yeh, but that doesn't stop the game from recreating the 'Documents/3DXChat' when it's started, so it doesn't solve this problem. What we need is for that path, the one that gets created at startup, to be customizable. Doesn't look like it is currently, but maybe it's just undocumented?
  3. Yeh, I also want to know whether this is possible! I looked for anywhere this might be customizable but I can't find anything. If it's not currently possible, then I hope the devs see this and add it as a feature because this is a ommission in my opinion. It's not just about sharing Windows accounts with others, even just using your computer in the same room as where someone else is could mean that folder gets spotted and questions asked
  4. Sorry for dual-posting but I also want to mention cim (cum-in-mouth/throat etc). IRL this is one of the hottest things I can do for a partner... but when I tried this for the first time in game I actually burst out laughing watching it shoot out of the back of my head! Killed the moment completely! I get that it might be hard to do a specific animation for this, but let's at least stop it looking like I have a hole in my head!
  5. IMO, the option of whether or not you have a penis should be a character customization. It shouldn't be something you can just turn on and off during sex! That's simply not realistic is it? Not to mention the misunderstandings and toxic behaviour it could cause... as mentioned already. A strap-on should be removable during sex of course, but shouldn't we have to equip one first before being able to select a pose that uses it?
  6. Couldn't agree with you more. The cumshot options in the game are great, but more options would make it so much better. We've got face, tits and feet... what about back and ass (did I miss it?), and what about self-cumshots onto the penis-haver while their partner is using their hand... etc.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm new and so far I'm really enjoying the game, and looking forward to more updates. I do have a question if anyone has the time and inclination to give me any advice... Exam question: Drama. I don't want it from others, and I don't want to cause it for others. Is this even possible? I play because I want to, not because I have no other option. I want to get to know people, learn what they like, tell them what I like, and have fun together. I don't want marriage, exclusive relationships or RL contact. I've already managed to cause someone to call me some very rude things and then ignore me, simply because I wasn't prepared to devote my entire being to them after two meetings! Is this normal here? Can I avoid it? Am I being unreasonable? Or am I just destined to break hearts by playing like that? I don't want to do that, it makes me sad to think I'm doing it. Thanks x
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