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  1. Thanks Leopardus. You have mentioned exactly what I wanted and also gave a reply. I would really like to use the alternative avtars simultaneously in the game to a shared room. It seems impossible with the current set up. But i really would like it to be included
  2. I do understand that it will be technically difficult but the attraction it would get would surpass the difficulties and would prove to be profitable for the developers.
  3. Having an alternate character is good but why we cannot use them as we like ? Few things I noticed.... Why alternate characters don't dance ? There should be an option to make them dance for all numbers as required by the one who is calling them ? Why we cannot take alt characters to a shared room, do some dancing and have fun ? Why the alt characters don't CUM ? There should be an option or a button to click to make them CUM at will. These are vital to keep the many members stay in game for a long time which would benefit both 3dx and also the one playing. Hope 3dx does the changes Yasmin
  4. 'Forced Orgy Only Colds' open now. Subs are invited for entertainment and service.
  5. Why are we not having plus sized models and characters. Lots of people like plus models to date and also want to be one like in real life. Please include plus sized models in the game
  6. I have given a new look to my room to accommodate all your likes and fantasies. You are welcome to explore, party and enjoy. Personally I am looking for female Subs for assisting me in managing the room and the visitors
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