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  1. NurseNicci.thumb.png.231d628af66c3156f19c852285188be4.png

    1. Nicci


      Very funny 😆 

  2. :P


    1. Nicci


      So mean 😭 

    2. Sage Stoner

      Sage Stoner

      lol  You know I love ya!

  3. Hey! I just found this video of LauraLee on Imgur!! Check it out!!!


    1. Nicci


      Lmao you have to show her that!!!!

  4. So, I was talking with your therapist and . . . .


  5. So, I was talking with your therapist and . . . .


  6. Got a doctor's appointment today. But I'll see you tomorrow. 

  7. I'm sure you'll take good care of her if she winds up in the hospital. :P


  8. No wonder I can never beat you in a fair fight, you pussy! 


  9. I'll see your gingerbread man and raise you a meat baby. :P



  10. OMG, I just realized that if a woman named Mary were ever to be appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, that would make her "Mary, Queen of SCOTUS!!!" omg omg!!

  11. Hey! I found your graduation photo on the Internet of all places!!


  12. Here! Instead of a sweet roll, try some . . . 


  13. U7F4eNh.jpg

    Hey, who am I to disagree?

  14. Always check your surroundings when eating a taco. 


    1. Nicci


      I could fit that whole thing in my mouth 😧

  15. BReXOin.jpeg

    1. Sage Stoner

      Sage Stoner

      It's your own fault, really, that shit like this shows up on your profile, because you're the one who introduced me to Imgur. 😁

  16. xOXL7j7.jpg

    1. Sage Stoner

      Sage Stoner

      I could swear that I sent this yesterday,.but maybe I got interrupted and didn't click the send button. :P

  17. Hey! Where did you go? I'm not done with you yet!! :P

  18. Just wanted to remind you that, whereas this is a PITA for me, because it disrupts my ordinary routine, I haven't lost sight of the fact that there are a lot of people putting their mental and physical health on the line to help people. 

    So how about you and Cassie kiss each other for me! :P

    1. Nicci


      I would but we have to stay 6 feet apart 😷

  19. meme_4_lines_700-5c75393e1b3db__700.jpg

    By the way, I know I don't say this enough but:

    Nurses are awesome!

  20. The more things change, the more they remain the same.

  21. The love of an old-fashioned girl

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