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  1. Malheureusement le système ne le permet pas. Pour faire cela, il faudrait pouvoir importer une image en tant que texture et pouvoir l'ajuster sur un objet, un cadre par exemple. Il n'y a aucune possibilité d'uploader le moindre objet autre que ceux fabriqués dans le world editor. Unfortunately the system does not allow it. To do this, it would be necessary to be able to upload an image as a texture and be able to adjust it on an object, a frame for example. There is no possibility to upload any object other than those made in the World Editor.
  2. You are right, actually it was not on 3DX Chat. I saw a video on YouTube who had it but it was a copy of 3DX Chat. It is therefore possible. Perhaps this option has not been installed on the original version for copyright reason.
  3. On peut faire tout cela sur Sansar qui est une plateforme en accès gratuit. Malheureusement elle ne permet aucune interaction entre AVI et encore moins du sexe. You can do all this on Sansar which is a free access platform. Unfortunately it does not allow any interaction between AVI and even less sex.
  4. Can you please put the TV option back with the video file format you want (ogv, mp4, gif, html5). Many other game sites offer it.
  5. The best simple and effective solution is the clean up button.
  6. I would like to be able to keep the radio link different for each world that we create. It would be nice if the radio link could be saved in the world file.
  7. 3dx chat is the perfect place for couple games. The couples are formed especially during the parties and the dances favor the formation of the couples. Unfortunately we don't have real couples dances. I give you a link for example of what could be these couple dances.
  8. In order for the room to be accessible, the owner must upload and share it. The room remains accessible as long as the owner remains logged in or there is someone in the room. Unfortunately when these two conditions are no longer met, the room disappears from the list and is no longer available. We can understand that we cannot keep an unused room in the list indefinitely. The consequence would be to have an endless list. Indeed the solution would be to be able to constitute a list of the favorite rooms and which would always be accessible if the owner decides it. As a result, the part would only appear in the list of active parts when someone accesses it.
  9. I agree to move with the directional arrows keys. This is used in most games with the shit key for Run mode. We could activate this option in the setting to choose between the two modes. I don't think it's complicated to add.
  10. Creating animations for a game is not for everyone. It takes a lot of learning and experience. I create animations and in particular dances that I use and share in Sansar. My animations are made in motion capture. I use various programs to create and optimize them (Ipisoft, 3DS Max ...). It takes work to get a result worthy of use in games. An in-game editor would not allow quality animation to be produced. This requires having the riged avatar with 3DX skeleton and being able to import it into the game in a personal inventory. But I admit that for a designer it's frustrating not being able to import his creations. Maybe in the future :)
  11. Hello Niblette, I am using Avast Antivirus. I added the program in the exceptions. Surely a false positive.
  12. Hello Niblette First thank you for sharing your experience. Unfortunately my antivirus detects a malware in the program file. Can you confirm to me that there is no risk to install it anyway. Regards, Tony
  13. Hello, when changing places, partner status is lost. It would be better if he could stay as long as we're logged into the game unless one or the other shuts it down. This could also allow teleporting from one place to another thanks to the partnership.
  14. Hello , I'm a new member on 3DX Chat. It would be nice to display a web page html5 on a screen (eg. radio web page with the cover and title of the song playing).
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