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  1. and then *LOST CONNECTION* That's what he said and guys make up 10" or 12" but 13? 13 the real deal. The lost connection wasn't 3X fault it was my internet. :) https://rlcvid.xyz/
  2. WASD+right mouse click is working but not rotate RMB?
  3. You purposely bumped a very important question with "Unfortunately.Very unfortunately." What the hell? This isn't my first Troll Rodeo. I might have been born at night but not last night. You might be somebody's Ex but your not my Ex. Bwahaha! Now I see why your so disliked in some circles. Regarding your get off my lawn, don't comment on my Diary. fo·rum /ˈfôrəm/ roman history noun
  4. WASD is working but RMB for rotate is not. Am I doing something wrong or broke, anyone? Thanks
  5. Moving right along... Added a Clip from 'Full Throttle' Biker Bar. Added some Links to the "No Support" cheap servers and domain name hosts used. They come with Apachi2. I delete that and install NGINX pronounced "engineX" turning them into http/rtmp = Web host plus Video Streaming. I made a special Avatar "HotDamn" with all UI turned off for recording. Most chats will be ignored and accepting no friend requests she going to seem like a real stuck up bitch. My reg avi HotLiqour is jealous. https://rlcvid.xyz/
  6. Vote *EX* for president! Welcome back. Jade missed you. Now where the hell did she go.
  7. Safe ? Maybe, Heaven? definitely! Wooot! Drinks on Jade everybody.
  8. I couldn't find the original source and her profile on that act says no posts have been made ever. She likely thought maybe it was in poor taste and removed it while you imported it to her business thread with a big "look everyone". Now whos posting propaganda? Nazi humor with a chilling reality of what people will believe not much unlike the American Democrats. 75 million people voted for someone who cant even keep his train of thought to finish a sentence all because large amounts of money was spent to make them think voting for that is somehow a good thing. Ya'al better hope we get through
  9. And so as HotLiquor had spoke so it was done. Our first Club/DJ sample video showcase. First up is. Opal Star:Year 2 Boarding by AmyTrubblemaker . DJ Sinthea. I didn't bother asking so if your name is Amy or Sinthea and would like it removed simply file a DMCA take down notice. Just kidding. If you don't want to be listed just let me know. Any feedback welcome, playback quality, buffering whatever Web page is https://rlcvid.xyz/
  10. Ok so I was in game the other day when someone asked if anyone new a good DJ so I got to thinking I had that web page started why not make a library with samples of DJs sets. So anyways I took the last recording and linked it to the page. So maybe check it out and let me know good idea or bad idea. It's just a hobby and practice html5. Flash has begun asking to uninstall flash player so while it probable would keep working for a long time nobody is going to have the player. If this works maybe we could bridge the gap between Waring club factions and all DJ's can feel free to ask me to ad a sam
  11. 3DX has great graphics. Better graphics means better game. No brain'r. So when I'm trying to look and see what hole he's in so Im not saying "Oh baby fill my pussy" and hes like I'm in your ass, and I'm like oops, well upon penetration verification, and he is in my ass "excuse my french" the pussy looks faded like a pencil drawing. I don't think there is an argument available for better doesn't equal better, I would just like to see attention given in this area as a request because its where it all happens. Haha!
  12. Amazing effects and nice HD quality. I am wondering what some of your basic settings, Resolution, encoder and what you avg file size is for like 30 min video. TY
  13. The center of the universe lacks definition. This is not a technical update so it would be quite easy to just add a little artistic definition. Seems all the guys want anal so while trying figure out what hole he's in, so chat can correlate, right now its just kind of a faded blurry slit. Yes? Easy? :)
  14. With 50% rev share from the affiliate program people should be putting some marketing skills to work. Think about it 50% of every monthly payment that a join client makes goes to you/them. Alivia are you hearing this? YouTube comments, Porbhub where ever ambitious members are posting stuff they should be posting a link with a tracking code. https://webmasters.sexgamedevil.com/ Lisa should makes a download link banner ad for the forum header. "Sex Sex Sex 3DXChat Download now click here."
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