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  1. I also want to be taller and fatter in the game.. And i want my roleplay partners to be fatter at times too! They want to be fatter too, they told me this several times this week.
  2. More poses please..I'm sick of the same ones and i have only been playing 2 weeks. Does everyone have to have the same poses? Can we buy more poses from a creator, or maybe an object like a bed,that has different poses/animations when you sit on them. I wish I could build with other players in this game at the same time. It would be like a virtual sandbox that allows you to chat and build interactively in the game using the building menu. is there anyway "VOIP" can set be set up so that players can have the option to voice and listen to voice for communication? For me personally, it's hard to carry out my role playing with my friends when the roleplayers hands are on their keyboards trying to pound out directions or words of encouragement, when their hands need to be off the keyboard so that they can reach the goal and objective of their roleplay...The sound of voice and the ability to hear voice is a sense that most humans have, and sound appeals to sensors that do things to our bodies physically. I would think that voice would be a great tool in helping people reach their roleplay needs. If there is no option to create sound by voice(through a microphone) communication and roleplaying is limited. Also, roleplay is then dicated by erotica novel writers and enthusiasts, and if they don't like the idea of voice, they can turn off the voip feature. Not being able to communicate on voice is what will probably be the the reason I stop playing 3dx. That is if i my level of frustration gets to that point. I have played in several online virtual worlds and games, and the best results always come with the ability to create content for the community as a player or resident of the virtual world. A free market with consumers as the players(and the players as both consumers and creators) set the pace of how the game will develop and grow...especially in a 3d/vr chat environment where there are zero objectives and tasks to complete when you land in the game. I am new and i'm sorry if this post annoys the vets and experts in this forum, but the people in this game and forum should pay attention to new people like myself. You never know if they have a following that would bring in more players , and you never know what they could do for the game with the content they make and buy for it. Most of all, new people can tell you what is missing to them, and the elders or developers can then choose to change it or not change it.
  3. thanks , ill let you know when i am ready to open a room
  4. I am new to 3dx (about 2 weeks) and I started in on this 3d building feature that game gives you in your own seperate vitual space. I thought the concept of it was cool, to i got to work right way. This is what i have so far, since i decided to build a big city as a backbone so I can then add buildings and area in it later. This way when i focus on an area in the city i can finish it and then drop the landing box (the place users in 3dx land when entering into a room) in the areas i want to feature as my room. This is what i have so far , its not the entire city either... This is just one of the main streets in the city. I am looking to meet other builders in this game, so if you read this and want to reach out, please feel free to do so. πŸ™‚ All the best, Travesty
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