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  1. Same problem here. It's like if, when we go at home after saving our modifications, the server load the old version of the .world file. Luck, When we charge the new .world file in customization, he load the most recent version as planned, but it's a little sad to not visit his new home...
  2. Kuzuri


    No dices, but I can download an app 😁
  3. Kuzuri


    Hey ! Same as Wes, never played before, but very interested by the idea, altough I'm french and don't speak english very well 😉
  4. I saw that, I was able to connect for an hour last night, I left because I had an evening with friends, and when I came back a few hours later ... Bim, server down !
  5. I saw that, what a pain ... I just wanted to know if we had had more news since ^^ I hope that this story will be quickly settled, I started the game at the end of last week, I could play it only one evening while I had taken a subscription of a year. In terms of the start of a game, it's not top top ... Of course, zero charges against the game team, good luck to them to resolve this problem as soon as possible!
  6. Hi everyone ! Sooo, I guess from the comments that the game is still inaccessible? 😟
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