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  1. Second Life open Source no one has stolen it players Dev like 85% of that game
  2. how do think games progress you dont own textures WOW stoled from everquest and Anarchy Online
  3. I bet if the Devs open source the game so players could help with development there be alot more patches alot quicker rather than 1 every year and alot more things that players have asked for could be worked on....
  4. the Devs dont know how use scripting so sex is dynamic and more custom per player
  5. so think all cocks need all same size you screwed in the head I am sissy mine is tiny the huge cocks on me are GROSS
  6. Height change can be dynamically most other social games you can change the height of you avatar to most any height from very short to pretty tall so when couple dances or have sex they auto align to the same height dynamically so not sure height should ever be problem. Right now we all just clones of one another all same height.
  7. Being able to see your Friends in rooms is in all other social games I've played in the past so if your friends are going stalk you don't think they your friends at all. Oh no being stalked in game I so scared. pfft And on Online Hide mode is in alot of other Social game aswell it seriously awesome. I rather supprised that this game didnt have it, the games I've played in past you check a box in login make you hidden then click the loggin button and you would hidden to anyone in friends list. Yes well you wouldn't have wait if 3dxchat would open source the Development to the qualified players to move along the design and Dev of the content of the game. anyone can Download the unity tool sets. not me I am a Unreal 4 & 5 slut.
  8. the life of test server lol heading to ARK now yall have fun dilly dally here complaining bout nothing....
  9. you know we are kinda on a test server things are abit FUBAR but we should be to log in and well *TEST* lol which is kind so funny there should have been a test server since start of the game hehe
  10. I just going go play BDO on their new servers
  11. Don't why they can not seem get to get their act together, not that even know whats going. I not game dev. You think might know what is going on by now. grins As they been doing this for long while...
  12. that really sucks we going just fine an now it all blows up
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