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  1. the life of test server lol heading to ARK now yall have fun dilly dally here complaining bout nothing....
  2. you know we are kinda on a test server things are abit FUBAR but we should be to log in and well *TEST* lol which is kind so funny there should have been a test server since start of the game hehe
  3. I just going go play BDO on their new servers
  4. Don't why they can not seem get to get their act together, not that even know whats going. I not game dev. You think might know what is going on by now. grins As they been doing this for long while...
  5. that really sucks we going just fine an now it all blows up
  6. we havnt had this problem now all of sudden disconnects and contants and no queue
  7. i normally play social game and MMORPG at once anyhow be the nature of having triple screen system
  8. https://www.pornhub.com/embed/ph5a1dcd9a81b05
  9. It's cute how y'all watch this forum watch for the game to pop when could be playing another game lol
  10. There already is a pose editor its called Blender or Maya just need learn and be adept at using them.
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