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  1. Quick Update. The admins have reset my account and I am now able to log in. Just to answer your questions the client version is 225 and the What new panel showed the sex animations from Sept. 8th. I guess should anyone encounter something similar to this, the best bet is to have the admins check the account. Thanks again for all for all help and advice it is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you for all the responses. Rochi: I have checked and my graphics card drivers are up to date as it is an MSI Radeon 7850. I have checked to make sure my firewall and my AV(Avast) allows for the game to not be hindered. I have even gone so far as to shut it off both services for an hour just to see if that would help to no avail. The spec on my rig is MSI/AMD 7850 2GB graphics card. a quad core i7 920. I understand what you are saying about just simply moving around. But I haven't even seen the tutorial from the program. I am literally just stuck in a loading loop with no access
  3. I hope someone can help. I just subscribed to 3dxchat last sunday and have been stuck at the loading screen after entering my account information. I have looked on the forum and followed all the FAQ steps. Uninstalling the program and clearing the registry settings then reinstalling. Checking to makes sure port 8124 is open. I have even sent 2 requests to customer service through the website asking for any help with no response. At this point I am at my wits end and would hate to have to cancel my subscription without even trying out the program. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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