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  1. extreme hair / clothing NEON dye. like old timez...
  2. more than once every half hour / hour is spam. we good? now stfu with all the spam.
  3. Haha shes awesome Kesha ..............yeah no. primitive at best.
  4. I'd like to take the time to thank all of my cry baby haterz out there for getting me banned for 14 days, it has truly changed my life and has breathed new life into my house! without your genuine help i would have been too lazy to clean or setup my 5 computers to start converting the 1,000 videos i have to do to upload to both of my channels - thanks again haterz! you've been a big help - oh and don't bother trolling my post. i won't be reading it after this. you'll just look dumb and inept
  5. nope. dun fukt up my jive. left and right mouse button clicking for friends list to pm and view profile. Naw fam. ain't diggin it. feels awkward af now. make 3dx decent again 2020
  6. The Eye of Dreeg and the Eye of Talon is always near. It is always Far. It is neither Near. Or Far. It is infact Everywhere. I am. The Undying Queen Talon. forever in the shadows i will remain Ominous. Calm. Unscathed. Ruthless. Many have stood before me and many have failed. Always Failing. Always Assuming. Always Failing to realize they only see what the Undying Queen chooses to show them. nothing more. nothing less. For I am many things Unseen. For i am the Undying Queen.
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