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    BDSM, Science, Swimming, Running
    Music: dark wave, post-punk, goth, dark electro, neoclassical, classical

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About Me

Currently only interested in torturer Tops (M&F)!

Keep scenes & sessions within a reasonable time frame!
Mood&Immersion killers aka hard limits: ass-to-pussy, scat, mutiliation
Asphyxiation upon negotiation only!

Torture - Exhibitionism - Candaulism - Cumplay - Body & Cock Worship - Fear - Pain - Cuckcake for couples with cuckqueans -
Your jerk off toy for use by Singles, Couples, Groups ;)

Music: Cold Wave, Dark Wave, Industrial

Consider me a pleaser or service animal, human fuckpet & paintoy, not a degradee or slave.
Possible relationships: senior&protégée, Cuckcake for couples, Sextoy-FWB for topping Bull(s), wife-sharer/stag&hotwife/vixen, Medical pain research group, Mare/Bitch for owner/presenter@K9shows
Be kinky, stay sophisticated! Be naughty and harsh, show class and education!
Not interested in master-slave scenes or relationships!
Fuckpet & Pain-Endurance Athlete | Torture Meat
Three Hole Fucktoy | Piss & Cum Connaisseuse
Masochistic by nature, submissive by preference.

I am high-class, high maintenance and highly depraved.
This is the place where I let my fantasies and wanton lusts run freely. You are welcome to explore, if you believe you are prepared for the ride.
Just remember - I take no prisoners!

I am hot, unique, awesome and out-of-the-ordinary. I am a slut!



Two playlists for your pleasure below, one for relaxing and one for dancing:


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