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  1. Since there would be 3 people each of which probably engaged in a different sex act it would be almost impossible to label each action for each person clearly
  2. Each set of poses are clearly labelled 'Foreplay' 'Anal' 'Vaginal' etc etc. so I'm not quite sure what your problem is.
  3. Thank you Diana, probably won't work for what I had in mind but I appreciate the help.
  4. Can anyone please tell me how to make an object that I can pass through. I have seen doors and even floors that you can walk through and I have made something I would like to be able to walk through. Thanks in advance
  5. Could you please, please, please make sex poses clearer? It's not just me, so many people select what they think is a FF pose only to find they end up with a cock
  6. oh yesssss pleeease more lesbian and maybe some toys to use, especially a double ender would be so very nice.
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