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    Interestet to have a wife for playing longer together.
    Dom/Sub, Talking, having fun together and roleplay.

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  1. ferkkko76 Newbie Members 0 1 post Posted 1 minute ago You can run the patcher from the game folder. Changes nothing...............................its down again
  2. You are totaly wrong...down since hours like so often.
  3. why dont they change servers then??
  4. The most important what i want is not always to crash. Or the best.A new owner of the game with professional employees.
  5. yeah very hot with servers always down..... 😡
  6. VPN changes nothing.Bad servers and helpless devs or better said no devs? And no information. Thats it.
  7. again and again, unbelievable
  8. But as always no information from the devs.........................
  9. The server before wasnt better, so nothing to do with testserver. They better should look for new employee and kick this ones out.
  10. "to many attempts" is not new. I have this since days.
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