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  1. Thanks a lot. This will be a big help!
  2. Hello, I am a very beginner in building and i wonder if there is a way to rotate by 90° or 180° precisly. So it is easy to be perpendicular or parallel. Thanks.
  3. It works ok now. I may have drunk too much during Xmas evening lol. sorry.
  4. Hello everybody, First, happy holidays and happy end of year. this may be a silly question but ... For two days I cannot merge a file in my room. Is there an issue with the option? Once I have choosen the file to merge I cannot find the object in my room. I had no problem before. Thanks !
  5. Annie White

    RP group

    Hello everybody, is there a Role Player group which is looking for a new member? I am open to every legal things that make sex scenes more interesting. Ideally a French group but I also speak English. so everybody in West Europe will be great.
  6. I did it. I am now verified and my account is linked to discord and ... still cannot send a message. it pissed me off! I sent an email to support. Thanks for having tried to help me.
  7. I clicked on the 'discord' link which is on the log in page of the game. it brings me to the 'moments' room. I have registered (i think) but i cannot send message.
  8. Hello, how to do this? i tried to join discord. I am not allowed to send messages in any rooms. I know nothing in discord. Honestly, couldn't they fix for all of them?!
  9. Hello, I try another time this way to find people who like to roleplay on a long term. First, this is who I am in the game (what you would read on my profile): I am Dr. Annie and Ms White. By day, Dr. Annie is a renowned cardiologist. She runs her department strictly. At night, Miss White is an insatiable bitch. Her only goal is to push the limits of descence. She hangs out in the darkest places to meet the most perverted men. She recently met the Boss of the 'Nine Trey Gangsters' Gang and is working to be the gang girl. As you can read, I already have met the Gang Boss. And we are recruiting for members. I need them descriptive and willing to build a story. Don't worry, I am not meaning a big story that Scorcese would make a movie. But I don't want the kind of role player who enters the room and says: 'Hey Boss! I need to fuck the girl!'. I also am open for a cuck. This cuck would play my sweet husband/bf role. Well, now it is up to you to write me back or not. If you see me in game, feel free to pm. My nick is AnnieWhite. Kisses
  10. Hello, I am looking for partners to roleplay. My profile is, I guess, a bit uncommon. I am schizophrenic and suffer with dual personality syndrom. One part of my personality is prude and the other part is a greedy slut. I let you look at my profile for details. The purpose is to get the sexual sessions in a special context. Let me know if you re interested. I am open to every legal ideas. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salut, Je cherche des partenaires de jeu de rôle. Mon profil est, je pense, un peu inhabituel. Je suis schizophrénique et souffre d'un syndrome de double personnalité. Une partie de moi est prude et l'autre est une salope insatiable. Jetez un oeil sur mon profil pour connaitre les détails. Le but est d'intégrer les scènes de sexe dans un contexte particulier. Dites moi si cela vous intéresse. Je suis ouverte à toutes les idées légales.
  11. Bonjour, quel est le thème de votre RP ? cela pourrait m'intéresser
  12. Shared? does it mean you have male friends to roleplay with? I think I would enjoy that.
  13. Hello, I would like to feel what it is to be the woman of a gang. So I would like to meet a group of nasty men who are friends. I know it is like a dream as you guys have only a few male friends on your list. But I don't give up to meet good guys. Here is how I see the sessions: you, guys, take turn. Everybody can fuck me for about 10 minutes and then lets place to the next guy. Don't worry, everyone can ave more than one turn! If you are interested, if you re one of these nasty men, drop a line, send a message or pm me when I am online. My name is AnnieWhite.
  14. We understand. We know you are doing all you can to solve the issue. thanks for the efforts. Fingers crossed.
  15. Hello, I want to wish every bulls I know and will know a merry xxxmas. Also a good christmas to every cucks. Merry Christmas to everybody. Wish you all a big fun! May Santa brings you all the cocks and pussy you need and want. Kisses.
  16. Hello, Thanks for stopping by. This is my secret diary. The story about the longterm roleplays I do in 3DxChat. I can have more than one roleplay, so I could make more than one blog. I hope you will enjoy to read it as much I will enjoy to write it. This is the first time I do this. I will try to do beter and better. Who is the Housewife? I am Justine White, I am a woman who married a lazy man who cums fast. Fed up of feeling bored in my bed I decided to look for what I do no have at home: good fuckers. I am very open minded until it is straigth and legal. I want to be treated bad. No wait! I need to be treated bad. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The beginning: Two weeks ago I read women's comments on the internet, in a very special site: 'Black on Wives'. These women say they use to go to a dark street, downtown, where they meet black guys. They tell how big they are and that these men make them cum has never. What they say cannot be true. Today my husband is having a one week trip for his job. As soon as his plane took off I do what i planned. I don't go back home like he thinks. I drive downtown to this street. The street doesn't look safe. so many black men and girls who look like whore. I park my expensive car in a street beside. I am feeling nervous while I walk down the street, only wearing a coat covering my bra and panties. I am feeling every eyes on me. I walk to a building and lean against the wall, looking around. Soon a mature black man approaches. My heart starts beating fast and I mumble a 'hello' when he says 'hi'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will add more if you encourage me to do.
  17. Hi again dear santa. What about permitting avatars look older. Some people are 'older' but their avis look young. Kisses again
  18. Hello, this sounds very interesting. I am also looking for good roleplayers who like well built games we can play on a long time. I will look for you. Please look for me. My nick is 'Housewife'. You can also send me a message.
  19. Dear Santa, I don't know if my husband would say I have been a good wife but many men in this world woud say I have been a good girl. Why not starting by correcting the few curiosities like : the masks which look like hoods but don't cover the hairs (see pic) the stockings that come back on the avatar when you have sex while you have removed them before, and you cannot remove when you started to fuck After this, I think that a double hand job (for mmf 3some) and a nice titties fuck positions would be appreciated. Thanks for all you have done and will do.
  20. Hello everybody, I am looking for a partner (or more) with I could start a longterm roleplay. A game that we could play for several sessions. It means that this game must be based on a realistic and good story. I am open minded until it is straigth and legal. If you have any dirty fantasy in mind that involves a housewife, please let me know. My partner(s) must give a minimum of description during our scenes. I will be happy to hear from you and know your bad thoughs. Kisses
  21. Hello, Have you found the partner you were looking for? I already have some good friends who I like to have fun with, but my main goal is to find partners to build a good story I could play on a long time. I am sure you can guess from my nick and profile what kind of woman I like to be. If you have any idea for a background I am open to hear about it .. until it is legal. Hope to hear from you soon.
  22. Hello, I hope you will have a lot of fun with a good partner. Kiss
  23. Hello, I love good and descriptive roleplays.

    If you have any naughty idea in mind, please let me know. It can be a longterm roleplay.

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