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    LdbSGo reacted to Gizmo in 3DXChat 2.8 (Build 435)   
    Hello 3DX Community!
    We are pleased to introduce you to 3DXChat 2.8. Thank you to everyone who supported us and took part in testing¬†ūü§©
    The main innovation is the accessory system. Here is a brief description of it:

    Accessories category (Head and Body have separate buttons) Select the location point on the character's body to place the accessory Choose an accessory item Choose a color or remove an item Download
    You can update the game by simply running the game, but we recommend a clean install:
    Download link
    How to install
    Make sure that you install the game in an empty directory Start 3DXChat.exe What's new:
    ‚úÖ Accessories: Earrings, Rings, Tails, Wings, Headphones (M and F);
    ‚úÖ Poses;
    ‚úÖ Clothes, shoes, hats;
    ‚úÖ Tights and stockings;
    ‚úÖ Hairstyles;
    ‚úÖ New skyboxes: Above the clouds, Space;
    ‚úÖ Prints on clothes and underpants;
    ‚úÖ New shapes and materials in world editor;
    ‚úÖ Fix compatibility of shoes and pants;
    ‚úÖ Security fixes;
    ‚úÖ New FPS limit options added: 75, 100, 120;
    ✅ Fast SSAO, HBAO 1, HBAO 2. We removed the old SSAO effect from the game because it is buggy for many players. Instead, we added 3 effects to choose from:
    Fast SSAO - works fast on any hardware, low quality; HBAO 1 - optimal performance and good quality; HBAO 2 - a large load on the graphics card and better quality + the effect of colored shadows. Example of the HBAO 2 effect:

    Known issues:
    We are aware of a few known issues in this release, we will address them in the next hotfix.
    one pair of pants don't compatible with shoes compatibility of some underpants with some top clothing  
    Please report any bugs found in this topic

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    LdbSGo reacted to Lovense Community in Lovense x 3DXChat Exclusive in-game Party, September 4, 2021, Saturday from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM CEST | See you there!   
    Heya Folks! A huge hello to the 3DXChat community! I'm Dousha (or folks on Discord would recognize me as Hyperactive Imp dousha#1270), Lovense Community Manager who has recently joined the Lovense Team. First and foremost, thank you to all the players who have joined us for the previous event - we wouldn't have done it without this community 
    We are happy to announce our second installment of Lovense x 3DXChat Exclusive in-game Party happening on September 4, 2021, Saturday from 10:00 PM to 4:00 AM CEST. (RSVP here to gain exclusive access Lovense perks)! Thanks for the overwhelming support and applications! A very big thank you to all the applicants and shortlisted teams for participating and everyone for your votes! We have tabulated the votes (Lovense & 3DXChat) and here are the final teams to join the Lovense x 3DXChat exclusive in-game party final hosting committee!
    ūüé§ Event Organizers
    - White Breeze
    ūüĎĮ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ Dancers
    - Eclipse Dancers
    ūüéĶ DJs¬†
    - Digital RX
    ūüďł Camera Crews
    - Max Norman
    For those who have yet to RSVP for this event, head over here to do so and get exclusive Lovense perks!  See you then!
    Feel free to reach out to me over at Discord: dousha#1270
    Meanwhile, stay safe and happy Cheers, Imp.

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    LdbSGo reacted to SuicideGirl in Lovense users: any review yet?   
    Theres never been a female subscriber to 3DX. where do u put your toy?
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    LdbSGo reacted to NoirDesire in Breast Physics (sorry Gizmo) :O   
    Give us back the old physics Gizmo - please!
    This is looking terrible!

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    LdbSGo reacted to NoirDesire in 433 - Whole lotta wobblin' goin' on   
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    LdbSGo reacted to Gizmo in Build 431 Announcement   
    Build 431 Announcement
    Dear players,
    The next game update will be available on May 10, 7 AM UTC
    What's new?
    New sex poses New clothes New interactable game object - Cage All Lovense sex toys support Giveaway bonus +5 Days of game time for all existing accounts Giveaway of 7 Lovense sex toys - Join our discord server for a chance to win a toy Lovense sex toys support
    Lovense sex toys are now integrated with the 3D universe of 3DXChat. Players can now pair their Lovense toys with 3DXChat and enjoy life-like sexual experiences in  real-time with other players. The Lovense-enabled game update will be available at 7 AM UTC time zone on May 10.
    Discover more about 3DXChat and Lovense integration
    With love,
    3DXChat team¬† ūüėė
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    LdbSGo reacted to OLESYA in 3DX CHAT CLUB HEL Matrix +Vampire by Xaufin   
    Very beautiful location thanks to Xaufin And thanks to everyone who participated in filming the video)
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    LdbSGo reacted to OLESYA in Dear Lisa and Gizmo We want communication!   
    Dear Lisa and Gizmo, I wrote to you so that you listen to ordinary players! Why do you need this forum? This forum is needed for communication between players and the administration. If one side does not listen to the other side it will not be good for the game!  Hear our cry! I hug you all and kiss you from Russia with love)
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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in So, what is SPAM in the eyes of 3DX Devs / Mods ?   
    hey brianna ads never worked in 3dxchat amd never will so its pointless  to even make world chat ads 
    the way game works is by knowing ppl and have lots of friends so when u open those friends might visit you 
    now about discord ..well ofc u can advertize in discord channels if u have join some discord group  but keep a small basket  
    from ur name i assume u dj so it means u open a music room ...So there are 2 groups of ppl in short 
    the sex ppl and the more social ones ..forget the sex ppl cause u have a party room so u left with the social ppl (arround 30-40% of game population that visit their friends or their groups etc etc 
    so to sum it up  If u wanna keep opening a party related room join a group so u can help each other (u lose some freedom being in a group but ist what u pay to get some guests  u might also not be able to open whenever u wish also cause some on ur group might also have a party ...
    The solo version that i personaly love and was doing 3 years  Solo is best u do whatever u want whenever u want 
    without have any obligation to anyone 
    requirements is to open often and in specific times so ppl slowly learn you and have regulars ..like they say rome didnt build in 1 day  so u need to be consistent and have a consistent scedual of opening 
    Now my personal opinion since i have done everything in this game being top dj for years also ...
    djing in a sex game ? i said lmao i look back and what im thinking is just LOL i mean ok sure was fun djing  but its a sex game lol not a UK best dj or got talent etc 
    just put a whatever stream to play some music (mind that over 50% have music OFF ^^ i too years now )
    and just have fun with ur sex adverntures  
    If ur fantasy is being a dj i would suggest hmm try to apply in a virtual station or a web radio so u also get paid and do the thing u love ...
    Think about it the game has rooms like BBC bwc colds ok slut rooms suck rooms cucrooms bdsm rooms ...Djing ? lol 
    just enjoy the game  
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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    The new Alivia hair  almost done 2 versions 1 long and 1 short (see pics )
    meanwhile i was gonna continue on more clothes and more accesories 
    but i need to perfect the body meaning i will sit and make AO maps for the body to tone areas i would like prolly i will resculpt some areas 
    then after that ill continue with make ups and My model will be ready  

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    So i imagine version 1 of Apron be kinda like this 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    meanwhile the New Alivia hair  currently working on rigging the hair and a another 2 versions of them to be a lil shortewr in each time (short /long from left side and short long from right side 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    i droped that top and remade it into this one (for a sexy top  version) to use in animations and renders for my Alivia model  
    each top will have 3 variations shape wise so narrow or not isnt a issue 
    my biggest issue is to stcok up my texture library lol ..i spend more time pick a texture than model the thing  
    now about the Apron is on hold cause making the new Alivia hair lol and the other half time still working on the weightpainting  cause it the 1st ever model i create my self and wanna be perfect haha
    edited : Apron i already made shape keys so it opens and close in breast area to suit different render situations  
    infact Apron default is close and the shape key make the breast show up  like the other top version pic 2 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    i started today creating a sexy Apron for my Alivia model ..
    now i imagine 2 versions 1 that will be closed infront and 1 version that will be open infront 
    here some eary stage pics (no textures yet and stuff cause just started it ) 
    few shorts words for 3d familiar ppl that might wanna try this way  (this mesh is made with bazier curve that been extruded shaped in model body  proportions duplicated for back side used a mirror modifier to work only on one side only etc   then converted to mesh then i used a shrink wrap modifier to Do as the modifier implies  then cleaned up geometry and took  care of any uv stretching  ) steps so far 
    My discord server in case u wanna join and get informed of all the stuff i do  

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    hmm now thats better  
    other texture and slight different shape also straps is seperated from inner and both can take different textures for tons of variations 
    the straps now are a pink leather and inner is a chain like texture that has been tweacked with texture cordinate nodeand can also provide tons of chain shape variations  
    i think that will conclude the second top version  

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    also top is kinda ish ready its just there is something i dont like but dont know what yet so i stare at the top figure out what is it that i dont like lol 
    colors are random for now its just to help me see better but i plan on make it to be able to take multiple colors and textures in areas i have split it in 3 areas straps innner outter ..
    anyways trying to figure out what i dont like prolly the shape lol 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    New day new creations 
    I love everyday complete something ,everyday to create something (if in the realm of possible ofc cause some stuff might require more than a day lol )
    with that being said here the new stuff i made for My Alivia model  
    1) garter with fur and lace (fur is made with particle system 2 actually 1 for top side 1 for bot side for easier grouming )
    2)Ankle ring (i didnt sweat for that its just a torus default prop that made it look like gold but i love it gives this eastern oriental look ish prolly ill add more shapes in that ring later will see what ill come up )
    3)another garter version 
    i plan to make moreee garter versions later 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    Here the new bikini bottom i made for my Alivia model  
    top not ready yet haha

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    New tail im working for my Alivia model  
    fluffy huh  

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    The new bikini i made for My Alivia model with extras haha 
    extras meaning variations of the bikini  
    for every situation hahaha
    my Discor server in case you wanna follow and know what i create 
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    LdbSGo reacted to Aliviax in Project Alivia   
    The New hair for my Alivia model ..almost ready  
    actually i Do 3 versions 1 with particle system(that alsmost finished )  and 2 other with different methods 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    a small replay of the making the new Alivia hair based on her old one as a small inspiration 
    you see i wanna have a lil similar but not so much same time haha 
    best thing is i will have the capability to tweack every strand of hair later also creating shape keys for even every hair strand to have dozens of variations in a single hairstyle  
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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    backstage on the making the Alivia hair this time with a different way that provides a lil more control 
    using some Alpha hair i created inside blender(using particle system ) +a subdivided plain +path curve 
    So process is very simple and straightforward ...you keep adding layers and shaping the hairstyle as you wish using the path curve 
    in case someone wants to create hair ill be sharing on my discord many alphas i made from straight hair to a lil curly to braids 
    or if you need a specific alpha just pm me and ill make it on my free time 
    i have upload a example pic of the alphas i made personaly i use number 5 for this hair 

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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    this time backstage on the making my Alivia hair for my model 
    for this i will go for realistic hair with particle system ,i have already worked and shaders for the hair 
    i use as refference my ingame avatar to stylize the hair very close wont be exactly same cause i always wanted slight different same style but slight different hehe 
    more on my discord also
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    LdbSGo reacted to Alivia2 in Project Alivia   
    here a fast animation i did in like 30 mins just to test the new rig and the weightpainting for the second model version 
    few words : 
    So this second Alivia model is a genesis 8 female base mesh that used projection 3d boxmodeling to make it as close as i can with my game model 
    easy kinda process you have both models in same pose and in same place u jump in wireframe mode and start pulling and matching vertices from the dummy body u wish ...
    Now the fast animation i didnt bother abnimate the man cause his rig i know works fine lol 
    the priority was to see the Alivia new rig and weightpainting i did ..
    So i didnt bother with the animation much, few movements here and there  would show  where the weightpainting hurts lol 
    from what i noticed elbow and boobies need more work weight paint wise ..mouth lips tongue eyes mouth  works perfectly 
    in case u wonder what is weight paint ? weight painting is a process that you assighn weights on all body parts so they move with the bones and look okish
    fiddly process and time consuming lol  but high importance  
    So dont judge animation lol  it wasnt the priority of this test  just few movements to see how rig and skin reacts  
    also its a viewport render not a real render So no shadows abient and all the juicy stuff its a raw 
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