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  1. Funny thing? She was hanging out at Havasu with a black lives matter supporter. I didn't say anything to him at the time, though I think someone did.
  2. yes please! proper yoga pants, workout bra, yes.
  3. Just want to make sure I'm not misreading that WP gesture. Unless it's taken up a new meaning I'm missing (i.e., fuck my hole), that sure as hell looks like a W and P to me being made in her hand. So, yes or no, white power?
  4. In simple terms ... Not really. $15-30 buys a week-long DDoS attack on any number of dark web sites. Sure, you need to know how to access the "dark web", but that's about 5 minutes of Googling. That's all you need to know to get an attack purchased. Giving payment to a shady dark web operator does usually require BitCoin or similar though. Then the person with access to the scripts on the thousands of infected machines, gets their $, spends a few minutes doing terminal commands on their machine to send instructions out to all those listeners, and voila ... DDoS begins whenever the buyer asked it to start.
  5. Yup, the system already works. In my case, however, I get "paid" after the client and I discuss their "desires/wants/wishes/fantasies" so we both have our expectations met, but before I engage with them. There are too many jerks in 3dxchat who will, umm , "stiff" me for my payment if I do it the other way. Based on the number of men/boys asking for freebies, I'm not risking not getting paid. All of the best escorts do this in game, and our reputation rides on being honest. This mirrors real life ... I come to your hotel, you leave the door wide open while I look around your room, you have an envelope for me to check, I text my backup everything's okay, and we get down to business. Pay first, then play.
  6. Jansen, Lisa posted 10 minutes ago on Discord "DDoS again".
  7. Ditto. The lack of bra styles drives me bonkers.
  8. This. So much this. And the girl orally swapping from cock to cock, please.
  9. After almost three years in the game (this is my "secret" play/alt account to simply RP an escort for when I need to have drama-less fun), these are pretty great ideas overall, as I noted above. Thanks for these.
  10. Yes. If you are in my room and I put you on my iggy list, you "poof" and we do not see one another (in the backend, I assume the DB updates both our entries, so you do not see me either). My issue is that you are still in my room. I may not see you or your posts in Local, but everyone else in the room still does. I do see them posting about a person's ongoing behavioral issues which means my guests are now not having fun. Now, if you leave, then you will not see me and therefore my room in the Locations tab, so you can't ever find my rooms ever again to come back to, at that moment or in the future, the same way we will never see each other's avatars, posts, etc. I want a way to simply push you out, send you home, and add you to my iggy list in one feel swoop. You still can go anywhere public you want, open rooms, generic locations, etc, just not my room anymore. I want it to happen when a person is being disruptive, not wait til the next time I open to have you gone. (Ideally, I'd like your trip home accompanied by a dialogue box that says "You have been kicked out of {insertRoomName} by the owner for disruptive behavior." Ideally.) And again, I apologize if my earlier posts came off as angry. I'm just frustrated that for my two years there has been nothing done to address this very common issue.
  11. BTW apologies for the tone below ... I wrote this before fully catching up on the posts above ... most of what I was trying to say has been explained above by others in a more polite and simple manner .... I offered deputizing room bouncers as an example of feature v2 to consider. Notice I said "option" and specifically "extension". Once you get data back about how the room kicks are working (or not), a dev can decide if that follow on feature is worth their time to do. And I'm not talking about a public room ... I don't give a flying f&*^ what anyone gets up to at Sins or Love Island or The Beach. But in my space? You misbehave and break the basic social contract we all have to get along? Start blasting the N-word our in Local (seen that)? Disrupt the dancers (seen that too)? Start colding every woman in the room (every bloody day)? I get to kick you out. My room, my rules ... not sure why this is too hard to understand. Let me ask this ... If I came over to your house, broke in, started screaming racial slang and obscenities, got right up into your personal space, and ran around naked ... you're okay with that? Or are you gonna call the cops? And do not argue that my online spaces are different ... still my space. You want to stay in my room? That I spent possibly weeks building that I share maybe two hours a week to let people enjoy themselves in my space? Start behaving like you want to. Start acting like a (relatively) mature adult and we'll get along fine. Start screaming about "ass-rape" in Local (seen that too!) and you need my 28.5/34 end load (that I can still hit a ball 350 feet with) upside your head. I'm on a power trip only in that I find idiots who act out there immature behaviors for attention to be about the worst of the players here. I pay to play too ... and if I don;t like you, I want a simple way of kicking you from my space and adding you to my iggy list so you don't come back. Yeah, I want that little tiny bit of extra power so that when I iggy you in my room you get kicked out, so every one of the other 50-100 people who are also offended by some racist dickhead don't have to individually iggy that special someone. That's wasting the time they paid for to not have that sort of crap happen (if we're trying to bring in the paying for playing debate). Then again, the stupid ones I just line up with a friend who invites them home for 15 seconds (the promise of sex works very well on the young'ens), we both iggy them, friend comes back, and problem solved. Or maybe I expect too much politeness and empathy from people these days? I am 5,300 years old after all, and get bored easily.
  12. OMG .... ROTFL 🤣 So true. I do have my secret list ... they are usually so easy to spot.
  13. I know! Hugs!!!!! 😻 I actually enjoy and have fun with some of the "odd" personas in game that others find annoying for their own reasons ... again, one man's meat is another man's poison, and all that. I won't mention names specifically, but love my sweet sweet cookie drones 🍪
  14. I'll make an exception for you, okay? 😃 I can already iggy you for any reason I want, be it major (encouraging male rape fantasies), moderate (running around naked on stage and hugging dancers to unsync them), or minor (OMG, open toed heels and stockings? now I know you're not female behind that avi ... I mean, wtf? Okay, that last one is not really a hard and fast dress rule, but you gotta have the right nylons for that.). I want to be able to iggy you and remove you so you can't come back, regardless of reason. My room, my rules. Don't like it? Tough. If you came int my RL home and pulled your dick out, you'd be on outside the same damn way. Hell, I iggy every single one of Tiziana's stupid syncophants who repost her room banner in WC because they are simply cheating the 60 second cool down ban (PS. thanks for the butt plug gift in reply, Tiz, it's come in handy!) Yes, I'd love a lot of people in my room (it's a temple actually, but same diff). Or in my friend's rooms that I have made. But I want relatively nice folks who are having fun, nice being rather loosely defined here in 3dx. I don't want disruptive assholes and outright bigots flooding the Local channel with racist and misogynistic comments all night. Trolls realizing the error of their ways? How new are you? (Rhetorical question, I know you're not new and I have seen you before in game, hi!!!) I'm only two years here but have had more than enough of harassment and stalking and repeated trolling and general dumb-ass fuckery here to know that this place is often a cesspool of the worst in human behavior. I have never seen any well-known troll in 3dx (the ones with multiple avatars who stalk and harass or are just outfight whiny dicks) ever change their ways. Assholes are gonna asshole. I grant you, some are just being funny ... but too many others are seemingly angry bigots with 3dx open in one window, and 4chan in another, spewing such stupid vitriol it's hard to wonder how they manage to get by IRL. Being "anonymous" seems to give license to people to misbehave and amplify their already entitled and bro-culture tendencies. Sure, it happens in every MMO, I'm not naive at my age, but if I can at least stop it in my club, then at least my guests and I don't have to suffer quite as much.
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