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  1. The ban exists, it's automatic and hard-coded into the game. Currently on 68 hour ban for saying the magic word :D
  2. Ads and spam are evil. Ads are intrusive. Do we not have enough ads and spam in our lives? Our phones listen to us shitting then show us toilet paper ads. Try watching youtube without an ad. Your inbox is full of junk and a stranger from Nigeria just inherited $100,000,000 and needs you to help them with the wire transfer. Advertisement in any form, sucks. With that said, I'm not surprised we have ads on 3DX and I suspect that *most* of us have become immune to them, just like the other 1000's of ads we see daily. Conclusion: Ads suck, and they don't work in getting more people to your room. They do work in disrupting the flow of conversation in a lobby, designated to chat. I for one don't need an advertisement to teach me how to click "select location" to scroll down a small list. It's not like there are 1000's of rooms to choose from. People who post ads and spam have small pp's
  3. Who cares if it's illegal? Does't stop me from blazing.
  4. buy me a photo slot with all that gold, thanks appreciate it.
  5. It's my dirty IP from Brasil. Nobody trusts us!
  6. Maybe select a different server from your VPN if you can so you have a different IP assigned.
  7. NordVPN connecting from a server in the US
  8. Same here, I can only access everything using a VPN. I trust that they will fix their CloudFlare settings.
  9. I'm happy as long as I can connect, but not everybody has a VPN available. I agree, things will sort themselves out and at least the server is back.
  10. Unfortunately this is part of what goes along with DDoS protection. I also cannot load the website or forums unless I am on a VPN, for some reason CloudFlare is blocking my IP address. A big part of effective protection is ensuring a low number of false-positives, meaning, legitimate users like you and me aren't being mistaken for robots or malicious traffic. It's not 100% possible because of how large the internet is, so they will likely just need to adjust the rules (which they control) for the WAF. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172016-Understanding-the-Cloudflare-Web-Application-Firewall-WAF-
  11. There is definitely something funky going on since the update and after they brought the server online. - Did they add some type of DDoS protection to the server? The reason I ask is, I suspect they are blocking or filtering IP addresses from Brasil (my location). When on my regular IP address, if I load 3DX, the updates on the right-hand side do not load, but I am able to login to the game. Once in game, I am unable to load pictures or send private messages. If I use a VPN and connect via an IP address from the United States, these problems all go away. Maybe this will help? I was also unable to load the 3DX website or these forums, until I connected to the VPN. =/
  12. It happens to the best of us, I am also currently "banned" for saying the forbidden word by accident. I lasted about 5 minutes from the time the servers were back up, whoops! Write in to support, they are very helpful. Hopefully with the server being down, there won't be too many support tickets for them to go through and we'll be back online tomorrow. There really should be a warning, or something- not instant ban / your application closes. Good luck!
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