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  1. Dear Gizmo... I just want to know when ignore option in game work properly? .. bcoz some  people can come in public room after ignore and make all mess and spreading negativity with all room guests.. and I can't stop them from coming into the room, so it's request please fix it as soon as possible 

  2. Dear Gizmo,

    I am facing problem in game i have not received any new patch and when i try to login and go any public or my room i found my self in between sea, i cant see or write in world chat and local , i cant see my friends message and cant even able to reply i try to download patch from MEGA which Lisa post in 3Dxchat discord server ..but after few second that file stop downloading  and ask for update which need money i write my issue on your twitter account and PM too ..please help me today is 5th day i am not able to play 3Dxchat and my 2 month subscription is available now i am attaching the images for your better understanding


    2020-05-19 15-37-33_2205.png

    2020-05-19 15-37-42_2275.png

    1. clie


      same here. hope there will have any solution

  3. Thanks for information and update ...finger crossed and hoping to see server back soon
  4. Any Idea when its start again ? and we don't need any Compensation just try to restart again ...and best of luck ...
  5. How i report someone how is  using fake name and Images of celebrity or sport person which is died already

    1. R0bT


      if using fake names and pics were against the rules, 75 percent of the "women" here would be banned 

    2. Adara


      Ross is correct, although I think his percentage might be a little low 😀

  6. Since this update, I cannot save, load, or merge my build files. It won't open the file interface window. When I try to load, it asks if I am sure and then nothing happen even cant upload new images in gallery too ..please fix it as soon as possible @Gizmo
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