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  1. Nah, just you and the other dudes pretending to be female get offended. Most normal folks dont give a fuck. You are welcome.
  2. I am the 3dx police and you are all charged with using a counterfeit vagina. You are all sentenced to 2-5 years of scrotum waxing. You may start with ex,s
  3. could you translate that into English please.
  4. yeah, the good ole days.... when men were men and women actually had vaginas. Actually I am Generation X, Not a boomer. You are welcome.
  5. don't let it bother you, she is perpetually offended over everything.
  6. since most of you seem to be thirsting for gizmo to come to this thread, Your wait is over, this is the best you are going to get....
  7. how dare you speak bad about the Saloon.
  8. people who pick and choose what laws to follow end up in prison or unproductive members of society. plain and simple. for example, most Millennials.
  9. Society cannot exist without law. Law is the bond of society: that which makes it, that which preserves it and keeps it together. It is, in fact, the essence of civil society. Joseph P. Bradley
  10. im not really sure a person pretending to be part fox is in any position to call anyone a child, just saying
  11. if it was the law where I lived, yes
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