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  1. nothing the game adds is going to push society forward, its a internet sex game.
  2. that would be wrong because i had someone just yesterday steal something out of my room that only i have (my troll dolls) Came into my room and five minutes later sent me a file with the trolls.
  3. Thats because the grand daddy of troll is your bud πŸ˜›
  4. i dont mind the spam or the trolls, wc is wc. that message was more me being sarcastic. I personally love WC. As far as rules, they do have rules, they just arent great at enforcing most rules
  5. I happen to think you are correct, It is a bonus. Show me where it states in the tos or anywhere that the game will get a set number of updates. It gets some updates, doesnt matter if someone doesnt like them. The issue is some feel they are entitled to it when really, they arent entitled to get anything except what the devs want to give. A game isnt a democracy, its a game owned by a development team that offers a service to people who want said service, when that service no longer meets a persons needs, they have to decide if that entertainment is worthy of the financial obligation anymore. If it isnt, common sense dictates they find other entertainment. people will defend that by saying " we are making the game better by lashing out" no you arent, you are making shit toxic as fuck(i have did this as well so not absolving myself) to the point where the devs ignore anything you say and make a discord just to get away from the bullshit. Its not a coincidence that most of these so called great ideas are ignored. you made your bed, time to sleep in that mfer.
  6. nah because im not under the delusion that the game is just made for me, if i dont like a certain room or tab, i stay out of it , problem solved. My feelings arent so easily hurt that i get triggered by the mere existance of a tab i dont like. I am not really sure how anyone in his right mind would think charging people extra to talk is somehow a "cool idea". Adding a advertisement tab would be as useful as a third breast. Nobody will use it, they use wc because it has the most traffic. You could add 5 tabs and they would still send links in the wc tab
  7. The problem might be so many people paying yearly now. Its good that people are saving money however because its all paid in one lump some, no incentive for them to crank new shit out during the year. They know people are locked in no matter what they add or dont add. Not saying thats what happens but its certainly possible that it could be a factor
  8. this notion that if they start charging for shit and it will mean more updates, etc is horse shit. how many more updates, etc happened when they started charging for avis and marriage? I can answer that, none. As a matter of fact, seems like around then is when updates slowed down the only thing that they have done that translated into more updates is using community members poses and clothes and that doesnt cost 3dx a dime.
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