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  1. thats what the diarys are for, keep up the good work and have fun
  2. ive been asking for socks and a suit for 7 years, get in line
  3. thats going to be my next alt
  4. I for one would like to see any dress or skirt added to the game that didnt closely resemble a garbage bag or shorts that look like they would be worn by a hobo living behind a trash dumpster
  5. sort of reminds me of that one girl who was in forums that hated hugs and acted like it was a crime against humanity to hug people
  6. What did you say her name is, if I happen to see her will pass the message on to her
  7. yeah its fine and good to get new stuff, everyone loves new stuff but you should really be focusing on getting rid of the many bugs in game before adding new things that are most likely going to add new bugs to the game. Get the game stable before you add anything else. People may be upset they arent getting updates but they are going to be upset regardless.
  8. ah ok, been a while since I used it.. not listened to in game music for a few years
  9. unless its changed, put a radio in your room, click the radio and paste or insert stream url in it and click play
  10. im guessing you mean like you on sofa and her on a chair or something, no I dont think so
  11. not like any of this stuff is coming out for xmas anyways
  12. nah, your the good kind of stalker
  13. plus they always find a way to be seen anyways. I have some very dedicated stalkers
  14. bahahahahahaha thats not why I asked, just wondered
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