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    Role play and Daddy Dom BDSM mostly. Music, rock clubs are my favourite.

    To know more about BDSM, you can read this very well written blog :

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  1. You respected your punishment perfectly, Kitten, and by doig so, made me proud. The way you enjoy being Mine, the way you give Me everything, trust Me, and gift Me with your whole being fills Me with joy and pride. I look forward to capture more on these moments we share together, and to claim you again, always.
  2. I don't know who gave you this (even if I have a rather good idea) but this is private talk, on a private admin channel. You've hidden the names, but not the image, and you and me both know an profile pic is enough to ID someone. Please remove it.
  3. Jade, would you please stop using Safe Heaven server as your excuse in your childish fight with Ex ? I sure didn't come to SH for this reason, and you know it very well. I'm pretty sure most of our members didn't either. Stop using their names for your vengence. Whatever your story with Ex is, it's not ours. Thanks.
  4. I believe many things have been asked for years (even if I'm rather new here). Let's hope they will finally come true. It costs nothing to ask kindly ;)
  5. Understanding this, and learning from your mistake is more important than the punishment itself. Yet I know you will abide to it. I know you'll do your best to be my good girl, and will do so even whem I'm not here to guide you, Kitten. Punishing you in such a way brings me no joy nor pleasure, as my only aim is to make you flourish and bloom through the gift of your submission. Seeing how you react, though, does assure me that you'll make me proud.
  6. Such poses and animations are indeed needed and would add more to the game's immersion. Both for BDSM and RP purpose, actually.
  7. This looks very promising indeed. I'll come by when I have the chance !
  8. I'd like to be able to lick, nib, suck at them too. Tits need some love !
  9. I found an other one for you Kitten.
  10. I agree, KITTEN, BABY GIRL, and other loving names would be nice.
  11. Always ready to play with you kitten.
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