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  1. did this before on 3dx maybe about 2 years ago, it was really a lot of fun, was about 20 to 30 people and just great music and a great time
  2. that song is in the two hour set list, right near the end πŸ˜€
  3. was wondering if anyone wanted to host a queen tribute and allow me to play a set of their most popular songs. the set will be probably just around 2 hours. if interested at all in hosting this tribute please send me a pm here on forums, thank uuuuuuu
  4. WTF!!! FFF poses?! 😯 forgot to say THANK YOU JIZZMO!!!! Muah πŸ₯°
  5. he can try using the ignore system on here that doesnt work fer shit 🀣
  6. i remember this guy on forums who would always over use the word butthurt in a lot of his many posts. hmmm, nah couldnt be, nothin to see here people
  7. heck i figured why not just start a topic about it, i think the title explains everything 🀣
  8. i was wondering if some design compromise can be made where we have titty fucking. what i mean is cant there be some way to make a pose fit to most breast sizes on the scale up and down to a certain point and still have it look good or ok, and i guess everyone outside of that are just shit out of luck with clipping and stuff. we have that already with one MF couch pose so why cant we have more! just wondering gizmo, love all the great work you are doing
  9. Phoenixsong

    User Reviews

    this game looks sooooo much better on an awesome computer like in your video xalivia this is what it looks like on my old computer when i enter and try to load a large file size room with over 100 people in it on the lowest settings:
  10. are you in a big hurry to have pants like tom hanks in 'castaway'?
  11. here's one i didnt make but participated in once, it was made with rochi's dll
  12. agree with leeloo. we need FFF lesbian poses too, but the tg 3some poses are hot, thanks gizmo πŸ₯°
  13. figured this one out by accident. if you close your chat box you can moan and cum with 1 and 2 instead of clicking on it with a mouse, not a fan of this but thats how it works
  14. oh gotcha, ok ross. i reported you for being robt just to be safe, the forums have been so amazing without you here, really sucks you came back, but again. welcome
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