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  1. She can’t help her stupid self pointing other people’s shit out but not watching her own shit
  2. Exactly ancient history!!!!!!! Finially you except!!!!good job
  3. 🤣🤔😂 My friends support each other we look out for each other ur 600 friends in ur server do the ever support u nope they are in ur server to get a laugh when your server Supports you events then you can talk shit till then shut up and please shut up again good night now jade ur talking to urself now
  4. Whats the difference Jade u have no problem lying on us!! We all left ur shit hole at different time for the same freaking reason cus ur a asshole!! I remember how it happened Terry left first cus u were being a dick Tysonnn left shortly after not cus he wasn’t being asked to play be us u were insulting him talking shit about him basically cus his real life got in front of the game I left cus u don’t Appreciate people giving u their time and u use and abuse and dom he left before I did for same reason or damn near close you don’t care about people we had many fun times but when u left for a while we all got on and did other stuff we told u to come back cus we had fun and missed but that’s where u changed u threaten to close cus u could barely get 20 people people go where they are acknowledged or wanted not just thought of as a number so like terry said leave us alone and stop ur bullshit and one last thing ur a liar u told me u removed that stupid princess story next time u wanna write about a princess use my name ok Ull get better results xxxxing jerk u are
  5. hi baby i love you


    2020-08-28 13-15-53_45512.png

  6. She makes me sound like such a villian!!! Im part of the unholy trinity!!! that princess really has a warp misconception of a princess haha
  7. Thanks to everyone who came to this event and made it great and so much fun!! I give big thanks to creator of the room TerryScrew and DJ Great comeback set Terry was great! DanyFR ur always amazing in the music u bring expecially to Club Frost. Club Frost hasnt ever opened with out Dany and Terry. I try to keep that spirit alive. Thanks for CardinalCopia for that massive set u had me blown away along with the others!! Zanok always a pleasure having u play great set also, JessicaX what can i say bout you u always deliver great music where ever u go was excited for you to be a part of Club Frost, DyllanD and Biffy the newest part of the crew u both were super amazing and i love both sets. Will def ask for future events. Thanks everyone for supporting me i really appreciate it all. Club Frost is very special to me so it was great to see everyone come and enjoy themselves. <3
  8. The update today fixed my prob I called Verizon they didn’t even have a clue as to what I was talking about
  9. are you saying u reinstalled the game and its working now
  10. i tested my self and every thing came back as ok idk whats up or what in the hell but its def 3dx for ya
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