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  1. It's not that easy to relax and enjoy yourself when you are getting disconnected in the middle of your erotic play.
  2. These alone, even without DDOSes, are enough reasons to ban them.
  3. Indeed. No matter how much we will argue here, the decisions are up to devs.
  4. Well, actually they can. If they should or should not – is another question. But they can for sure.
  5. Presumption of innocence, fair trials and judges is indeed great. But it all related to law area. It would be the thing if devs would find that hackers and try to sue them. Then yes, it would be about presumption of innocence and fair trial. But when we talk not about real life measures, but about ingame ban, devs don't have to justify their decision. Of course they better do it (and they did it, for most of community at least) to not be seen like assholes by their own community, but it still does not mean that they have to do it and of course they don't have to give enough proofs t
  6. Well I am posting my "freedom of speech" point of view/opinion/assumption that your assumption was straight up stupid.
  7. What are you doing in this thread if you don't care?
  8. You have no idea what she was banned for. She could be automatically banned simply for posting a link in chat. Or it could be simply ban for advertisement, not because of nature of advertisement, but because of the fact of advertisement itself. People getting banned for advertising their rooms. It does not make opening room something bad. And about devs being "sensitive":
  9. Business fucking path! I have no idea from which country NoirDesire is but she sure have enough money to pay for 3dxchat, right? Let's face it: you just made some clearly retarded assumption about person investing her time and mental energy to keep surveys for half an year just to collect couple of dollars or even few cents. That was stupid.
  10. Money out of fucking clicks... There are less than 200 people voting. What the hell are you talking about? You really think someone will do it for half a year for what? A few cents? A couple of dollars? That was one of the must stupid things I ever heard. Btw, should I have ask permission to create a pool in Development & Suggestions forum area if I want to ask people what they would like to see in game? Spoiler: no, I don't.
  11. I agree. I would not pay them a cent.
  12. So you got banned then? And btw, you saying "assuming responsibilities by accepting the rules" And you indeed accepted the rules. Including this one: 1.04. SexGameDevil may suspend, terminate, modify, or delete accounts at any time for any reason or for no reason, with or without notice to the owner of the account. Accounts terminated by SexGameDevil for any type of abuse, including without limitation a violation of these rules or the EULA, will not be reactivated for any reason. For purposes of explanation and not limitation, most account suspensions, terminations and/o
  13. Of course it is. What kind of "fundamental rights" are you talking about? I don't remember anything in ToS about devs being obliged to publicly provide proofs of offences that leaded to bans. Especially providing proofs that can expose private data of other users or game's/server's code/architecture.
  14. And what if you will not agree with devs decision?
  15. I want more naughty and erotic gifts. Erotic lingerie, couple of dildos, maybe another buttplug, paddle, handcuffs, more collars/chokers. You get the idea.
  16. Can you prove it? I mean... If he really is a friend of the Warning, he should not have any management/stuff privileges anymore. I am not saying about banning him or something like this, I guess it would be too much to ban people for being friends even if with Warning himself, but it's kinda fucked up if Warning's friend have some special access rights for the game.
  17. I would not want to see jumping in game to be honest. First, people jumping around can kinda ruin the immersion/atmosphere. Second, our devs maybe a nice guys but... they are not very good at releasing content free of bugs or even fixing old bugs. I mean I am almost sure that jumps will be bugged lol. Even in less glitchy games I used to jump somewhere and get stuck, I can only imagine how buggy it can be here, considering how full of bugs game in general and considering that user-made rooms may be not that well adopted to jumps. And okay... maybe devs can do jumps properly and fix
  18. I will never believe that members of OFF GANG did not know what some people of their group was doing. If they are not extremely stupid. Yeah, no need to ban everyone who was close to OFF GANG. No need to ban their friends, partners, DJs, etc. But the ones who associate themselves with this group and have it in their profile, especially now, after recent events, sure should go into ban together with other scum.
  19. Are you member of OFF GANG or their friend? You seem to be pretty sad and angry about this nasty little group of hackers and their supporters getting right where they are belong.
  20. I believe the properly working doors are not that hard to do as well. Yet we never got them.
  21. On top of it I would add that devs can have problems with copyright related to the music in general locations. I remember reading somewhere on forum, that for general locations SGD needs to have license on the music. They are responsible for music in general locations, while in user-made locations responsibility is on the location host.
  22. Large user-made worlds can make a pretty heavy usage of PC resources. I am not sure it's a good idea to bring one of them as a basic location. I think the idea of basic locations is something available for anyone and anytime. If location really popular you can keep it open at all times with new system anyway, right? So no need to make it basic. And if it's not so popular... then again, don't see the reason making it into basic location.
  23. They are doing fine. I Servers were pretty stable lately and if it's just a little unscheduled server down not some shit for day long – no reason to be angry. At least about stability.
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