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  1. Yeah. But when it will be not a silly gift, but some game currency that can be spent on clothes/poses/rooms – you will see a lot of girls selling themselves not because of fantasy of being an escort, but simply because out of desire to earn some currency to buy themselves a new sexy dress. It will be significantly more paid love and less free love in the 3dxchat after this, I can guarantee it. Of course if we talk about some currency that can be spent on cool stuff, not about current xgold that can be spent only on gifts, advertising and gallery's slots. I would not be so confident with a word "every". I tried Achat around a year ago, quite an old game, maybe even older than 3dxchat or at least around the same age. Yet, it's social aspect was rubbish, even compared to 3dxchat's one. And yeah, it also have tons of hookers (I don't mean that these things connected tho xD) because you can whore yourself out for a currency that can be used to buy everything.
  2. Or we can just propose things to be added in the game without asking for your permission or following your ridiculous conditions like "either you know Unity or leave your proposal for yourself". Devs can decide themselves if it's hard or easy for them to add things and if it's worth the effort to do so or not in each case. Yeah, sure. Everyone should search through all the old suggestions, including the ones that was years ago and maybe even devs or even authors themselves of these suggestions already forgot about them, before we can give ours. (No, we actually should not, lol)
  3. I think that to make game more social devs need to add more social activities. Locations, objects... it's nice, but it will not change things really. Activities is a key. Minigames – sport ones, card ones, pool, bowling or even something more abstract, dice rolls... Something that we actually can DO together. We already can visit tons of beautifully made, themed locations made by users, but what we can do there? All the same – fuck or talk. Or dance, but it's not like we really do any action while we dance, we just choose a premade animation loop, nothing more.
  4. Nah, it's not right way to do a things. People deserve to give their vote solely because they pay for this game, it's wrong if people are forced to wrote a dozens of messages on forum just to be able to vote. I am sure adding polls in member's area of the main site or even in game is not a rocket science and devs can handle it.
  5. I suppose everyone agrees that 3dxchat needs more customization, including not only the quantity of current outfits or faces, but actually more ways to customize – like the ability to change lips/nose/eyes/face frame separately, piercings, tattoos, new jewelry. But the question is – is this really a main or a single reason why 3dxchat have low population? Social activities is a very important thing too. And currently we have a very poor amount of ways how we can spend our time in 3dxchat besides of casually talking, dancing, checking other's rooms and fucking. Building? Well for some of us it's sure a great way to spend a time, but definitely not for all. Playing beach volleyball? Well, no commentary here lol, everyone who "played" it will understand what I mean. Playing bottle? Okay, but why we can do it only in the SIn or on the Yacht, why it can't be in the user made rooms? Even user made games now wasted without dice roll command. 3dxchat needs to be more social if it wants social games user bases to come. It should provide players the opportunity to jsut hang out with a friends and spend a good, casual time, not just fucking. Of course if the devs wants the social games player base.
  6. Well I would not like it. I am using one discord account, I use it not only for 3dxchat and I have zero desire to make it named as my 3dxchat's avi. Only if it will be just a server's name, not a global one. Tho currently they don't even let us change our names on server, sadly.
  7. That's true but what else the community was supposed to do? Just eat it and be silent?
  8. Well you also can fuck... and dance... and chat... and... well, that's all Btw, about dancing – it would be great to add some dance minigame/minigames inside if it is possible. I mean, we could really "play" when we dance, not just choose one of the few animations. It would be also cool to add a manual speed control, like in MnF club, when you can actually control every thrust speed. For example here the video: https://rt.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5ca44ea937e4d Girl in this action actually controls every sucking motion. Would be great to have such an option in 3dx chat. More interactivity – to both sex and dances. And minigames. But I afraid it will never happen or even if it will – not soon for sure, it seems like a lot of work and devs currently already busy with poses editor and clothes/hairs system, at least as far as I know from the forum.
  9. I don't agree that it's a boring stuff, I actually like some of these high heeled shoes (especially the transparent one!), they look sexy but... We already have a bunch of it and not a single pair of sneakers for females. It's just not fair. I mean yes, 3dxchat maybe a sex-game, but players still should have a choice how to dress, including more cute/casual style, not only sexy and seductive one.
  10. Well, at least a month ago or so they were. And if it's still like this than they also need an option to swap M <-> M and F <-> F
  11. Forum is vulnerable to manipulation too, at least as long as we can't connect our game's account to forum one. If we will be able to and only the ones who did so would be able to vote in dev's polls – yes, forum would work well. Yes, forum is less vulnurable to manipulation than discord, even as it is, because no one have 300 forum accounts or so, but it's still pretty vulnurable if some idiot will have enough time to spend hours making emails and forum accoutns to push their opinion.
  12. Or if it is hard to do as a scale – at least couple of options of limp cocks for growers/showers. For both men and futa.
  13. It's not a lot of work, actually, to add it on their site. And it's not "just" polls, if they really want to know community's opinion. I agree, make it on a login screen/in game is a best soulition. But making it on the members' area of http://3dxchat.com still a lot better than keeping it in discord. No it's not nice the way it's done. Have you actually anything, I mean the arguments, not just "those people always complain to not have a reason to complain", to say against the arguments in this thread? Anyone can join the 3dxchat's discord server, not only the subscriber of the game, and anyone can vote. Person with either a lot of friends or with a big discord server can ask people to give their vote in the polls even if they are not 3dxchat players and manipulate the polls' results. You don't agree that it's wrong? It's not a reason to complain? You can break this argument? Or only say "those people always complain to not have a reason to complain"? I can think of another reason. Making polls in discord is simply the one of the easiest ways. It takes almost no effort. But in long-term it's a bad decision. Easiest way is often a bad way.
  14. These polls should not be neither on forum or in discord. They should be in game client or in members' section of http://3dxchat.com/ or on some other specialy created for these needs place that can be accesed only by active subscribers of the game.
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