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    Well, that was fixed pretty fast, I admit!
  2. I did it the same way so far. Now prolly will follow Veronique's advice. It's not a rainbow, it's just one more color. Not a big deal if before adverts was in two colors, now will be in three. It still will be the same amount of adverts.
  3. Wow, thanks! Never actually thought that I can simply do it like this. Now I am feeling myself kind of stupid lol Anyway, it still would be great to have a separate command for it.
  4. I would love if there would be an option to use a purple or any other (diffrent than regular white text) color for action, without starting it in a third person. Let me give you an example. Now if I would want to make an action in game, it would be something like this: Xizl goes to the kitchen to get herself a cup of tea. I want to be able to use some different short command to make it like this: Xizl: I go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea. Or diffrent color: Xizl: I go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea. Why? Because for a lot of people, including me, it's a lot more plesant to perform in roleplay/descriptive sex using the first person narrative, because it helps us to immerse in situation much better. You can ask me, why don't just do it like this: Xizl: *I go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea.* Well, of course we can do it that way, but it's not that nice. White text... Meh, it's not cool, action should have different color, not like a regular speech. Plus this starts on the edges of the text look a bit out of space. Or maybe like this: Xizl I go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea. Nah, not cool too, it looks ridiculous without avi's name and "I" separated. Xizl *I go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of tea.* Prolly the best option available so far, but still not perfect, because of these stars. I mean, I know that it sounds like a little and maybe not that important thing for some people, but it's not going to take a lot of dev's time, it's a little amount of work and really big amount of people would enjoy it, because I really see tons of people using first person in their plays.
  5. @Takisa Oh, you getting toxic because your fragile ego can't take it when people criticize your ridiculous posts? Well, unlucky for you. Several other games of same/close genre have pose editor and it works pretty well. There is no reason why 3dxchat not going to has one, considering that Gizmo told that it will be done.
  6. @Takisa Look, if you think that pose editor is not going to be released, then explain me this post: Maybe Gizmo knows better what going to appear in the game and what is going to be released?
  7. Maybe a lot of players leaving, I don't know, but online of the game does not getting lower overall. Probably even getting bigger, slowly. Things are not that bad actually.
  8. They should remove rewards for a month of subscription. Or cut it a lot, giving just 5k xgold or something like this. Maybe make it the way that when refferal reaches a milestone of subscription (6 and 12 months) in any way, be it just paying for year of subscription right away, or two times for 6 months, or montly, or any other combination – referer claims the 1 month of subscription for each milestone.
  9. "How business works" is not some absolute thing, like a laws of nature. There is no guarantee that if devs will have more money they will release more updates. Devs are humans, not machines automatically transferring money in updates. Yes, they can start work on the game more or even hire more people if they get more money... Or, they can keep working like they did and just enjoying more money, because why not, if their user base is ready to pay more and more, while they don't even care to fix the bugs that here for months and years. Or they maybe will work more seeing that game gives less and less money. Or work less. Or close it. Or sell it. Everything is possible, you can't predict human behavior with a perfect accuracy, and I don't know why you are so sure that devs will start make more updates if you will start to throw more money in them.
  10. Because 3dxchat needs more income and then devs will shower us with updates? Tbh I am kind of tired hearing this mantra. Making advertise tab and demanding xgold for it means pushing people back into advertising in world chat. Making it bannable offence = increasing pressure on devs to check reports, so the real shitty stuff, like stalkers and attackers will be ban less fast and less often. If devs gonna make advertise tab it should be free and with a delay too. And delay should be shared for world chat and advertise tab, so people can't just send their advertises in both channels.
  11. Well, in this case I have absolutely nothing against spamming in world chat. I mean where else people should advertise? In game bulletin board? We don't have one. Local chats of other rooms? It's nasty and will lead to fights. Forum? Most people never read it, and even most of the ones whore read it does not read it often enough, so it can be used only for some party that you plan in a week, not something that currently happening or will happen soon. Advertisement channel? We don't have one and even if we would, it would not stop people from using world chat for same purposes. Tho the ones who has some common human decency would use it, not world chat. So adding such a chat channel could help, not completely solve the problem, but help for sure. Moderation you propose is just too pricey. No sense in discussing it because devs will never agree to pay 5000$/month for it. Hell, I myself against it, if they ready to pay 5000$/month – I would prefer if they would hire someone who could help them with fixing bugs or do poses/clothes/faces and other customize. I can deal with world chat being how it is, not really a big problem. There are tons of other places for communication, without world chat's problems. I mean, 3dxchat has quite a little player base, paying for 24/7 moderation for it is simply too much and does not worth it. Just checking reports on daily basis would be enough. If someone has so sensitive personality that they go nuts if the people offended them are not banned in a hour... Well, they have a problems and prolly need to learn better selfcontrol.
  12. It's already enough to make it better. Ads is fine, nothing wrong about making ads in word chat. Spamming ads is not fine. And with one minute delay – there is less spamming (or even not at all, considering how you understand the word "spam"). I honestly would prefer to increase the delay up to two minutes, but I understand that it will be almost impossible to actually communicate in world chat, not just using it as a place for ads/questions/people search. I myself not using world chat for communication purposes, but I suppose the ones who do would not like a bigger delay. Another reason to finally add a room kick option. When the trolls will not be able to properly troll in world chat and will be continuously kicked and banned from rooms it going to be terrible for them. And good for all other people.
  13. Let's keep this discussion in one thread.
  14. It sounds cool, but I would not want it to be added instead of /roll command, because roll command always with you and can be used for roleplays, both sexual and non-sexual ones, not only for mini games. Tho I would love to see usable dices in word editor. Just having a /roll command too.
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