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  1. That's not even the subject of the topic lol.
  2. Seems like this bug was fixed for me after the latest update. At least I had not such a problem anymore so far.
  3. Wtf is wrong with you? You can't deliver your message without nation based assumptions and attacks or something? I am not even American or Arabian but the way your talk is just nasty.
  4. Nah, we already have two bikinis. One piece swimsuit will give us more diversity in styles and more freedom of choice.
  5. I did several suggestions before in this and other threads and I am pretty sure many people around here did so too. I do not love VIP accounts in p2p games, don't see a reason why I should not be negative about such a suggestion. To give my suggestions and opinion, no matter if you or Alivia or anyone else here like it or not. And what if I will complain and criticize ideas that I consider as bad ones and will play whatever I want including 3dxchat? Btw in my opinion criticizing ideas that we consider as bad ones only a good thing to do because devs actually check the forum and if they will see the wide negative reaction on someone's suggestion – it will lower the chance they will consider to add such a stuff in the game.
  6. I pretty much doubt that Alivia is trolling. Most probably she really thinks that this VIP thingy will improve the game.
  7. Absolutely magnificent idea to add a VIP service. Would be great to see even less frequent updates in average as a regular player because part of content would be released only for VIPs. Would be also so nice of devs to make a paying customers feel themselves like some second-grade people just because they don't pay for some new stupid.. oh, I meant great new VIP! I would also recommend to cut off the daily xgold gain for regular account plebs and to gray out all character slots beside of main one for regular accounts. And don't forget to add account status right near the name so everyone can see who is the glorious VIP and who is a dirty free player pleb.. oh, I said "free"? Sorry, I mean regular account! Now, sarcasm mode off. It's a p2p game and we already paying for it. For a lot of people including me it will be the last time they paying for 3dxchat if they will see such a bullshit like a "VIP" added.
  8. Xizl


    I need a "scared" reaction lol.
  9. Xizl


    Server is down again or problem on my side? Edit: Nvm, it's working for me. Dunno what happened - I was disconnected and could not log back, while my net was working properly meanwhile.
  10. Because I think that this subject deserve attention of the devs and community.
  11. It would be much better if it would be done this way. It would give us much more customization options.
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