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  1. I agree, it would be a nice change. Some people can be too... insensitive to understand that they can't just invite whoever they want without asking first. It would also be very nice, if in threesome poses same sex partners could swap positions, like in normal FF (or I guess MM). I know that those requests not connected, but if devs going to work on threesomes they might add this feature as well.
  2. Urgently lol. Even IF unity would be a problem, team of two people only one of who is a coder can't "urgently" change the game engine.
  3. Nah, fuck Halloween. I want more sexy underwear and proper piercings. Or really anything else good, something that usable all the time. No need to waste time on something that will be actual only for couple of days. Yeah, I am boring, I know.
  4. Well, most people here giving an attention to devs. Because they should address this issue and fix it ASAP. Innocent people getting banned, other players can't feel safe about their avis and accounts in game as well when such a thing happens. Devs cant just ignore it and stay silent. They should fix it, no matter if they can or not. If they can't – then hire someone who can.
  5. What I really hate about current room system is that regular users' interest is on the last place. Devs? Sure, they having money from promoting battles. Room hosts? Well, the one with unpopular rooms have a chance to get on top and get their room shown to people if they will keep it open long enough. But what about me, a regular player? When my friend/lover/RP partner telling me "Let's meet in a ROOMNAME room" I need to search a whole list to find where the fuck is ROOMNAME in this list. When I just want to find some room I regularly visit – I again need to search through the whole list, while with old system I just knew how much people usually in that room and could find it much much faster using this info. I have NO, absolutely ZERO tools to find a room I like. I cant make a list of favorite rooms. I cant type room name in some search window. I cant make publicly open rooms of my friends to be on top of list. Nothing of it. Well, never could. But now I cant even make a search easier by knowing approximate number of players in the room and by this finding it faster. Or ask a friend who invites me to some room how much people in it so I can find it faster. No! Every damn time I need to search through the whole list. We are mostly talking here about how unfair or fair or whatever current system for room hosts, we talking about money income of devs, but how about regular players? How about like... 98% of the playerbase and usability of the game for a regular player?
  6. Nope. It will not be here as in Achat, even with xgold transfer. Key difference: in Achat you buy everything for ingame currency. In 3dxchat you can only pay for services (like marriage) and buy some minor stuff like gifts and gallery slots. Plus everyone has free xgold. I mean yes, I am almost sure that xgold transfer will lead to increase of hookers, but I pretty much doubt it will be dramatic increase. It will not be enough to transform 3dxchat in one huge online brothel like Achat.
  7. Direct money income is not everything. Game should bring satisfaction to users because in other case people will leave and will not be paying at all. I mean of course no one or almost no one going to leave simply because of current system of room listing and promoting, it's obvious. But it's one of things that adds to coin box of dissatisfaction. I mean if direct income right now, without thinking about satisfaction or reputation of users, would be only thing that would concern devs – they could do even more unfair system. For example make it so the one who pain last time - first in list. The one who paid before them - seconds. The one before 3rd and so on, so first 20-30 position in list would be for money. Yet they not doing such a thing, because they understand that it will make too much people mad and they will lose too much users.
  8. Tbh I am kinda feel good about them not releasing that tattooed piercings. It was terrible lol. I had a hope though that they were working on it to make it like it should be done – as a 3d objects. But well. I guess not.
  9. You can. Devs made it possible several months ago. Room will be automatically closed though if people counter will reach zero. But yes, host can leave the game and the room still will be open as long as someone inside.
  10. Eh. We had last new clothes added how long ago? Something about half of the year?
  11. Is it really a bug? I mean isn't it how it should work? How would you write "1" or "2" in chat if these always would work as a hotkeys for moan/cum.
  12. Yeah, it just does not fit in my mind. I can understand why devs could drop a development of pose editor despite all that teasing before (I am not saying I am happy with this, just saying that it's pretty understandable) and other complicated stuff. Maybe it's too much work for their little team. Maybe it's out of their competition. I don't know. But a damn piercing? A rings or studs in nipples? Is this too much of a work for devs as well? Well, I don't know what to say if that is. It kinda makes me sad about this game tbh.
  13. That's true but it's much much more difficult. If devs will try to achieve first positions on these keywords they will face a real competition. I doubt that they can handle it. But they can create a pleasing and attracting experience for new potential players who already heard about this game somewhere. By making official website easily searchable, good looking and providing actual information, not showing 3 or 4 or I don't even know how old, outdated trailer.
  14. First question that appears in my head when talking about 3dxchat's marketing: "if 3dxchat servers hardware/software really can handle increased player base?" Because if the answer is no there is no point in any kind of marketing. If the answer is yes though... First thing that they should do is to make official website appear as a first result when someone searching "3dxchat". In my country when I search "3dxchat" in google, 3dxforum only is 6th result and official website not even on first two pages. They should make search engine optimization on their front page and if it's not enough - pay Google to make their website appear first in advertisement section when someone searching "3dxchat". And the website itself requires some proper work on it, maybe even complete remake. It doesn't even have a mobile version. Then, after fixing their website and making it appear first - they really need new trailer. Most people will first of all watch the short video, not read all the stuff on the site or forum. Current trailer is very outdated. It shows such an old version of the game that I did not even play it and I am here for 2 years. It shows such a poor options of character customisation (which is very important for the game like this), clearly underrepresenting the game and making a potential customer believe that 3dxchat has much much less content than it really has currently.
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