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  1. Well. I definitely have nothing against buttplug tails, but first I would like to see buttplugs in general.
  2. I don't like such a system. What if someone does not mind people having sex in their room, but does not want their room to be labeled as a "sex room"? What if person opens a club with a number of private rooms for people who want to have sex, but they still hosting a party and don't want it to become an orgy near the dance floor? Labelling the room as a "sex" one would not be a good decision... Forbidding sex at all – would not be good too.
  3. Xizl

    Old nasty bug

    I don't think so tbh. At least my experience does not match it. I had this bug very often when I invited people to my place. Probably more often than in other rooms. Oh... That's nice It's not as good as complete fix of this bug but at least something. I guess it's not just my luck then that I did not encounter it in a weeks. I mean... I did not play much these weeks, but still, with how often it was happened before, I should have encountered it at least couple of times lol.
  4. Well sure, it's definitely going to work lol. People just will keep giving them shit, they just will keep ignoring these threads, probably not even reading it. Productive. I mean if I would be in their place – I would not read these topics. Because it's not even a critics, it's mostly just a shitstorm.
  5. Well, I am not sure about communication and stuff, they never never were good at it as far as I know. But... The graphics quality and the price... There is simply no adult MMO that can provide the same amount and quality of content for the cost of 3dxchat's yearly subscription. Even full price of it, without sales. If some of people here knows such a game... Well, good for them! But in this case I don't understand why they are here lol. And graphics is simply the best. Yeah, maybe it looks outdated if we compare it with AAA games, but if we compare it with other games of same genre 3dxchat is ahead of all. I know one adult MMO that have close to 3dxchat's level of graphics but it's almost dead, has less updates and shitty optimisation, even in official rooms and it's interface far from being user-friendly, at least if compared to 3dxchat.
  6. No, I will go into a week of mourning and pray to God for forgiveness of my sins πŸ™
  7. You always can play some game/watch film. I mean, of course you can do a lot of other nice stuff, I am just mentioning the easiest way to entertain yourself. Yeah, it's understandable that you are frustrated because you had some plans and now they are ruined, but well... shit happens. It's not a regular thing anymore and I hope not going to be. Well then you can try to sue them I guess? I mean it sounds pretty pathetic to try to sue someone because of 1 day of server down in online game and loosing your ~70 cents paid for subscription at maximum. But who knows maybe it will work (I doubt lol). I hope you are joking about millions of dollars lol. 3dxchat's community is pretty small. Even if we have 10k active players here and all of them pay 20$ month (which is very far from true, because in reality many people pay yearly and many use Christmas or corona special offers) – it's still 200k$ per month before all taxes and expenses. But I am sure it's much less.
  8. In 2 years. I am pretty sure the average WC trash-talker writing the same amount of text in a couple of weeks lol. I thought my sarcasm was quite obvious. Or they can just keep going like they do and you still going to keep paying and playing lol. Same goes about most of people who are whining here. Btw, I would understand all this bitching if it would be a server down for a few days or if this shit would happen several times a week, like before. But no. Server were good and stable. Okay, one failed day. Whatever. Not a big deal. At least for this place.
  9. Well this is basically an end of the world, indeed! SIX hours without 3dxchat... Unbelievable...
  10. Get a life lol. They are a very small team. Maybe two people. They can't always be ready to react. They need to sleep and other shit. Just find something else to do today instead of efucking. It's not that hard, really.
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