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  1. I agree with you, some people will bitch and complain even if things are good, but it is not related to the current situation. Now people not really "finding" the reasons to bitch and moan. It's really a good reasons to bitch and moan nowadays. And things runs not even close to how they should be. And sure not good enough.
  2. I agree with you about this, but I still don't think how the lags we have now and had before proves that the few days of downtime was not a DDoS attack. Yes, server was laggy even before it, but it was nothing compared to what is happening now. I mean I agree that their server software/hardware/connection or even all of them is not enough to provide a comfortable experience to an increased player base, it's obvious, it's true, they partially even admitted it themselves: "Problems with the server can be solved by redoing the server architecture." What I am trying to say: it's not a proof that DDoS attack was a bullshit. Why would they keep their servers down for days? Why now server much more laggy then before the DDoS which you don't believe happened? Online SUDDENLY increased in a few days? Why?
  3. I think this advice about VPN is more about just giving people at least something. Because customers expect some answers and honest answer probably would be "You going to eat these glitches and lags for a while till we fix our server software, there is nothing we can do about it, you just have to endure it for days/weeks till we finish". And I already see how much people would be mad because of honest answer like this.
  4. Aren't "your garbage drama" means exactly that one's drama is garbage? πŸ€”
  5. My words probably will sound harsh, but whatever, I don't know how to say what I want to say and do not make it sound harsh. I think that the whole idea of making a separate chat app for 3dxchat is pretty much worthless. Why? Because this is A LOT of work. Even if devs will fix all glitches, fix servers, game will be all nice and stable... EVEN then making such an app makes no sense. All these time can be invested in improving the game. Pose editor, hair editor, clothes editor, better face/body customization, flaccid/hard cocks, piercings, mini games, tons of other stuff. Want to chat with your friends outside of the game? Use discord. Don't like discord? Already using discord for your rl activities and don't want to give it to your peeps in 3dxchat? Use ANY other app, there are dozens of them. What the point of spending days and weeks or even months on making an almost useless chat app? Better just work on the game.
  6. Clara's place is not garbage at all. It's one of the best of RP rooms, maybe even the best one. Yeah, you can find some places with better aesthetics, but aesthetics is not the only thing that counts.
  7. Well everyone is entitled to have their opinion.
  8. Here we go again Wow! That was fast fix lol.
  9. I would love to have a crawling animation.
  10. Speaking about quick and easy things, I can't understand why they still not added /roll command. People asking for it since the end of 32 bit version and I am almost sure that it's a piece of cake for GIzmo. About WSAD... Yeah, it would be very convenient to rotate avi in place and for small movements in general. But only if click to move will not suffer from it in any way.
  11. Because she flooded the entire forum with her shit. She made like ~50 posts of trash talk and insults in just a couple of hours. Including statements about 3dxchat deserving a DDoS attack.
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