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  1. RL relationship usually not lasts forever too. If something does not lasts forever it does not mean that it's not worthy. Approached by who? By doms who want to eventually collar this sub? If sub, already beyond collared, want to play with other doms who seek to collar him/her themselves – sub should reconsider his/hers relationship status. Or approached by doms in general? Well, it's not a problem then. Doms approaching collared subs. Just less of them. No one forces you to stay bored and wait. Adding each other in profile is not equal to have an exclusive relationship. And no one can force you to add themselves in profile. If you don't like it just say no. You are not of the ones who will let themselves be abused, I hope? If dom keeps pushing – you always can just drop them. I can't get it, what the problem if two people like each other and want to add each other in their profiles. How it's your business if it's how they do in their relationship? Why you even have problems with it? It does me a favor. Having my dom mentioned in my profile, I know that: 1. Doms who only interested in approaching unowned subs will not write me. It saves me from unnecessary drama. 2. The ones who still will try to make advances towards collaring – obviously disprespectful to my relationship, which gives me all the reasons to drop them right away and not communicate with them further. It's not "objectively" stupid stuff just because you said so. It can be for RP purposes. Again, if you don't like them – just don't talk with them, where is a problem. I never said that it's necessary. It's pretty useful tho. I mean mentioning your BDSM role, not bragging about being strong and powerful. No, it's not just you. But no, it also does not mean that everyone other is like you. People are different. Some are close to you. Some are opposite. What makes you think that people write it to make others wet or hard? I thought that profile is first of all about giving info about yourself/your character. Yet it's still possible situation. Yes, it requires abusive, emotionally underdeveloped dom and vulnerable to mental abuse submissive, usually with psychological issues. So what? You think there are not much of people like these in 3dxchat?
  2. Forcing is bad. About asking: That's not true. And don't talk for "everybody". You are not everybody. You are you. And you don't even have statistics, or you would not say "everybody" because there are a lot of people who have nothing against having fun with collared subs. Yes, there is a good amount of doms who does not want to do anything with subs owned by other people. Many of them – the ones who are not interested in D/S fun if it can't possibly lead to BDSM relationship. And it's only a good thing that sub is getting unattractive for them as partners, saving sub, their owner and possible competitors from the possible drama. Oh, that's me. Guilty I know that is not cool, but I can't help myself – when I see some dom with a list of almost 10 subs in their profile – I just can't see them as a proper dom. They are collectors, not doms. They could not possible give their subs enough time and care. And when it's dom or sub offering a collar or to be collared after spending a hour or two together. I can't take these people seriously. Tho usually I am silent about it and not trying to teach others how to play. But yeah, in my head – I can't take them seriously. Aren't you are the one who right now divide people into "real" and "fake" doms yourself? You can. Dom sometimes can has pretty strong effect on submissive and if dom has abusive personality it can lead to them exploiting this dependency they created and making subs agree to do stuff that subs don't really want to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong to identify yourself as a sub/dom/switch in the profile of sex game, if you are into BDSM. It's not about bragging, it's about making it easier for each other to find a right partner.
  3. Well nice to know. Tells me quite enough about you as a person. And? DId I proposed to abolish any laws? I only said that laws and execution of laws should not go before the common sense and laws are not absolute as long as we are humans. Okay boomer.
  4. Yet, developers were unbanning permanently banned accounts several times. Yet, developers do not ban people for dirty talk even if it's against the rules. You know why? Because they are people. And players are people. People are guided in their actions by many reasons. Including common sense, passion, empathy. Yes, humans are not perfect but that's just how it works. Human do not just follow every damn rule to the letter. It's what machines do. It's what NPCs do. If developers would ban everyone who break the rules this game either would be dead or would be extremely boring place, prolly suitable only for the ones like you. Hell, even our world would be terrible and dead boring if everyone would follow every rule to the letter. Would you also follow every rule to the letter in the Nazi Germany? Or in the slave driving society? Would you be proud of it? And no, I am not comparing devs with nazis or slave drivers – hell no. I am just trying to show that your position, that every rule always should be followed to the letter, is wrong... it's... unhuman? Sometimes it's better just to use common sense. Don't be a machine.
  5. You better just wrote in support. It works much better than making this drama thread here. I know at least two persons who were unbanned after automatic ban, after they made a ticket to support.
  6. I don't mean my rl reputation, obviously. But over more than a year of playing this game some people from there took their place in my heart and this game become important for me. But I doubt you really looking to talk about it Rob, you obviously just trying to attack and troll people again, so I why I even bother answering, really.
  7. Please don't make breasts go default sized for any pose, it's just disrespectful. Better not having such poses at all or have them glitched for some sizes than having this size change. And please don't tell me that we all free to refuse the pose invite. Yes we are. But not everyone want to explain to every partner why are we refusing. It can ruin a mood, at least a little.
  8. I don't care too much about coins, but getting my profile and reputation ruined, maybe even leading it to ban of my account because of things my avi would say under control of a hacker sounds really bad.
  9. I hope they will make it at least a little smaller in the soft state tho. It looks almost as big as hard one.
  10. Love the new update. Especially solo submissive poses. Thank you @Loruna! It's really going to boost my RP experience. And I am sure not only mine. And I am not trying to say that I don't like other poses! They are great too. But I was waiting for a long time for solo submissive poses, especially kneeling one. I am happy now ~
  11. Yeah, but there is a problem. They banning people for spreading info that they don't wont to be spread and I completely understand why they don't want it. And if they will tell you for what links and words they are giving bans – it would mean spreading this info themselves. What they should do, in my opinion, is making this system less automatic and less aggressive. Leave these automatic bans only for people who post that links in the world and local chats to stop spammers before they did too much harm. Make system count how many times person used these links and if they sent them to a several people, so they spreading it – autoban them too. If they don't spread it and just sent link to their friend, well I dunno – send them a message about it and that they are violating the rules, without ban or with small ban and warning that next time ban will be harsher/permanent. Save that permanent bans for people who spam this shit, no need to permaban people for mentioning some shit in a private talk with their friend, it's an overkill. Or just prevent people from sending the message with forbidden links/words and make the game send a message to the player, that further attempts to post such links or info about what they wanted to post – will lead them to ban. And no, I am not going to say what links/words I am talking about I just happen to know couple of people catching permanent bans for this stuff and I don't think it's a best way to make things work.
  12. I am not quite sure what are you trying to say. I mean, yes, people come here for sex and many stay after for social. What it have to do with asking devs for a new stuff?
  13. I am 99% sure it will never going to happen. To make it work devs would need to adjust a lot of clothes for the pregnant model, which will take a big amount of work but it's only a start. Then they would need to change a lot of poses for pregnant women to make it work correctly and it's even more work. So considering the usual speed of development of this game I think it would take at least several months of devs' time to make pregnancies work. Which is kind of overkill, to spend many months of work on one particular fetish that is being shared probably just by a little amount of palyers. Yeah, I know that there are tons of people into breeding. But being into breeding and being into pregnancy are not the same.
  14. I can't get you logic. I think you confusing transsexuals and crossdressers. Let me show you what I am talking about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_man
  15. I think she is talking about ftm (female to male) transsexuals.
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