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  1. Happy Birthday 3DX for being the best social media site/game EVER!!!!
  2. maybe because you're the only person selling rooms when this is a free community and so many people do a lot of work and do it for free? Then you sell stuff you say is exclusive and then in a month you sell it to everyone even cheaper... so wtf are you talking about? I've seen your work with avatars but would you donate your time to make them here? no you want to get paid.. just Glad Gizmo isn't a greedy fuck like you... WOW you promote 3dx because you make money form it.. woopdy doo!!! how many months do you have free from promoting 3dx?... you don't do anything for anyone but yoursel
  3. this is what i've been getting, somany it froze the game up
  4. can still go in and build and lyud can go masturbate to his dolls Bob and Maryl
  5. I can't take it anymore.. i'm laughing so hard it hurts!!! See you all in world when it comes up ❤️
  6. that so what you are doing is stealing the game by purposely paying then getting a refund... Wow!!! And you love yourself? If so many people are going to get away with htis now there won't be a game left... I repeat my statement... You are an .... nvm.. not worth it...
  7. which has what to being in the game for free??? smh
  8. "I do not blame u that u are not smart" that's not an insult?
  9. referring to playing the game for free?
  10. but you won't find anything better than 3dx, j/s
  11. weekly? seem like daily to me
  12. Strange... we can connect but come in disconnected :(
  13. what do you want from a 15 yr old server? But it still works even with so many crashes.... but you're tight. Flat Flat FLat!!! but I do like my avatar but as a shopaholic i've spent thousands on clothes there ugh... (now if I only cashed all those rays in instead) This by far is the most superior game of them all hands down. I'll just wait till it's fixed and it will be fun fun fun till my daddy takes my toys away
  14. Well there you go... you sent a message to Lisa... that's all you had to do in the first place instead of inciting a riot in the forums lol j/k I hope it works out for you but Rochi had this place rocking with her dll tweak and she disappeared suddenly when they upgraded to the 64 bit server not implementing her tweaks. J/S There are people here doing a lot of work to donate to the game but it's like pulling eyeteeth to get anyone to implement them. I mean sure they have problems with what was made because it didn't match something but they could have easily accepted it and fixed it the
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