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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7jagVVBciI&feature=youtu.be
  2. Don't Die Unhappy - learn these 9 life lessons by Tim Minchin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9qczwJE-Qg&feature=youtu.be The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles. - Forgottn and now unknown author
  3. 28) sure, ex?29) really sure, ex?30) i know. exharan - kiddn ofc, wat da fuk else^^31) well, in this post i am joking, ex!32) in post #1618 i was dead serious 33) though imagination mhmmmm hmmmmm can be a nice thing too34) hashtag #divesout again after a 35) ps:36) might be not ingame at 3dx, but will still be paying my yearly subscription, to support SGD aka sexgamedevil n this great game n u guyz37) and ofc to keep my avis up n alive38) gosh, i like tihs new "forum game" (laughs)39) cyas folks... never say never or a goodbye... until we maybe... see ingame one day again (if u see no lifesign of me, im simply died)40) but forum wise: im watchn ya n all ur "asses" here, more or less, u bet - from all ova the entire mtf**** planet||youll se hehee
  4. 18) eighteen - is this sort a new forum game? [laughs] 19) good idea exharan, but how many times did we all post things like this n multiple others in these years? 20) think about it - btw, life is short, enjoy life n the moment and hey, the secret of happiness 21) is to count your blessings while others are just adding up their troubles 22) see u ingame at a other day again maybe n if, only for a party cause 23) sexually, flesh n love wise || we both have more as neva ever 24) truly expected n thought: outside at the fresh air 25) take care u all, hugs... we'll be back ingame 26) maybe... maybe not
  5. ps btw n last: 1st n last time i sat naked after a the shower at my desk postn in the 3dxforum hahaaa
  6. i hope you have an good alternative for this then, daddy - otherwise that means multiple *deleted* if not - i can lend u and hand you ova the final match for your baby think the rest sounded good - just overflew n ill read it again at or on the way to the airport! ur the boss, ur game, so master, i guess u know wat ya doing, sir! lets see suprise, suprise, suuuupriiise
  7. lol2.0 - i knew that mikey - i just mentioned it for ju to explain that 1st point more precise - cause ppl go beserk here if they read - money, paying blah ect^^ ps: have a rusty whorery 3rd avi slot na na nanananaaaaaa and im not that young anymore, but also not that old.... but atm i surley could need some money muhahaaaa working additionally rp-wise on the side n at the same: time having fun !!
  8. ps: had to use vimeo this time - for fullscreen press the blue face and go fullscreen on vimeo itself and no, i didnt fade the music in between, wasted already nuff lifetime on adms
  9. ops and once im here^^ i hope free sex is also still able in ur plan, mickey
  10. i have no idea brett and hey annika - long time no see || hopr all good at the freshair | out of time as usual or often and @ all: sry 4 bringn worldchat drama live to the forum - hate it and i think, i wrote ryhmes wrong in stead of meins, lol mainz, sach mal hehee nat rhmyes und wessen problem? or should i say "LUCK"? sooooooooo eaaaaaaaaaaasy, 10th letter in alphabeth x 2^^ parts of the adm's in and at 3dx - period and its NOT about you annika, lol, "the beginning" so dont get it wrong, thx! evrybody feel free to report #gerne #sehrgerne and if not ill delete it myself asaifl as soon as i feel like #fullstop
  11. thinks: hae? who fuked who, or it was to cold ´to fuk and he did or get fuking what? scrolls up n reads again
  12. w h o wtf`!? and thats SL with a mod or what!? hmmm, looks pretty good and mhmmmm 'S' like sexy *schnurrt*
  13. #again || #dritter und letzter versuch hahaa - hab schon besser gelacht #fakeish #grinnysmile sometimes silly me, deleted by own fault while pressing the freakn fukn send button once about 2 and 6 hoursurs ago
  14. you still didnt get, its really not that complicated done in a mod or dll, but doesnt matter and hello!? who would turn *deleted3.0 however, anyway and honestly, argh just#4get nike like and do it... .. . juts like me: *now* #bäamish2.0 or 3!?? who cares, butt damn, there was something else i forgot - ah, yes, OH EM GEE
  15. Are you mad, juicy jimmy, aeh kittyC.? LOL. You cannot be serious. Idk if you mean me and besides that. i couldnt *deleted* it was once an idea of so many many, many years ago that could have been added: as button aka feature - when temwise needed or wanted - thats all and yes caitlin, tikanese #blah #ok? got it? OKAAAAAAAAY? DID YOU GET IT NOOOW?!? ok^^good! damn loud music und auf wie? auf was blah? exactly #aufwiedersehn closes raising dustbin bäamless soonerish again n thinks: *also deleted* edit: wtf, lol just got a pm saying that i just cant make a post, leave and not post 1 single song?!? ok, ok - but only 1 random1 #bääaaam
  16. subject: fuckm back and abortm watch, laugh and you forgot the v-word like vomit bags... .. . jst like today or a few mins ago! but apperently im out of 3dxchat vomitbags! all 500 of my gold premium sub = gone in less then the first half year aka under 6 months and im not even in the game every week anymore. imagine i was daily blah 24/7 like in the beginning ~ #selfheadshot or i would have asked rochi or alex for a modded version to delete or deactivate worldchat ha ha ha - i had better laughs and guess what? if assholes could fly, 3dxchat maybe would become a small an airport! , i mean look at the news half of the world is sick or atleast alot, and half of the other half: runs around online pesting others. i only fdeel sorry for the mother of those 2 trolls in WC today and prob it was 1 and the same person usn 2 accounts and why sorry for their mom? wasted pain at birth and wasted time on him growing up - simply every- and anything! did i mention wasted server discpace, life- and gamingtime and in german one says: zurück ficken und abtreiben ~ fuk back and abort!! sry for faul language, feel free to report and waste even more time on our few sick dickheads. why and what am i evn writn here!? idk, who cares... i do,or in some cases now:'i did' aka past blah and #tempout #pfffffffft guess its time after 5 years to finallly start using the ignore button -we'll see.
  17. daily depending sporadicly 3dx worldchat and sometimes its forum... .. . 2 be continued - im late #grrrr
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