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  1. I agreein with more breast interactions.. ( kissing / licks / sucking).. upgrades/ options to modify older clothes, usin the new textures...i like the older bras and panties better, they are perfect for smaller breasts, the new ones make small, look big breasted. .... and a sheer/ see thru lacy bra,to match the lil panties would be nice.. but you asked for metallic boy shorts in colours? we already got those on past update. And... girls get so much...I think guys deserve more clothes stuff, they need to look good too !!
  2. I've found that when you wave Hello to people, your avi gets stuck, and continues to keep waving.
  3. Well... sorry to hear of such. Sadly, not much you can do. And 3dx not havin a search feature, there bein no way to to find people. Do you have Discord? if so, you can contact your friends to meet in specific room... If No, perhaps go to rooms you know they may go to often....or just room hop, look for their names, and re-add. It happened to me a couple years past, it took some time, but i was able to find all again. Plus, i havin all my things ( gallery photos and art) backed up. Much luck to you
  4. I fully agree with you, that havin the option for guys to be flaccid when not in sex poses is quite needed. When roamin about, dancing, or doin other things, it looks very silly, with it pokin straight out. Lol ! I so agree... but a length enhancement is still pointless. Ok, so i not sayin All, but most of the guys will be doin such, and then things will be equal once again. ( the "BBC's" will take full advantage of this option) then they will be be same size...again.
  5. I'm sorry. All 3DX penises are same size, But ANY option (such as a slider) to change the size of the males penis, is just silly and pointless. Cause then ALL the guys will move the slider all the way to the end, so they can be bigger than the other guy... but with all the guys doin this, then they will all be same size again. So now things are back to the beginning again. and No guy is gonna say " Hmm...i think i want to make my guys penis smaller " LoL
  6. That explains it all ! i been havin Rochis DLL the whole time, so i never thought there was Editor issues before. I thought it was workin proper, then got all wonky recent..Thank ya Darlin ! Cheers !
  7. Not sure if this bein a bug or just due to test server, but what i noticing is : Im World Editor, the camera rotation is extremely fast, an jerks a bunch, making it nearly unusable. At times, the screen flips upside down. On 3dx Main, the camera in editor moves slowly an smoothly, an can easily arrange an place things proper. Is this requiring a fix, or will all be sorted an fine when applied to Main? I hope it bein fixed, cause i very much enjoy creating Thank you Gizmo for all the hard work, and givin us a place to come to !
  8. Hey, question... I made an account for test server. I saw it was up again, went to login, but forgot my password Will i have to make another account ? I tried the " forgot my password" but was sent password for main account, not the test account. Any idea how i can get this fixed? Thanks ! Update: Login seems to have been fixed. I got PW, an after couple tries, all seems sorted now ! So far, all seems quite grand
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