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  1. Day 3 tonight at 8pm CET We are all excited Woo-hoo let's go guys
  2. woooo again few daysss i hope you are all ready for the biggest festival on 3DX ♥
  3. c'est un problème du serveur 3DX tu ne peux rien faire mise à part attendre que les devs règlent ça,
  4. hello Yeah its a issue from the serveur you have to wait a little bit
  5. Yeah closed atm.. I'm waiting for the round 3 :0
  6. its bad to spread rumors without proof and lost ur time with childish things.
  7. So we can create a pro team pacman
  8. Go Sleep Alizee, u need it ! You are tired i think
  9. im addict to pacman ! Im proFesSioNnAL
  10. can we play pacman together please?
  11. I hope they will resolve this fast
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