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  1. Wet Angels hosts a rocking three hours, this Wednesday. Get on down with DJ's @Mulan and @danididit.
  2. Join us this Wednesday for a night of blues music from @danididit, @Sylviex and @curiousret. Hosted by Dani. Be sure not to miss it!!
  3. Join us at Wet Angels Wednesday Rock for a good selection of hard rock this Wednesday evening. Hosted by @danididit. Join DJs @Mulan, @LillianLangte, and @danididit for a rockin' night at Wet Angels...
  4. Join us at The Bridge for a good selection of hard rock this Friday evening to celebrate @danididit birthday, hosted by @Animay. Join DJs @Animay, @HazyRays, Lilylycan and @Mulan for a rockin' night at The Bridge...
  5. Coming tomorrow, WET ANGELS Wednesday Rock is back for another great night of rock. Featuring... DJs @Mulan, @HazyRays, @clodilla and Dota Hosted by: @danididit OPENS... 8PM CEST
  6. Tonight (5 May) starting at 8pm CEST, @danididit and @Mulan will be hosting... WET ANGELS - Wednesday Rock We will also be accepting requests throughout the night. This will be a regular event with guest DJs, so be sure to check back!
  7. Metallica is coming tonight at 7.30pm CET!! Hope to see you there!!
  8. Make sure to swing by Wet Angels this Thursday with @danididit and @Mulan to celebrate our love of Metallica with 4 hours of music from Kill Em All all the way through to Hardwired to Self Destruct, with a mix of studio and live recordings and even some stuff with a symphony orchestra!! Thursday 25 March... 7.30pm CET (2.30pm EDT)
  9. This looks like a bug on your end. I play in windowed mode and see a whole list of different resolutions, I guess the options shown are what your graphics card and monitor can support. In an ideal world, I would like to be able to resize the 3DXChat window freely, i.e. go to the sides of the window and drag to shrink or expand, press the maximise button to go full screen or drag and drop to the edges to snap to one half of the screen or drag to the top to go full screen etc.
  10. It would be great to add the option to use WASD to move around (not just on fly cam).
  11. I can't speak for Windows, but on macOS, lots of Intel apps work just fine on the M1 Mac using Rosetta 2. Applications such as Discord, Spotify and Google Drive are all still Intel based and work great on the M1 Macs. A lot of apps like Chrome, Microsoft Office, Firefox etc have all already converted their apps to native ARM versions. Rosetta 2 basically does some recompilation when it first opens an app written for Intel and then on subsequent runs of the application it will pretty much feel like a running a native app, so it is not like an emulated environment where it feels slow.
  12. From what I understand this will only work on Intel Macs for now. When I first started playing 3DXChat in 2015, I used PlayOnMac, but I have since got a Windows PC. I did however check a couple of months back whether PlayOnMac still works, but I couldn't get it to work due to Big Sur dropping support for 32-bit applications. Maybe PlayOnMac has now fixed this issue, but I agree, Bootcamp or something like Parallels are probably the way to go. I have one of the new M1 ARM Macs, I don't think Boot Camp or virtualisation software like Parallels currently work on the new ARM architecture, although Apple did discuss virtualisation on M1 at their annual developer conference, so I am sure it is coming soon. Even in the future, if you could run Windows ARM, then I am not sure whether 3DX could run on ARM, although Windows might be able to do some kind of emulation like macOS can emulate Intel apps on an M1 chip, but some things may not work and performance maybe worse. In general, these new M1 ARM chips beat Intel and AMD in performance and the battery life on laptops is incredible and the performance will only continue to improve. My M1 MacBook Air is just as fast, if not faster than my work 16" MacBook Pro which has an i9 and costs over double, luckily I didn't pay for it with my own money! As 3DXChat is built on Unity, in theory it should be quite easy to make 3DXChat cross-platform and being able to use it on Android tablets and iPads, although I doubt a sex game would be accepted on the iOS App Store. I agree that while Windows still dominates in market share on the desktop, more people are getting Macs and moving over tablets as their main devices and in many cases an iPad or even a phone whether Android or iPhone out perform a lot of laptops. Honestly, I think Intel and AMD as CPU manufacturers are going to start going away over the next 10 years and we will see more and more ARM-based PC's. Intel and AMD improvements are so incrementally small each year, whereas ARM is currently in the process of leap-frogging them with no signs of slowing down.
  13. You can find useful information how to stream here: And then recommendations for a good streaming service are here: If you need a free one, someone called @NickyLove recommended this one: Just use 'Listen2MyRadio', it's free and has no limitationshttps://newl2mr.listen2myradio.com/login-free Also, @serversceocto says most will charge and they will only charge $5 a month, which is a contradiction anyway, but most the other services in that thread will only charge $5 a month as well.
  14. Some interesting reading on pages 8-10 which tells you what a DDoS attack is and how much it typically costs from the cybercriminal market. https://www.trendmicro.de/cloud-content/us/pdfs/security-intelligence/white-papers/wp-russian-underground-101.pdf It is a white paper from Trend Micro, the anti-virus and web security company, so the link is legit.
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