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  1. Didnt the server issues last night and today stop the hackers code or whatever they are using?
  2. So am I under the assumption that when any updating patches are added some of us wont be able to do the normal way, but will have to download the current version with the update installed? Thanks raerae
  3. open in new browser is the current game with the new patch installed
  4. @Gizmo, @ColinDude yes thank you i installed the current version with the patch from the url provided by Gizmo and is working great!!! Thank you for all your help raerae
  5. @Gizmo the url you just gave me loads this page
  6. I tried starting the game comes up normal as in trying to install an update, then it just repeats it is stuck there never updates , ran as administrator too, no help do you have the url with the current version including the patch? I was on the US version of the game from previous issues I am on the east coast US Thanks raerae
  7. This evening about 630 PM EST the game crashed on me at the end the unity box came up and filled, similar to like when a patch is installing. Tried to log on game 3-4 but couldn't. Finally I get on ,got invite to a room it loaded but all water, same when I checked my own room Tried public rooms took like 4 times before I could see people in there. Any suggestions on how to fix this or any having similar issues. I am in the US. Thanks raerae
  8. The complete reinstall is now working great for me. Thanks,Gizmo and Lisa
  9. ok i will try that cause i uninstalled the fix and now the game wont load at all
  10. I did that the other day,, was hoping this fixed all like it was before,, since Gizmo said this will fix all.
  11. I followed all instructions patch fine but game wont load now error message failed to load il2cpp
  12. So shouldnt the service status page have a warning like many areas are still having issues even though the server itself is up? Just saying so people dont think it is them or internet issues.
  13. I am US EST. also cant stay connected ☹️
  14. Hiya,, I took a break on feb 27,, and my stream worked fine.. when I came back installed all updates,, my stream no longer works,, I am using winamp/myradiostream...I can hear my stream thru the radio,, but others cant. ,, i checked and no url or anything has changed on winamp plugin .. any suggestion,, greatly appreciated. thanks raerae
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