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  1. Never said anything about the communication lol, but they've been trying lately
  2. A competitive market? 3dx has the most user friendly adult oriented game on the market at the lowest price
  3. I'm thinking she means mounted by a tight pussy, in which case I volunteer as tribute if/when the game is back up
  4. Sadly no, because this is nothing more than human nature
  5. fuck this, I'm playing Conan Exiles
  6. ;( I'm so beyond frustrated right now 😭
  7. ready for somebody to take me down like the bad girl I am when the server's back up
  8. I took a long nap after work and then just started binge watching Unsolved on Netflix
  9. most likely, if I'm the devs I'd be beefing up security for both the game and the forums
  10. that would be nice
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