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  1. Amazing!! thanks you for sharing
  2. It says an error occurred while trying to rename a file
  3. Just look for Franklin ingame
  4. Hi people! I have been thinking in a simple game and I have tried to addapt the Simon says games into 3dxchat. Here there are the rules: You will see on the floor two kinds of symbols: Stars and Hearts. Each one has a different color. 1. Players starts on the sofas. 2. Each round a different player is Simon, and he or she has to say: "Simon says to..." and one thing that all the people have to do, for example "Simon says to run to the right side to a heart". 3. The last one that do it has to pay a cloth. The first 2 naked must have roleplayed sex texting in the Local Room while the other ones continues the game. Some things that Simon can say: - Go on a red/blue/black/any color Star/heart - Go on the left/right/behind/any position of any color Star/heart - Sit down in any place that he wants to - ...This kind of statements 4. After that each one go back to the sofas and wait there. 5. New round, new Simon and go to the first step. Rules: - Simon cannot say "Fuck" or use sex statements. The only thing he can say is the color, shape and the position where people have to go. - Simon doesn't participate when he is telling to do things. - IF you are AFK go to the other side of the room and sit down on a puff to know that you are AFK. - We will use the group chat so don't use local (just for public sex).
  5. I am back, and recruitment is back, ROOM OPENED NOW!!
  6. "You are in a college party, but suddendly things start going wild but in a strange way, people in there knows where you live and now you have to keep their dark secret to be alive, you are now a member of The Kult". I am trying to do a roleplay of a kult (BDSM). In this kult people are sorted in two groups (Dominants and Pets) and each pet has different grades. You start being a pet but someday you can be a Master or Mistress, all you have to do is to go up in the kult, doing the naughty work to be promoted. There are 7 levels of pets. If for example you are in the 4 level and another one is in the 5-7 level you can dominate them, but at first you have to be dominated because you enter as level 7 pet. When you reach level 1 you become a Master or Mistress. There are 5 levels for Masters and Mistress and you will be leveled up when another higher level master will tell you (They use to watch you having sex to see how you dominate pets). The only way to find us is to be in the right place at the right time, I will open a room called "The Kult" and there you can roleplay. Remember that the kult is a secret, so you cannot say anything about it. If you are interested in the kult write here a post (Sorry about my english, is not my main language).
  7. I have seen a woman with a different nipple color. How she did that? I am interested because i cannot find the option in the character editor (For my female avatar)
  8. Hi people. Can you play with 2 characters at the sime time in the same computer, or that is forbidden/impossible to do? You do that? I am thinking about a RP using 2 avatars, but i am not sure about it
  9. I have noticed that most of people that have to go for RL stuff just disconnect without saying anything when Roleplaying or Fucking. Is that common in this community? Why people just don't say "Hey i have to go bye" and they just disappear?? it seems a bit unpolite for me!
  10. Wow i dind't think about that... but... yeah it make sense
  11. I have sent just one gift and it was to a girl avi that i had sex with. Then she got surprised, but i have never had any gift from random people, just from a man and a woman that wanted to make my welcome into this chat, but nobody else, and i see a lot of people with thousands of gifts and i am like WTF how this girl/man have done?? xD
  12. What are gifts for? Did you get any gift without asking or exchanging? How did you get it? Do you often have gifts being a male? and a female? Just wondering, i see people with 2000 gifts WTF.
  13. The room is opened now and will be opened for some hours!! Feel Free to join
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