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  1. thanks. But the amex issues is not really a billing issue. Seems that you can not pay with amex thats why i ask forum for other ways without creditcard to pay for a new account.
  2. If I bought a Gametime code for a friend why does the members Area webpage allow me to put in that same gametime code to be activated and then it doesnt work because i am not a friend? Are you Serious? What a joke.
  3. Instead of renewing my membership I bought gametime for a friend code for 12 months. I activated this code in the Members Area of the 3dxchat webpage. But the extra 12 months gametime is not shown. Instead BMT Micro is sending me a mail that they are not able to process the rebilling of my subscription. They send me a bill with 91.99 USD Ex VAT so 111 USD incl VAT. What is the problem here? Is someone trying to rip me off here? A 12 months subcription is 55 USD inclding VAT. Not 111 USD. I am sure this is not correct. Any help?
  4. I like to buy a new account for a friend or myself. But when I try to pay with AMEX Credit card it is not accepted. I have already bought accounts in the past when I still had my visa card. But I changed credit card company. I have a Klarna account to pay for additional gametime but I can not pay a new account with this. Any suggestions for alternative payment of new accounts?
  5. All works well now afetr deleting and reinstall of my avi. Cost me some credits but hey it was a lesson for me. Thanks everyone for comments.
  6. Thanks I deleted and reinstalled my avi. All works well. It is lieka reset. Only thing was I had to buy some credits because i had not enough .
  7. Hey all is well now ! i paid 7000 credits to delete and re-install my avi. I had only 3000 at the moment this happened. Now all is fine .
  8. Well I can not play 2.7 anymore after i put on 2.8 shoes... why was here no use case for in your development? You can predict that people will not read all the info...)
  9. However it is still dissappointing. I need to wait until they run 2.8 aain or need to buy credits to delete my character. This siuaion could have been foreseen. It is a simple use case in their development. They probably forgot to put.
  10. I managed to reinstall 2.8 . But when i login I get server undergoing maintenance. Will have to wait. Your option might well work. I will try. Regards
  11. Unfortunately it did not exactly say I should keep my old shoes...
  12. Yeah I know... but I could still mke the point that 3dx needs to make these trails idiot proof...
  13. Might be a solution. But I also need to download 2.8 again... the link is just gone for a while.... my bad luck i guess.
  14. I tried the public test yesterday of 2.8. To my dissappointment I could not join the other rooms but just my own. What is the point oif this ?? What is the logic behind this? So I deleted 2.8 as I was dissappointed. To make matters worse: i changed my shoes in 2.8 for new style 2.8 shoes. So after I deleted 2.8 I restarted 2.7 again. But now my avi will not appear in my character editor.... So I can not play the game anymore.. Also when i directly jump to a location I see my feet naked and myself black..... I must now pay credits to delete and create a new avi. how nice. Next time if you do a trial please make a free version of it accessible and playable for people also outside 3DX. Consider it also as a promotion version for one month for example. What is the point of trying out features only in your apartment??
  15. I tried version 2.8 . Not reading that I could not play the game but only try the new features in my aparttmnent. Whats the point of this? 

    Anyway to make matters worse: I changed shows and put new shoes from version 2.8 on..... 

    So now I have problems with my avi on 2.7. It simply doesnt appear in the closet. I can not play the game any more....??

    Pleas help!


  16. It is still possible now in october 2017 to see other people accounts. This is unaacpetable froma privacy point of view. I play this game under assumption that also the privacy of my other accounts can not be seen or disclosed. The players using pandora to bully me are making me feel vulnerable and I think about stopping this game. The suggestion by Gizmo to take other accounts to avoid this is ridiculous. It will cost me triple money. I know 3DX wants us to pay more and more. But if 3DX provides in max 3 accounts for one subscription then 3DX should guarantee that those other 2 accounts can not be seen by others.
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