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  1. That too. I really don't understand how these simple, common sense things end up being an afterthought, rather than part of the development of whatever it would apply to (flaccid cock for the penis, different pose variations when they make the initial pose).
  2. While it is a niche that could be worth exploring, it is like you said, "niche," and i don't think the devs would bother going out of their way to cater to a niche, rather than what most people who use their voices are looking for (or what the devs perceive that to be), and the two don't always match. The devs still have a number of poses with vaginal but no anal variant or the other way around, and the game also doesn't have all of the poses available for all of the gender combinations yet. And i find that disappointing, because there are some poses that are FF but have no MF variant, but i don't like girls, and that problem is worse for folks who fall on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. There are also other relatively common sense things that we should have, but don't. That's just an example.
  3. Such an endeavor would cause a similar problem, though on a smaller scale. In the event that there was 2 penis sizes to choose from, we would need 2 versions of each sex pose involving one penis, 4 versions of each sex pose involving 2 penises, and (if created) 8 versions of each pose involving 3 penises, to accommodate for both penis sizes. Otherwise, if we keep the current penis size as "alpha" and make a smaller "beta," we would have issues with the "beta" penis not fitting poses properly, such as a hand coming completely off the penis during a hand job, or the penis comes out of whatever orifice it was in, and it remains wide open while the penis is completely outside of said orifice. I know precious little with regards to how the coding end of this works, but the game would need a way to recognize which penis size is active and then choose the appropriate version of each pose. Additionally, there may be potential for all of the additional poses and requisite code to cause a decrease in performance (how significant that would be, i can't be sure). Perhaps someone with a knowledge of coding could provide some input on how it would work on that end. TLDR version: It is possible from strictly an animation perspective, but would still require extra animations and accompanying code to be made, in order to accommodate the second penis size. And there could be potential for decreased performance, particularly in packed rooms. Hope this helps
  4. @_Sophie_ Even if someone tried to make this, the only way it would work universally would be if your hair was getting pulled by the roots, due to several short hair variants. @Xizl Agreed. Any poses than can resonably used with different sex combinations should be made so, and any existing poses without an anal/vaginal variant should be given one. Even with the "differences" between male and female avatars, it is realistically not very difficult to get that taken care of. I don't have the most animation experience, but I am self taught If I was still actively animating and had the base animations on my PC and software i understood, I could have resonably banged out 4-8 poses a day on a day off, depending on how quickly i got tired of it, and real life interruptions. I just suck at facial expressions.
  5. They just posted a link in their discord to a Mega download for it. Looks like it has been helping people.
  6. Have you tried uninstalling and installing from a fresh client? From my experience, that typically resolves these types of issues.
  7. Here's what I have noticed so far. The new MF vaginal and anal pose are both in the couch menu twice. If someone requests to partner with you or invites you to their apartment and you try to check their profile through the invite pop-up, their profile does not load.
  8. Thank you. That makes life a lot easier for when i need another 10 or more copies of the same object I would probably have 2 more rooms done if I thought of that sooner. But I spent my whole morning finishing my dining room and making most of my kitchen.
  9. This would be awesome. Sexvilla's pose editor is so intuitive and you can pin bones to other bones and they don't move! I tried a trial of Motion Builder and couldn't figure it out in the 30 days, so I went to Daz and the bone pins suck, and only the hips can be translated :/ Its much easier to do what you want when pins work and when you can translate each bone. Then again, I might just suck at Daz. I don't know.
  10. Thanks for that, but the new update actually fixed all of my issues But I have a question. Is there a keyboard shortcut for "copy?" Ctrl + C doesn't do it :/
  11. I have been playing around with the new editor and I am enjoying it in the main. The snap feature is extremely useful and the scale/rotate/move features are all fairly intuitive. Sure, we lost the old rooms, but I really couldn't care less about that, although I know many people would like to keep them. However, I feel like the graphics quality as declined from prior patches and there is this glitch with really thin glass, possibly because it's near a light emitter. Idk. And sometimes, big chunks of the screen burn out into black and white. Also, I had this issue earlier where saving my room did not save the room. I don't know if it's because I have a roughly 1000 prim room or what. That's just one of the rooms I made, not including the others. I still have A ways to go with my house (in part because i built 2 of my rooms meter by meter before mastering the scaling and volume scaling (which is really awesome by the way). I might knock down those walls and build them all back up as single prime later. Idk yet. All in all, it's A good tool with a lot of potential and I feel like it was a necessary improvement for the game. However, there are some bugs, and the graphics can be better, along with the night lighting. I'll give it 3.5 out of 5 for now, but I can see that changing as bugs get fixed, etc. Edit: After getting the update to build 370 this morning, there is no longer black and white burn with paper thin glass, my world actually saves, and the gizmos don't switch around like crazy every time you type something in chat. As an added bonus, paper thin objects are now a million times easier to select and manipulate after you initially deselect them. And I heard the radio works again. It would be nice to have the sink and door props, but I am also capable of making similar things myself. I'm not sure how I will go about making door hinges though :/ But I managed a fairly detailed shower head and drain that required 15 and 12 objects, respectively. I just need to delete all 180 of my 3 object locker handles and replace them with single object open pipes. And I have lots of wall pieces to knock down and rebuild to cut down on object count due to an initial lack of knowledge of how the tools work. A for effort and 4.5 out of 5 stars from me!
  12. That is good. In that case, I think that I'm good for it. I speak English fluently and I work in sales so I can provide support on the marketing end of things as well if that is what you mean by that last part.
  13. Is there any specific software experience required? I have Discord, which I believe you mentioned and I could mod for English only.
  14. Somebody posted a banner in the February banner contest including a pose that is not incorporated in the game. So somebody did it, unless it was done in photoshop.
  15. I would like to be added to this pre-order list as well. thank you
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