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  1. Yes, you are right Meiling ... when I find my BMT order ID I will ask 3dxchat to reset the room to default, thanks
  2. Thanks, but I have many World files, which I have no problem finding or deleting/copying ... The problem is when I enter the World editor 3DXchat crashes ....so I can't even load the default room. I just need to load a room without the bug .... but I can't because 3dx crashes immediately
  3. Hi, for some reason one of my Alts has a bugged room ... If I try to enter the world editor 3dxchat crashes? I just want to delete the bugged build, but I can't get into the world editor, as I said, without the game crashing ... is there a way to delete the world in the files of the app? or any other suggestion .... My other world with my other Alt doesn't crash? I have a beefy rtx 3090 PC so its not my PC
  4. Have fun Finding and using the Love Nests for cuddling or other
  5. Welcome to :- ★ ═══════ ★ LOVERS ★ ═══════ ★ - The music is chilled love songs - There are LOVE NESTS spotted around the Island. ❤ LOVE NEST: A private area where every love pose can be used without going outside of the NEST. ❤ Extra poses can be accessed by hovering/clicking on the neon circles on some props (some only work for couples) ★★★ Using "STOP SEX" between ANY pose is NOT required. ★★★
  6. Hi, when I try to load a new room or merge a new room in World editor it loads then crashes the game ... then after several attempts I get the too many attempts so can't log in for a bit ... never had this problem before? Very frustrating, any ideas whats going on thanx
  7. Are you 24 hours watching?
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