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  1. Have fun Finding and using the Love Nests for cuddling or other 😉
  2. Welcome to :- ★ ═══════ ★ LOVERS ★ ═══════ ★ - The music is chilled love songs - There are LOVE NESTS spotted around the Island. ❤ LOVE NEST: A private area where every love pose can be used without going outside of the NEST. ❤ Extra poses can be accessed by hovering/clicking on the neon circles on some props (some only work for couples) ★★★ Using "STOP SEX" between ANY pose is NOT required. ★★★
  3. Hi, when I try to load a new room or merge a new room in World editor it loads then crashes the game ... then after several attempts I get the too many attempts so can't log in for a bit ... never had this problem before? Very frustrating, any ideas whats going on thanx
  4. Are you 24 hours watching?
  5. I just logged in after your post and got in no problem?
  6. Glad you managed to get in
  7. You need to close the log in page and then re open it, it should patch then automatically
  8. Well if you will poke your busy body nose in, when someone ... not even the thread author ... picks one person out for no good reason, I think you'll find most would be offended
  9. You may need to hibernate lol
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