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  1. Lol... yep. I imagine a lot of busted keys and keyboards, situation sucks for many and I take no sides. I just hope the poses are decent.
  2. your naughty ass is missed around here Jina but i don't blame you for being away.. see you when you eventually return
  3. Almost 3 years since I (yes I used to be "klaudio") shared that pic with JJ and she posted this. I am still seeing the same shit today. Not to mention multiple random messages from people who can see me in the middle of the ocean. Here we are in 2018 hoping for a fucking Pose Editor and Boot Feature and this shit still has not been sorted! We, as paying customers, should have a right to know WTF is going on the development side of things... at least once or twice a month. Some kind of progress report. Not short little answers that just keep us guessing. I'm sick of reading through comment af
  4. Not sure if these have been mentioned before: -Since we can see a head count in all the user rooms, why not also in the public areas, fresco, beach, sin etc... maybe just displayed in the corner of each of the boxes. -Also when "emoting" in chat is it possible to keep it in pink colour for females and change it to blue colour for males? Jay
  5. 4-5 days later is a little more than a little later... can you tell us more details?
  6. Hi, This issue only happens on my PC. My Laptop is fine. When I log in I see my profile as blank and my profile pic is the 3dxchat logo, but I really should be seeing my gallery and full profile description. The other issue is clicking on people's profiles. e.g. this one loads up fine but the one below is another blank. Only loads up gallery from the last person's profile I looked at. I'd say I cant view about 40-50% of profiles because of this bug. I have tried to uninstall/reinstall and and even tried a full reinstall too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, J
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