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  1. No....it's completely different. Because I can't pay for a subscription in my region. Support offered me to pay for the subscription by transferring money into cryptocurrencies and transferring these funds to their crypto wallet through a third party site. After that, I sent proof of payment and the support specialist had to add game time to my account. I paid .... and I've been waiting for more than 3 days, but support is silent.
  2. No... this is official Eva_support#4730 in Discord. Last time when there were problems with payment everything was solved there. Support profile linked to official server 3dxchat in Discord.
  3. Due to the problems of paying with a bank card, Eve's specialist in discord recommended that I pay using cryptocurrency on a third-party site. After paying and providing checks confirming the payment, Eva_support has been silent for the third day. Besides, discord Eva_support status is always offline from that moment. After a long wait, I contacted support using a special form on the site, but there is still no answer. Disgusting work and complete disrespect for users!
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