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  1. Already have my set sorted, looking forward to getting back on the decks. 😎
  2. Well, seeing as you think it’s hilarious to act like a cunt in the forums, Here’s a song just for you. (yes we know all 4 of those profiles are in fact same person badly attempting to disguise the fact they’re as socially inept and deluded just like the majority of this Virtual padded cell of a circus.) You supposedly having FaceTime parties defines what you do as being any different to what anyone in 3dx or Achat does? Face it dickhead, you’re still doing the five knuckle shuffle whilst shaking hands with your dick just like anyone else. You however are a bigger wanker than most.. Oh and any time you feel like jumping into reality and fucking off in the process, please don’t let us stop you, you massive cunt. Here’s hoping this gets me banned and this poxy account binned once and for all because support don’t seem to want to process it. Goodbye and fuck off.
  3. Really couldn’t call this for a while because I’ve played all genres in several capacities. Drummed for just about every genre you can name with acoustic and electronic setups. If my playing gets someone off then it gets me off. If I get paid all the better. From dive bars to symphonic orchestras, I’ve done it and fucking loved every beat of it. (The setting up and breaking down are “ugh” but it’s a labour of love and why I’m nuts about music!) Rock I guess would be my mainstay with metal close behind followed by hard industrial electro like Gary Numan, Depeche Mode etc so. I also have a secret love for Neo funk and soul. Anything played from the heart, with passion, with anger, with pain, with joy, with love. That’s all I want (Nothing from Messers Cowell and co who just imo flood the world with safe, bland, “fast food” music. If you’re gonna song about fucking someone, don’t frill it up and make it “pre watershed safe”.) Oh yes! This does apply to my music prefs in game! Wish there was more neo funk and soul but I could/should do something about that eh?
  4. MikeyDee

    3dx Haiku ♡

    Our union draws near Each day better than the last Destiny fulfilled
  5. RIP Marie Fredriksson. An integral part of my adolescent musical journey, a voice that spoke to me in such beautiful melody. Thankyou. X Roxette - Things will never be the same.
  6. Aw go in then! Yes it’s me. Nice to get a mention! lol As Oscar Wilde said “There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about!” Next one posting? I’ll say HoneyLee as she so very kindly mentioned me
  7. Nope... It is I.... Le Dee! Next up, someone I haven’t met in game..
  8. Will that feature have the “I’m feeling lucky” option? Because we all know the outcome of that particular option...
  9. I don't care about how music set each room playing but ifit was not your creation, please don't claim as you're DJ. Nonsense.
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