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  1. The same day as Bruce Springsteen
  2. Have a great night! Monday is my birthday but I’m gonna be away as part of a tradition to combine both parts of my Welsh and Greek heritage by getting fantastically drunk and dancing my tits off! Please pass on many happy returns to the birthday girl and I hope you all have a blast! I’ll be there in spirit, the spirit of course will be Gin and a cheeky Raki or two.
  3. A sad state of affairs when someone who can actually be classified as fake news as he’s an actor portraying a political analyst delivers a far more accurate analysis than any actual news outlet ever could....


  4. The best synopsis of how Brexit came about.... 


    1. SusanLouisa


      He has just explained the problems in the USA.  Just substitute Congress for Parliament.  So many parallels it's ironic really.  Many who voted for Trump did so to protest the system.  Look what it got them.  The Russian corruption, the financial fall out of hurting the little guy and making the rich richer all out of self interest.  Yep, spot on.  

  5. The reason why during the 1990’s I couldn't have cared less about Oasis.... Super Furry Animals - Hometown Unicorn
  6. I assume the flying is the cam control speed? I would the love fast swim option and heck why not have a few different strokes? maybe some actual swimwear for guys at long last ? You just can't pull off a "Daniel Craig" with a waterlogged, overladen cotton gusset
  7. A little ditty dedicated to J, I simply call “Morning Glory” Be the dawn full of sunshine or clouds grey and misty. When I wake up with you I wanna get frisky I wanna kiss you, touch you, hold you and squeeze you. Get deep down and dirty and utterly please you. To caress every curve and every bump of your spine, to fondle your beauty each second divine. To taste your honey and devour your sweat, your sweet pink carnation in bloom and so wet. To watch your breasts heaving as desire takes hold, your sex fills my senses, libido is told! No longer controlling the beast deep within, We writhe and we wriggle, we bask in our sin. With a rumbling climax, with gusto we ride, as my hot sticky seed bursts from deep, deep inside. We pant and we gather, our thoughts and our breath, what a great Sunday morning! Being fucked close to death! And that, is what this woman I’m lying next to does to me. Have a great Sunday folks
  8. Sound advice. I was told pretty much the same but only heeded parts of it thinking I was a big ol’ man. Just guard your feelings and ultimately your heart (regardless of where it is in your virtual anatomy ) In a nutshell “I learned the hard way” lol The game feels like it’s life on fast forward and people tend to dispense feelings and love all too quickly and all too easily. It’s perfectly normal for your emotions to get involved, think of it in the same way as watching a movie or reading a book. You can be transported via your emotions in the same way. 3DX is just another medium, a gateway into a fantasy world. Just make sure you can click those heels 3 times and bail the fuck out to keep both feet on the ground. One simple rule I was advised above all others. “Reality takes priority, always.”
  9. It’s all part of the learning. My first date was an utter disaster! 😁. Chalk it down to experience and know that one day this will be part of a conversation with someone you really hit it off with. Welcome to the game and community!
  10. Heya folks, Another instalment of the mundane ramblings of yours truly. I hope you’re all well, happy, cherished and having fun however you choose it (subject to any global, national, regional and municipal laws of course, my legal team asked me to add this 😁) Okay I was due to leave again but I got another prepay code given to me for 6 months. I swear that “Hotel California” is definitely in the detail! I know I know! I didn’t have to accept it.! I could’ve said “no thanks” but it already caused some friction and with a certain persons blessing after we made up ( yeah we had our first argument lol) I’ll be around until March but only when RL allows. Besides, all this planning for a wedding and a side business as a mobile all round DJ (I’ll explain in a minute) is just making me incredibly busy. I just don’t have time for the game like I used to but the DJ game thing is indeed potent and I’ve missed being a silly bollocks with a mic! Okay, so yes. I’ve made a decision with J’s support to set up a mobile DJ business as a step to Supplement my income but more to further pursue a passion. I’ve bought a booth and a PA system, a set of lights and will be investing in a projector. A basic set up for now to get the ball rolling and if it’s successful I’ll invest appropriately. So why now? Well I used to work alongside a cousin a long time ago (in a welsh valley far, far away) and stepped in one night. I may have recounted this in an earlier instalment, I’m not sure. It’s something that gave me something to focus on at a bad time of my life and I happened to be a natural (well that’s what I was told and I’m keeping it!). It never really left me. I bought and had to sell my first set of decks and mixer when I moved abroad. We didn’t have as wide a selection of rentable storage solutions as we have nowadays so I had sell anything that I thought I’d never use again. This included my drum kit and accessories. Ill be honest, it hurt more than being dumped by my first girlfriend! I planned to get back behind decks but for while I had to be a grown up as per boring fucking adult guidelines (another chapter, another time), I strove hard to get on in life and check all the boxes you’re expected to. Didn’t get as far as wife and kids but had the house, the mortgage, the reasonably well paid job and all the trappings. I did so for a while....... BOOOOORRIINNNG!!! Lol sorry. Each to their own and so on but I already knew that wasn’t what I wanted. When you’ve been off your chops in the middle of a field “doving it” all night long with a friend who for that night only becomes your lover. And, once you’ve made love, you look up at the stars and wonder...”Is there a couple on one of the planets circling one of very distant stars doing what we’ve just done giggling when trying to predict whereabouts on our bodies the location of junk and the subsequent hilarity of unorthodox sex positions” (I’ve done it..... I laughed so hard I didn’t need to do ab curls for a week!) It was so fucking boring to follow the same routine as everyone around me. When I wouldn’t settle down I was challenged, almost demanded to grab and hold on to “anyone who would put up with you, you don’t have to be so picky! Don’t die a bachelor monk who won’t grow up!” That was my dad telling me, my mom, my friends who themselves so desperate to part of “the dinner party” set. Dinner parties are for me are slow, painful and torturous. Another reason to stay single so you don’t get invited! 🤪 Want to hazard a guess as a percentage, and I’ll include my folks and my sis in this, the number of marriages that ended in divorce? 95% As we say in the U.K. “Bollocks to that” Now I’ve found someone who’s able tolerate my shenanigans and I have almost half a life time of living behind me, I want to share my life and I’ve found J. So I made plans to clear any and all debt, to find a job I liked and could flourish in. Once I’d done that I’d re focus on hobbies and not dismiss any opportunity that materialised as a result. Took a long time of weekend gigs with a second hand kit and very late nights and very early mornings. I stuck with it and that became a labour of love. Still the “normals” has to have their opinions: “You’re always busy on weekends you must be very lonely and bored!” I tolerated it for some time and replied to one couple. They tried to give the “we’re better off than you” speech. The type of people who are so insecure about themselves they try and use someone they perceive as lower in society to push themselves back up that very slippery social ladder. “You almost sound like you’re frustrated, trapped even into a lifestyle that’s been sold to you on the promise of a lie. Did you really want to marry so young and have a family? Was that your ultimate goal or is that you heeding the propaganda of society that’s been heeded for generations? You must have had dreams, and aspirations other than a spouse, kids, house, car, mower and 2 week vacations?” They were already leaving before I answered the original question of “I own all the current range of Ocean Pacific T shirts and I haven’t seen the one you’re wearing before?” I told them it was a guy I know in Cairns who lived in the U.K. and had gone home. They wanted contact details and I politely refused. Yup I know, I was an asshole to them but I had to stand up and say something. The first step in “no more bollocks tolerating” okay where was I? DJing? Fuck it that’ll do lol Okay so now I’m wiser, more affluent, approaching 50, have a bigger disposable income but less hair... (ah well, cant win them all) I’m gonna go out and spin for whoever will pay. An 8KW PA and decks with some lights, a PPL license in case the venue isn’t covered, liability insurance, storage space, website with booking and request processing, a van and a strong determination to succeed. What the fuck am I thinking? 😂 Take care, be safe, be lucky, be loved. X
  11. If only all software vendors were this considerate eh? Another reason why I’m loyal to NI. Exemplary customer support.
  12. Every day, think as you wake up, “today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my energies to develop myself, to expand my heart out to others; to achieve enlightenment for the benefit of all beings. I am going to have kind thoughts towards others, I am not going to get angry or think badly about others. I am going to benefit others as much as I can.”
  13. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. 💖
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