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  1. It has been quite a while, though I haven't been active for the latter part of the last decade, I wish 3dx all the best in the years to come!
  2. Can't believe it's been 6 years. Time sure flies by 🥰 I'll be back in 2030. Hope you guys are staying well, love and kisses to all 💖
  3. "Family are those closest to you. Treasure them." My 3DX family.
  4. Same here. Although I am trying to get into a habit of using my toes, to no avail.
  5. Due to a lack of competition, it would seem that the developers are taking their sweet time.
  6. Description: Come to the Yacht, and join others in a relaxing dance to the music. Our motto is: drop your pants and join the dance. Requirements: Be on-line Get in the yacht Good sense of humor More Info: While originally planned to be around 8pm-9pm EST(GMT-5), the dance usually starts around 9 or 10, depending on when most people get on. Just stay alert on the global chat, and you'll know when the even has started. Picture thread
  7. Uploaded April 16th's screenshots. With so many attendees, I simply couldn't list all of them. Notice: No event on April 17th. Naked Yacht Dance will continue on April 18th.
  8. If this is a game to truly immerse yourself in an erotic 3d world, then there should be no poll about this. Of course you need to continue developing it. I personally think this is a great addition to all who wish to express themselves as transgender. There's nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. Considering that most X-MMOs have first-person mode, I'm quite confident that it should be no problem implementing it... I mean let's face it, all they have to do is add a button for the camera modes and move the camera to the eye level.
  10. That'd be awesome. It usually takes way too many tries to get the sync right lol...
  11. Updated with today's screenshot Thanks to all who came!
  12. Our sexy dance video More awesome stuff like this during Naked Yacht Dance event.
  13. At least the moderators have removed it, haha.
  14. Yes, WASD movement would be nice. I was arguing in favor of a FPS mode simply due to the fact that the current camera is not adequate for a true VR immersion.
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