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  1. The room owner Ukari has gotten the 5th horseman. Although the 4 horsemen were based on the Darksiders series that little fact will never stop Deadpool from joining by unicorn force if necessary. Fear the Pool.
  2. The Horsemen Return 2018's Scare-fest is back until 2019's Scare-fest 2 this is not photo shopped this is 1/3 of the room.
  3. you mean Monday
  4. yeah no drama, porn only..
  5. To the room makers, the builder still works, you just more the reconnect box out of the way, build and save as usual. Next time the server is online, just load the room as usual.
  6. Sadly room record is 230 hosted by Tanya, it was her first created room and she is a great lady to know. I am happy she holds that record..
  7. I am not wearing the cop outfit, it is a fucken dress, my balls will show.. I really remember it being down for about a week, 4 or 5 days. The test server was up for a month..That to me was too long but showed a possibility of having a free server without sex to have people try the game. See for themselves that it is a game that is better than SL and RLC in graphics.
  8. First of it was 4 or 5 days that it went down. second, a bouncer to calm places, forum or maybe even WC, that does not sound like a bad idea. You should bring it up to Gizmo, he does read forum especially suggestions.. the Afro is proof.. Capes and tails are the next thing i am going for...
  9. We need tails capes and facials or cuddles on threesomes.. Or the words FINISH HER or FINISH THEM.. followed by CUMTALITY... We need Porno Kombat!
  10. The way it was before worked just fine. People who wanted their rooms on top put in their gold. More people explored more rooms that way as rooms were ranked by order of opening or last one to put gold into the room. I hope Gizmo does return it to the previous way of ranking.
  11. GIZMO on a separate topic, is 3dx easy to install on MAC aka Apple computers?
  12. I am talking about the avis, not the person behind the screen. M or F are the sexes of avis available and for now the simpler the topic the better the chance others understand or catch on. As you mentioned the devs created the avatar thus that is what I am proposing in having. I am not suggesting a titty fuck between two men for well a good reason, the male avis don't have tits. Do I know if gay or bi men like dick rubbing on their chest, no never asked... so Just in case dick rubs against the chest.. I am just attempting and hoping these suggestions are taken to make the game just a bit better. Not trying to be politically correct and hit each and ever subject people use the avis for.
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