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  1. This sucks.. I have been here in 3DX for a while. Woody started opening a country club when we were still using tables for floors.. Of the few times I was in the same room with him, he struck me as a nice guy..
  2. Yes, but having items with a thickness of 0 tends to ruin the room with constant freezing. (It occurred to me and several others, whose room i saved..)
  3. Did you build something with 0 thickness? Or is it freezing in all rooms?
  4. Looks like Achilles and Alivia got it Gizmo.. That is why I love this game, many great people..
  5. Instead of doing it weekly monthly that way you can get with the djs, arrange their times without having them sacrifice a lot and as you get more used to it then increase according to demand and out come. hmm been here too long laters..
  6. Aussies have a very different scheduled than Euros and American (America is a continent so that includes US, Canada, Mexico and all of south America too). Need to talk with them about it, see if an Aussie can stay up very late or clue us on what Aussie groups are hot
  7. Can you post the DJs that are in, country they are playing for and music they are playing so that people can know what music is already taken? As well as non DJ knowing who is playing what..
  8. There ask and it may appear... Deadpool on a Unicorn farting a rainbow
  9. Quick Ross distract him while we take the trik-moble? Damn Batman has gotten cheap.. Stand down as you were...
  10. building zombies in awkward positions.. those things laying about in the house i entered by mistake almost.. who is Bruce Wayne? I thought I was stealing from Batman?
  11. Thing I know is that NG is not showing 1/8 of what she has made. I can not wait to see the whole mansion and the music. To me Scare-Fest has had amazing DJs in the past and I got a feeling the tradition will continue.
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