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    INFINITY City CyberPunk Build

    Took a month to make, still gonna mess with eet, mah entry to tha Builders competition \o/
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    LISA and GIZMO You must save the game!

    Dear LISA and Gizmo, you must hear us! I am OLESYA, and others and more than 2000 gamers who are our friends! The game loses its soul! I have been in the game for 6 years! I remember how the game began to develop! I remember how the administration communicated with the players and listened to them! There was mutual respect for each other! But now the main thing for you is to earn more money and you are not interested in communicating with the players on the forum! People started leaving the game on an unofficial server! If you read the forum you will see a lot! Many people want to delete their account on the forum! because you don't answer them! You ban people who advertise their locations! You ban people who show videos in the world about locations that people have made! But you don't ban rape rooms and Pedophilia! I wrote you a letter Lisa and told you that it is difficult to gain the trust of players but easy to lose ....... game or you will lose them! I speak for over 2000 players!
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    Build 422

    3DXChat Community! Build 422 is out and available now. Fixes: Ignore system fixed. Yellow messages in chat fixed. Clothing bug after user rooms close has been fixed. Daily rewards. XGold purchases. Referral program. Blurred tattoos. Changes: ✅ User Worlds sorting: Older open rooms are now sorted higher in the list than new open rooms. ✅ Users now get automatically transferred to the Character editor after User rooms are closed (to avoid some bugs). ✅ EU Proxy deleted (Unused). ✅ The number of attempts to enter the username and password before a timeout occurs is 5 attempts. After that, the timeout is 15 minutes until you can try again. ✅ Unity engine version updated to 2018.4.24. New features: ✅ Buy XGold for other players ✅ Players are able to UP any room that they are located in. ✅ Players can donate to User World hosts (Experimental) Learn more Content: ✅ New Hairstyles, Poses and Tattoos
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    So basically the aspect of the game that was revolving around good will, no profit involved, sharing and collaborating for the sake of fun is on it's way to get buried. Hard to see a future where a good builder and a good host can collaborate on a room where each do what they are good at now, unless they have to iron out a way to share royalties. A lot of builders like to share their stuff cause sharing has fun aspect to it, I think it's gonna be harder now to share things for free when others can use it to profit. Not to mention the side effects: -Soon finding local chat getting bombed by "if you like the room please donate" or people using the promised room moderating tool to extort donation else you get kicked. -Room bumping wars are gonna get hotter than ever, since if you can profit from it sure as hell you gonna want to spam the fuck out of the bump button to keep your room on top. you can say a lot of that is gonna be moderated and people wont be allowed to spam local with ads for donation and you gonna ban hosts, but yeah what good will that bring? People can defend it all they want... and try to make logic and reason for it all they want... but adding this option is gonna affect the landscape of the game badly... if some can't see it now, you will see it soon. hopefully this idea gets axed soon while it's still "experimental"
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    Build 420 (Test Server)

    - 5,000 XGold has been credited as compensation! - 15 days of play time has been credited as compensation!
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    Different voice/moan options

    Would be nice if we could have some choices in what our characters sound like when “getting to know” one another. For females you could have some cuter presets, some more mature ones, higher pitches, lower pitches etc for guys maybe some deeper tones, or more feminine moans for the sissy/sub guys too. it just gets kinda lame hearing the same moans all the time especially in group stuff where two people sound identical. I’m sure members of the community would happily record some stuff to use too
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    MNF Lady

    Room sort and search?

    There is no doubt that the new room order is not very popular. I can see the logic behind it as it offers some limited opportunity to small rooms to compete with large and crowded rooms as now everyone needs to promote the room to get to the top, not just be at the top because the room is crowded. However, we still see the same rooms that were full still full and the same rooms that were small remain small. So I don't think the effect has been achieved, and whoever I spoke to or heard in public chat doesn't like the new room order. So how about a feature that users can sort the rooms using their own criteria (like size, alphabetically by name or by owner) and also search the room? That might diminish the need to promote the room for XGold, but promoting can be adjusted such that it either shows promoted rooms in different colors for some time period or it places the promoted room in a separate section.
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    Patch 422 and buying gold for users

    i think adding this option was a mistake and going to affect the atmosphere of the game in a bad way in the future.
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    Hello, I'm Sylphie and I joined 3DX just a couple months ago, so please don't kick my ass if I do something wrong ^~^ I would like to contribute to this contest with my little creation. It happened that my friends who visited my room told me about the contest and suggested me to enroll, so here I am ^.^ I'm a big fan of everything cyberpunk and I really wanted to have a cyberpunk styled bedroom with a biiig window and a beautiful city view. But... I couldn't stop there :) My friends told me that the view deserves a more clear view than a blurry window, so I went further and made a little rooftop area. And in the beginning it was kinda empty and lifeless, so my corrupted creative mind started coming up with more and more outdoor ideas... ...such as cars and streets Monorails and trains... And of course trains needed train stations... But then I thought.. what kind of cyberpunk is it without flying cars? And voila! Taxi for all the arriving guests... And of course my personal full metal baby :) Yeah, I had to build a garage for it... and since I have it, why not add some finishing to the apartment? A corridor (yes that's vacuum robot in the corner): A bathroom (those huge vents got some wows from visitors) : And a living room with a nice view: And after all this work I just needed my brain to relax a bit and a little Japanese garden on the rooftop was a perfect place: So here it is, my little presentation of Sylphie's Cyber Lounge. Everyone is welcome to visit when I'm online ^.~ Oh yes, almost forgot.... it goes very well with the Retrowave radio that I found (I dunno if it's legit to post it here, so ask me in game), it sets a perfect cyberpunk mood :) One very important part is credits: The room is 99% made by me from scratch, but some props were very handy, such as: (modz forum where I downloaded most of the stuff doesn't work for me atm, I'll add names and links as soon as I can get them) Fonts: Digital_Numbers & ABC Highlight 11 Toys: Eve figure, Sex toys, HelloKitty and Teddy Bear Makeup set Keyboard/Mouse Cocktail Drinks and Sushi set Nutella, Bread box and Fruits Cool bed with neon lights and lots of poses Also one of the shared locations served as an inspiration for the rooftop, I'll add it as soon as I can find it. Sorry for no names, I really appreciate everyone's sharing <3 Some technicalities This location is a maybe a bit heavy 3.5mb, but it should be running well for most people. I tried to make sure there are no complicated props and you can't walk around the city freely as it is supposed to look well only from the main apartments/rooftop area (I cut the backs of the buildings to reduce the total amount of props). This location is optimized primarily for night (as on screenshots) because of how lights behave in 3DX and you can't adjust them per each time of the day (maybe one day?). Lastly, I added whole bunch of interesting and realistic sex positions which some people already enjoyed ^.^ @Ashbash I'll be sending the world file in private message as I think it looks much better in dynamics (with all the colorful lights, dynamic smokes/fogs, etc.) Thank you everybody who read through this long post ^_^ xoxo
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    Here is my contribution for the World-Editor-Building Contest : My InGameName is Jannick and english is not my native language, so I apologies first for all grammatical mistakes which could happen. Contribution for the contest is : VENICE It consists of a compressed part of the wonderful city of Venice based small on google street view and the “dirty 3DXCHAT-part” with all settings and poses a complete role-playing location needs. You will find by wandering around the “historical” elements like : - The Rialto Brigde - The Markustower 93m original high, completely to climb on top - The Gondolas of Venice - The Hotel Rialto combined with 3DX-roleplay-city-elements like : - a complete RedLightDistrict on the Rialto-Bridge with 22 rooms with different purposes like pole dance, voyeur- and glory hole-lounges, showers and changing rooms or private chambers to retreat with the costumer - two souvenirs shops, a doctors office, a police office, three bars, a pizzeria, a shop for ice cream, three two-rooms private hostess rooms for business, a tourist information office - the RialtoHotel with reception, eight rooms to hire, community showers and toilets , one private suite with three rooms incl. bedroom and complete bath - two private beaches with showers and changing rooms and a big public one - dancing facility in front of the Markustower incl. stage with all options of band music - the wedding facility in front of the RialtoBridge is optional The location is build for all light settings, romantic sunset, sinful nights or sunny wandering walkthroughs. All rooms for fucking has all possible triggers in use – over 200 are in this build ! I build it over month and the sex-club in the MarkusTower is still missing, it will follow later on, I promise I attempted to open the room as often as possible and the “StayOpenOption” with the new server is quite useful for this, thanks to the developers. The worldfile is about 2,4 MB at the moment, build 99% by myself. The only credits goes to : Torax - Coffee Machine unknown - beer dispenser Julienne - Champagne Bucket Torax - Fruit Plate 3DX Text Editor By GottaGo V0.1 If the world.file is needed just contact me or just visit the open room these days. Greetings Jannick Here are the pictures : 1. Sunset setting 2. Night setting 3. View left from the Rialto Bridge 4. View right from the Rialto Bridge 5. The dancing facility with stage 6. The Pizzaria, Hotel, Tourist Information and Bar district 7. The Gondolas of Venice 8. Optional Wedding location in front of the bridge 9. Pizzaria Tonno inside view 10. RedLightDistrict on the bridge 11. Inside the RedLightDistrict 12. Private Suite Living room over the hotel 13. Private Suite Bedroom 14. Private Suite Bath 15. Sitting or Jumping from the Top of the Markustower 16. Overall view of the location
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    Build 420 (Test Server)

    Fixed: Game-Time codes Buy Game-Time code: http://xgoldmine.com/cards.php See how to Activate game-time code: https://3dxchat.com/support/#gametime
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    Hello. I'm sorry right away if I make mistakes in words, because English is not my native language. My in-game nickname - VampGirl Contribution for the contest is Russian Ghetto. This place is not taken from real world, it is completely fictional. I used the style of russian buildings. This map is not sunny, i maked it for night's and mainly cloudy's settings And not beautiful, rather gloomy. I wanted to convey the atmosphere of a gloomy and gray street, where you can admire only working lamps... well, or nature. Nevertheless, it's a big map with a lot of places, ways, secret places and etc.. any way is connected with another way and going somewhere you can return another way there are several levels on the street: (roofs) (houses, floors) (ground) (sewer, basements) let's get started: - A few general images with night and mainly cloudy weather: - 3 multi-storey houses with 6 and 9 floors. (house numbers 11, 14 and 17) each multi-storey house includes a entrances, stairs, basements, appartments and roofs all roofs are open and people can get out to the roof.(also all roofs connected by wires that can possibly withstand a light person if you walk through it, and this is one of the ways to move between houses) house number 17 have a 10 residential apartments, house number 14 - 2 90% appartments are empty(only walls) - Garages. some of them are open but besides an old sofa or a dirty mattress it's hard to find something there near garages we can see how someone roasts meat or warms.. - Playground. Perhaps this is the most beautiful place here, but someone has already left a beer bottle in the sandbox.. - Sewer. Here, you always need to look under your feet so as not to fall into an open hatch, you can end up in the sewer.. but here you can move from one point to another using this (by going to one point, you can go to another place) But definitely someone is spending the night here because it is warm and there is no cold wind ... - Factory. Part of this factory is abandoned because of an accident, many people have lost their jobs and have long since moved away from here. But the smoke from the chimneys still goes on at night, it looks like they are doing something illegal there. - Police station. This is the only place where workers are required. The light is always on here. - Gas station. it doesn’t work, but someone just lives there. Anyway, when driving along the road, people sometimes stop here to go to the restroom.. - Road, taxi, bas stop. Buses stopped running here for a long time (taxi only) - Church and Cemetry. Just the place where the dead are buried... sometimes people visit this place to put a bouquet of flowers on the long-overgrown grave of their relatives, friends or dance on the enemy's grave. - House in the hills. Maybe some company of people wants to spend the night.. but the telephone and internet connection does not work here. - Beach. Few people come here summer and at night there is no one here all the more. - Lighthouse. The loneliest place. only the lighthouse keeper lives here. The job is to make it work and don't get crazy with loneliness... Still one... Credits. it's maked 100% by me. Map size = 1.6 mb (i spend a lot of time to optimize it) Also i maked on the map some things for creative use of the animation triggers. i'll send .world file with other screens. Becouse in the game everything looks more interesting than on the screenshots. Thanks for watching.
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    Just some pics of some of tha props that were made fo mah Competition Entry. Also a few detail shots of tha build:) Ah managed to scrape a 3rd place, just not a good enough build!
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    Room Name Filter

    It's a good idea to have a room name filter.
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    3DXChat Community! Now other players can financially support the development of your worlds. How to start accepting donations: 1. Register on Patreon; 2. Enter your Patreon link in the input field. World Editor/Settings: 3. Share your world 4. All world visitors will see a button that allows donating to the creator of the world: By posting your link to Patreon in 3DXChat you agree to the following rules: 1. Follow Patreon's terms of use; 2. It is forbidden to announce fundraising anywhere (In the name of the World, World Chat, Local Chat, Private Chat, Profile, Forum, etc); 3. It is forbidden to advertise donating to your User Worlds in World Chat, Private Chat, Local Chat. Excluding Local Chat from your own world. 4. It is forbidden to use links to other games. If you're found violating the rules, we reserve the right to disable monetization for the user or block the account for a certain period. We wish you a pleasant game!
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    I think it is a little bit difficult to claim to speak for 2000 ppl just because you have them on your friendlist. What have we got in the last few weeks? A very stable testserver, some cool new features and the announcement of more cool features. I am very happy atm. Okay, there is a doubtful rape room and yes, it has to be closed (and it is finally closed)... but maybe you can imagine that the 2 (...) ppl company SGD sometimes might set other priorities... maybe something crazy like a "free weekend"? To say that the world is ending, the game is being destroyed and the community is breaking up because of that is one thing for me: a bit hysterical.
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    Facial expressions on avatars

    I'm not sure what it would take, but it would be nice if the facial expressions on the avatars could be more joyous. Now, they are rather bland and do not convey the fun and excitement they ought to be experiencing given the situations they are being put in by players.
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    Ah shit

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    Dang it, and I left my oven on in the game. I swear if my virtual house burns down because of this... 😄
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    Donate feature: Cons and Pros.

    Actually, we added donations to support party organizers (they can also be builders, DJs, or anyone else). We want the game to have more awesome events and parties so players can support the hosts they love. This does not mean that players have to pay. Asking and demanding payment is prohibited. Donation is a voluntary desire to support the host. If someone demands payment from you, refuse it.
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    I added a PDF with the presentation of my build. It is our capital city Berlin from a certain viewpoint. The world file is approx. 3.5MB. More infos given in the PDF. regards Pan Presentation_Berlin.pdf
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    - 5,000 XGold has been credited as compensation! - 15 days of play time has been credited as compensation!
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    So my friends and I were bantering and riffing the other day on the topic "Things you don't want to hear during sex." This was the result. Warning: some of them are flat out gross. Let me know which is your favorite, and add your own in the thread! ❤
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    As my earlier post here covered: As a wedding or party organizer, a builder, a club owner, or just another player... Maybe you have an party coming up and you want everyone to enjoy themselves. Maybe you've completed your latest handiwork and want to show it off. Maybe you're getting married and you want it to be a celebration for everyone to attend and a day you'll remember. Maybe you're just hosting a club with specific rules and wish to see people abide by them. Whatever the reason, opening your room to the public is an option that brings communities and people together. Some come for the content, others come to create and share. Some come to enjoy themselves, and others want to help others enjoy themselves. Whatever reasons we're here, we all deserve to have a little more control over over who can come into and stay in our rooms. As mentioned in my post in the other topic... you can of course ignore someone - which prevents them from joining your room, and from interacting with you at all. But it doesn't remove them from your room, leaving them free to continue to do as they please. Imagine trying to host a wedding, and someone just runs up to the bride and groom and starts trying to ruin the ceremony. Imagine trying to create a peaceful environment for people to come and relax, and someone comes in spewing racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs. Sure, you can report these people and ignore them, the latter of which may fix the problem for you, yourself, locally, and the former taking time and multiple people complaining about it. Then, after you ignore them you can restart your room, which kicks everyone out and you have to wait for everyone to return, sans the troublemaker. Not that the issue isn't that people don't get ignored or banned - they do. The issue is when that one type of person gets it into their mind that they will do whatever they can to crash any event someone hosts, and spread nonstop toxicity at every turn, despite the innumerable ignores and bans... the kinds of people that proudly proclaim that they will continue to do it regardless, and start purchasing new accounts, just to get back into the party and bring another unending flurry of bull. It's literally forcing people to either close the rooms and reopen nonstop, or not open it to the public at all. To make matters worse, these people can even log onto multiple accounts, and have these multiple accounts all report their target at once with no intention other to try and get them banned for some bollocks of a reason. If room hosts could kick, they could at least ignore and kick someone, effectively removing that instance of the person from causing issues in their room, without having to shut down a wedding or otherwise great party. Similar to my post from before I'll cover a few simple FAQs that spring to mind: But can't people abuse this/get a power trip - Sure, but, I mean, it's their room, their rules, right? This won't prevent someone from getting yet another account and doing the same thing - True... but it allows hosts to deal the current account swiftly. What if someone kicks me for a reason I find unfair? - See answer #1. I don't think people should be able to kick me from their own place, it's heckin' rude. - You'll get over it. No one would actually buy THAT many accounts to troll that hardcore. - Oh, bless your heart.... Cheers, -L
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    I created a status website for the 3DXChat servers. It automatically updates every 5 minutes, and it'll tell you the actual server status without the hassle. @Gizmo I hope you're OK with this. I ping the game server once every 5 minutes, from one central point. If you're not OK with it I'll take it offline. But I thought it could be helpful for all the users. Check it out here: https://3dxchat-status.com/
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    Things you don't want to hear during sex

    The four deadly words for those that have a dick: ”Are you in yet?”
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    "Breast Sag" adjustment - thoughts?

    I don't think I'm alone in wishing we could make our avatars look more realistic. To start with, especially those of us older than 24 and with larger than "A" cup boobies, I wish there was a "breast sag" slider (for lack of a better word lol) which could apply a varying degree of "gravitational effect" to the look of my avatar's breasts, as I tried to illustrate in the pics below (sorry about my amateur-level photo editing skills :). Seems it would be doable as with other body tweaks already in place. Anyone else agree?
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    Patch 422 and buying gold for users

    I think you do it wrong...if you want to support builders, party makers, dj and so on...you should have this option to donate on profile not in the room. Why? Half if not more of the hosts in 3dx do absolutely nothing but click on the share room button, playing a free radio and using free content. How do you expect people who really dj or build or really organize parties to be supported? Player X host the room built by Player Y, Dj's are players A B C D, using a poster made by player Z...who get the support? Only player X... If you like a Dj you should be able to support directly the Dj, same with builder, or party or host as you say, but not only the host.
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    Update in July??

    no offense Gizmo... but i think there are way way more importen stuff that should be added. before patreon intergration... like cmon.. like we been asking for a room kick option for ages.... an one of the main reason i havent botherd to open any of my room seem like a strange thing to add.. tbh
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    New tattoos and new design

    here you can see the new tattoos that will be included in the next update
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    Beautiful Women Images

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    Hello everyone, so this is going to be my entry for the contest .I am Nitro and I'd like to invite you to my little crazy place. So the theme is cyberpunk, and I wanted to create something of a neighborhood in the city center. The area is quite active, you can participate in several of it's buildings and aspects (I'd do all but the size would be forbidding). There is a motel, houses, alleys, a park, kiosk, subway and lods of other buidlings waiting for you in the future world ^+^ I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did making it. I've never build something like it, so it was a nice challenge. Props I used : Alexa's ABC fonts King_Bob's spotilghts Kisses to everyone
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    Hair Hair and Hair ;-)

    Ideas for hairstyles
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    You just have to understand.... all it is costing us is a few hours of entertainment that we could be getting elsewhere (videos, other games, etc) This shit is costing Sex Devil A LOT of REAL money and for a small independent that is trying to keep the game affordable, every dime it loses is hurting it. I owned an independent business so I know what it is like having far less money than the "big boys" and losing customers because I didn't have the money to solve issues like they could. So money I had to spend on issues that hurt business, that could have been used to buy another store or develop more product to compete was used on things that those "big boys" didn't have to concern themselves with. And because of the issues, I would lose business which meant I had even less money to compete with. I have a feeling Sex Devil may be in a similar position. Every time the game goes down they have to spend money fixing the issues, that could have gone for better security and newer servers. They don't want to raise prices ESPECIALLY IN THIS ECONOMY, so they have to cut resources from other areas. When you support small, independent businesses, this is what you get. Steam/Origin/GoG/Epic/Bethesda/etc don't have to worry about having to buy new servers or resources because they have so many other games and avenues to raise revenue that Sex Devil doesn't. So, before bitching about Sex Devil and the service just remember they are probably losing more than we know, when all we are losing is the convenience of being able to play for a few hours. Just remember this, the money they need to create new clothes, new positions, new whatever in game content costs man hours and money, money they are having to spend to fight the fucking thieves that want "free", while we pay. So, when you get mad, most of that anger needs to go toward the greedy little selfish pricks wanting "free" while we pay and Sex Devil tries to keep prices affordable for all of us.
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    You really are special, aren't you? Almost all policies have similar refund agreements- so by your logic we should all just be charging back on everything we purchase. It's not that people cannot read, its just that we choose not to be toxic losers such as yourself who expect everything handed to them for free. And speaking of toxic, the only one spreading toxicity here is you, js. That said Im gonna go play another game and stop feeding this troll. See you all once the servers are back up. ✌️✌️
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    Sorry Gizmo you need to replace the gold your stupidity is causing not even the common courtesy to warn us you are frigging with the servers its a simple matter to set a warning and to post how long the downtime will be for. Gith Owner of Rock n Blues and Sillhouettes
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    constant disconnects

    Could not agree moore with you on that @DouceAlizee and I would like to add my view on this comunity in general. Please stop arguing and help each other. Work together. Develop. Don’t destroy. Let all gain on this, be good to each other instead of insulting. Hate feeds only hate, and no one gains from that. And now for another cliché hippie comment, but still very true. ❤️ Make love not hate. ❤️ Is that not why we all play this game in the first place? Take care all and be good to your next one, is all I’m saying. And I believe if all at least try to put a little bit of effort into that, then this game and community would be a much happier place and more fun for all. ❤️ And remember. Hate is not sexy. 😉
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    If you do what you do, 'cos you like doing it, go do it. If you're looking for payment, don't play games but get a job. This whole idea of commercializing each and everything makes me puke.
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    Room Name Filter

    To clarify. I personally would leave the Group and Friends rooms as is. So those can be used to form Private Rooms for said fetishes and kinks. Just block the words from the Public Rooms to prevent a situation as we had last weekend.
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    Flaccid option.

    An option to be flaccid while walking around naked would be fantastic. A lot of people don't like walking in the buff because their cocks are always on Viagra that lasts longer than 4 hours. It's not exactly appealing to see entire rods poking out around the place either. We know this is already possible, because of the standing idle animation with the avatar's hands on the backs of their heads, so why not make the option when wandering around, too? I think this option should be available for both Avatar Genders.
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    Erotic Photography

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    Hello everybody In the many years I've been at 3dxchat (almost 5 years), I've always been attracted by the editor, since the "Cheat Engine" that allowed us to put a bucket on a table (in 15 minutes), then the famous .dll with which I built a spaceship with armchairs ; until the appearance of the World Editor, my downfall . I started with my house and as I learned to use it I got ideas of something new, in some of my rooms I tried to build real places, copies of existing places... My method? take a zero point, place it in space, where sunrise or sunset, where I want to see the moon, center the main thing in that zero point and expand it until the stage is complete, sometimes using of photos, videos, Street View, Google Earth, etc. (thanks Google) and then complete with the minimum details, always taking into account real scales and spaces, sometimes with the grid, other times using 1 mt, 5 mt, 10 mt cubes as a rule, until the final result, not always easy One person gave me the idea of joining some of my rooms in one, at the beginning I thought it was crazy, like joining two or more different scenarios and make them look harmonic; in the end I decided to use South Beach in Miami as a base and add a little lost street in New York and several clubs, this is the result. (Sorry my english) OCEAN DRIVE - South Beach - Miami MANGO´S - Tropical Café NIGHT FEVER - Disco OYE CHICO! - Cuban Resto WAREHOUSE - Dance Studio BIRDLAND - Jazz and Blues Bar The used creations of other designers Bold Font - NiceKati https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/5980-workshop/page/5/ Cylindrical Italic Characters - Tiziana https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/5980-workshop/page/10/ Part of Hotel - JenC (Modified) https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/5980-workshop/page/11/ Pioneer XDJ RX - LukeM https://www.3dxchatsharing.com/electronics-music?lightbox=dataItem-k69uxwp9 Fender Rhodes Stage Piano 73 MK1 - NiceKati (Modified) https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/319-fender-rhodes-stage-piano-73-mk1/ Lifeguard Jeep - BDG https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/550-lifeguard-jeep/ Police Car - JenC (Modified) https://3dxforum.com/index.php?/topic/5980-workshop/page/8/ "Blue horizon" Car - Icarus (Modified) https://3dxmodz.com/index.php?/files/file/133-blue-horizon-car/
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    Used to be possible. If you were streaming your own music, You could see your listeners IP address in certain online streaming consoles. So lets say I invited you to my room. I have my own music streaming with a 3rd party program on a personal server. It is just me and you in the room. I know my IP. The streaming service I am using is telling me I have another listener who joined my stream. And it shows the IP address of the listener and mine. So then do a IP address lookup and you got your whereabouts. Then I can know if you are fibbing or not. Not sure if they changed anything but that was the old way. This was years ago though. Maybe they made it more secure with when they updated the game to 64 bit? No idea? My guess would be from personal experience over the years, 3dxchat is about as secure as a old persons dentures. You shake em real good and no matter how well glued in they are, Those teeth eventually wobble out and fall to the floor. Where there is a will there is a way. There is some very pc savy users who play in this realm. Some are very crazy and extremely bored. So you gotta be careful. There are a ton of ways to get peoples info. From reverse lookup of pictures to links to all kinds of stuff. If even one of your pictures is linked to a social media account or even a imgur account. Then your ip can be found with some fiddling as well as sensitive info. So don't use your own pics. Don't give any info to personal to strangers and only share what you are comfortable with. If you have a job that you could get fired for playing a game like this, Then don't share anything at all with anyone that could put your career in jeopardy. It is best to be safe rather then sorry. Your best bet is to just write " Your booty or Fantasia or LaLaLand or Paradise" if you don't want no freaks to harass you about your location. My location changes all the time. Sometimes its my real location. Other times it just random gibberish or a flat out lie. Be careful out there. Stay safe. There is lots of good people in 3dxchat but it has a few notorious shit disturbers who are bored with what the game has to offer and just like to cause drama. Some of these people know every trick, exploit and loophole you can think of and more.
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    Hi, Like to submit a room that i build, Consist of two locations but one room. a Rooftop Terrace Club where people can dance and have fun overlooking a beautiful sunset and surrounding cityscape. Large dance floor, bars, seating areas to relax when your feet hurts.The Club is connected via a Skye Bridge to an Escort Sex Club. A Escort club where Patrons at the dance club can meet 3dx Escorts and go to a more sensual enviorment to be teased and pleased. The glass display windows for the escorts and 4 private color coded bedrooms, Ive used a few items from the 3dxmodz website which is currently down so i cannot add links, but 99% is my own design, Girl in a Cocktail glass wallart, Modified engine into a beertap and a windebottle and speakers, dj table supplied by DJ StefDE.
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