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Personal Choice, TOP DJ's and their Qualities that make them TRULY Great.

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#1 WildHoney


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 10:00 AM


Welcome to my BLOG SPOT and DIARY  of what I call my PERSONAL CHOICE of DJ's I both admire, applaud and seek to be more like. I am NOT discussing NOR debating what so many have done here about what constitutes a DJ (disk jockey) nor will I debate it here unless someone goes off topic here and starts causing drama, chaos or ill will. 

And my OPINION is only that, my Personal Opinion. My Taste, My Observations. *laughs* and no, its not all about me! On the contrary. I want to use this blog to promote other DJ's *DEF NOT MYSELF!* ha Because in my own view they are truly GREAT. While I aspire to be.


That said, MY FIRST CHOICE AND ALL TIME FAVORITE DJ IS: *drum rolls for about 2 minutes to keep you waiting*










DJ StarrFyre!!!!!!!!!


And these are but a few of the reasons I have chosen her first, foremost as my TOP PICK, First choice and will always be my Favorite DJ and JUST BECAUSE she is the one who truly inspired me & encouraged me to go out and try doing this hard, difficult job. Oh & not just me, but many many many others as well. She promotes other Dj's on a daily basis. StarrFyre is one who truly 100% is the most caring, devoted DJ you will EVER meet. EVEN her Slogan that identifies her, says it all. "MUSIC IS LIFE." That to me marks a truly great artist, musician, Talent and DJ. She lives and breathes and loves, truly loves music and all kinds of music as well as all kinds of PEOPLE. Two Qualities I both admire and aspire to attain.





When I first met Stephanie, aka StarrFyre, I had no idea anything about her. But I was soon captivated by her RADIO LIKE charisma and personality. She could ROCK a room like NO ONE I had ever seen before in this site. Nay, unlike most DJ's I have ever met or heard on radio television or media forms both in RL or Here. I have listened to hundreds of  DJ's on the radio from my early days as a very young child. I was about 6 years old when I first heard Radio personality "Wolf Man Jack" *giggles* I know right? Any of you who know me at all know that is kinda a big surprise. :)I COULD REALLY DIG HIS Persona , his VOICE and his style. *Gasps* I know right? A tiny little six year old saw that in a man she would never personally meet but who was totally entranced by what he could do from the RADIO station booth.


But my point is, STARR has that Charisma. She TRULY Has "STAR" Qualities and it has nothing to do with  the name she chose really though it suits her and her "fun persona" she plays here,  to a "T" She is, "The COSMIC, Alien DJ of the Galaxy"


I remember the first time I heard and watched her in action. It was well over a year ago now. I was a still pretty much what I would call a newbie. DID not know many people at all. And although I started here in October of 2016, I hadn't gone to many "public events" or concerts in the site. Once I did though, I was hooked! I started to go to more and more. Mostly alone because I was going to go for my own pleasure and enjoyment. It was not a date night thing for me. It was all about what moved my soul and fed it. It was and still is, all about the MUSIC and what felt "right."


I have heard in real life, concerts from MASTER performers like Sir Elton John, Shania Twain, Manheim Steamroller, Billy Joel, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Anne Murray, Alabama, Cindy Lauper, Rick Springsfield, The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and Choir and Olivia Newton-John to name only a few of the many I have personally heard Live, and in concert.


Starrfyre, has every thing a truly engaging artist has. 


1. Charisma and charm

2. Openness and grace.

3. Generosity ten fold.

4. Modesty (OH MY GOSH! She simply will not take a compliment even though she genuinely DESERVES tons of them)

5. Love of and promotion of her chosen "career" and in her case it is "show casing" music and other performers in the Music Industry.


6. A true genuine love of what she does. Who in spite of personal tragedies, both real and virtual, in spite of terribly difficult circumstances and situations. Still comes on, turns off her personal challenges, and becomes the STAR she truly is, DJ STARRFYRE, the "BEST Cosmic DJ in the Galaxy."


7. A selflessness, a genuine and sincere desire to put others first, above and beyond the call of "Duty." More than once this delightful wonderful "HUMAN hearted " being has dropped everything she was doing, and on the spur of the moment as it were, came in to DJ in a venue. And I mean, DROPPED EVERYTHING, even things she needed desperately to do for herself. (Grows very very teary eyed here because she truly is one of the most caring people I have ever met, and one of the most caring people YOU will ever meet.)


8. ARTISTRY. She is, simply amazing at spinning tunes and reading a crowd. She can pick you up from the lowest point in HELL and help you see and FEEL so much better. There is not one soul I know can do that better than her in this place. She is my IDEAL DJ. She simply IS one of the VERY best, and in my humble opinion THE BEST IN of ALL DJ's in our little 3DX World.


9. She is a perfectionist. She is not satisfied with mediocrity or status quo. She strives constantly to become better, to become more than just a "D J." She wants to and works hard to be flawless.


10. And last but certainly NOT least, This woman knows her music inside and out. She DJ's in real life as well and she knows her material, background of the artists and bands, and knows every genre of music and can  pick unerringly, what will suit the crowd she plays for.






Yes, only ten but they are big reasons for her to be my number one choice as best DJ in 3DX!!


Again, its only my humble opinion. I do not claim to know better or more than anyone else. And I already have others I plan to spotlight here that are TRULY amazing DJ's and artists. 


I hope you will come see and listen to DJ StarrFyre if you ever get the chance. I believe truly, that if you do, you will find your time, WELL SPENT. And most likely  you will agree with me that she is AMAZING, if not the best you have ever heard. I would stake my life on it. That is how much I BELIEVE in HER!


I love you STARRFYRE!!!!! YOU ROCK GIRL, not just this world but the Whole Cosmic World! 


Rock ON and keep on doing it!

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#2 WildHoney


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 10:03 AM

*NOTE:* please see this as the Place I will post. For some reason I had an SQL error message when I pushed publish and when I went "back" I found that there was a double POST which I had not done on purpose!  Please Disregard the other one!

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#3 MikeyDee


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 11:34 AM

I hear that!
She was the one of the first I heard and saw in action and I was spellbound from day one.

When she asked me to record some drops I didn’t take it all seriously at first. I did it for shits and giggles but also, because she asked. The encouragement she gave me was phenomenal. She was thrilled when I handed them over! I thought they were okay. As they say, “somone’s normal is another’s velvet”.

Always selfless, always loving and always fabulous. It’s a little embarrasing to hear my voice in her sets because I think I’m cringeworthy, but, I always smile and giggle when I hear it. She doesn’t have to play them and is amazing anyway but the fact she does is just humbling.

Starr taught me a lot about my aspirations and about myself. It’s an honour to be in her presence and to call her a friend.

Thanks to her blazing the trail for the likes of me, I had an absolute ball during my time in game. And Its thanks to her it’s likely that I’ll be recording and providing drops and other knowledge to radio in the real world. Nothing fancy or big time but I get to do something that’s on my been bucket list for years.

So from an ex 3dx DJ and Goofball of the airwaves, I wholeheartedly second your opinion.
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#4 WildHoney


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 12:34 PM

Thank you MIkeyDee. :) KUDOS and AMEN

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#5 RobPathfinder


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 01:32 PM

DJ StarrFyre, the reason for me continuing the Even series two more times after her debut at E2. SugarBunny suggested her, I met her prior and was surprised by her modesty and later strength and dedication to being the best DJ she can be. I have seen Starr inspire many djs (WildHoney included) and shy people, for many she is an amazing friend for me inspiration to continue being me. Love ya Starr and Thank you Wild for featuring her first, hope you feature other djs you love. 

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#6 WildHoney


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 01:57 PM

Yes, Rob, I definately will and have in mind Quite a few and one you know already quite well! She is an independent and clever wonderful Dj , well two actually in that category of you knowing them and them being clever  and you know her as well :)

#7 WildHoney


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 05:53 PM

I would also like to propose this for this Blog/Post. If any of you have DJ's you love and wish to have me & others to take a listen to,  or you want to post a tribute to them, Please do so. This is where we can talk about and acknowledge DJ's throughout 3DX that are to us, to you, EXCEPTIONAL!

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#8 DJStarrFyre


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 07:16 PM

I think anyone who would ever read a post created to say such things about them would immediately say "I'm not really worthy of that." 


I thank you, Honey, for saying all this about me - I accept it but will never feel I deserve it.


Mike, when you agreed to be the voice for my StarrFyre DJ drops, I could not believe I was so lucky to meet a man of talent and one I would love being connected with through my work here as a DJ and becoming friends beyond this world.


Rob, you were the one who believed in me at a time I wondered why and how you could when I worried about being that DJ who might bring down your amazing Events rather than uplift them. You are truly one of my mentors, among so many other things.


I have many others I can also name as helping me during my time here. I know if I did that so many would wonder why I left off their name. They are the reason many seem to feel I am at least 'good' in their eyes and mind (and ears, of course). SO many have given me opportunities when they were probably told I was just a 'mistake' to use as their DJ, but I did everything I could to help them even more than they helped me. I am truly better to have met them and so many through my time here as a DJ.


This posting has touched my heart and spirit deeply. It touched me so much that, yes, I cried to think others really feel I am that good for them nd 3DX. I never came here with an ego and still do not play for any ego or numbers - I play for the way I have believed in my life here and beyond - that music and specific songs ARE LIFE for us with the great memories and good feelings when they are heard.


I will never stop doing what I love nor will I stop loving what I do. It is for ALL OF YOU that I AM StarrFyre.

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#9 WildHoney


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Posted 21 December 2018 - 07:42 PM

*points to the post up above me* See? This is exactly what I mean.. She is, StarrFyre for all of us.  Modest to a fault, Generous of heart and truly a gift to all she meets. I am grateful and honored to call you friend, Steph. And that is only the TIP of the Iceburg as it were. :)

#10 FireyEyes



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Posted 22 December 2018 - 01:54 PM

-waves to all- 

My favorite choice is DJMikeBurleigh,

I'm always welcome in his room, He makes sure all are welcomed an comfortable.

He makes each one that enters feel special.

Greets all,

There are alot of DJ's here all special in their own ways,

But Mike has made an impression, Always ask how your day is going,

Even when he's not feeling so well, He gives his all.

Here's to you DJMikeBurleigh -hugs-

Thanks for hearing me.

All have a great day, Much love!

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#11 DJSuperman


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Posted 22 December 2018 - 01:56 PM

Awe Thank You so much Firey. Very Humbled. I certainly try My Best, and there are Tons of Great Dj's. :)))

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#12 DJOrion



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Posted 22 December 2018 - 04:06 PM

Hey all


My favorite choice is DJMikeBurleigh, reason he have alot good tunes who all likes its not to murch 

emd and such music i,m a dj my self but i have choice Mike as the best i have heard sence i started 2016

all other dj,s is good aswell in there music styles all is not the same so my vote go to Drummmmmmmmm





Thank you all for hearing me aswell ;)

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#13 WildHoney


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Posted 22 December 2018 - 06:16 PM

Today I am going to Highlight Another DJ. In fact a Pair of DJ's. Why the Pair? Because they are Chloe and Felia, and they are married to each other!






I first met Chloe about a year ago. Did not really see her DJ at first but then she joined a few groups I was in so I thought I would go to some events and give her a watch and listen. Which I did. One thing about Chloe, she does not do anything half way. She designed her room and show cased her talent and her wifes in a room she herself had built and it was amazing and so were they in Djing. Both showing great talent.  The last event I witnessed more recently was this one:










in which Chloe built the room and DJ'd along with her wife Felia and myself. Chloe has combined her love of Felia, her love and mastery of building and her love of music all in this one place. The pair of them are a great addition to any event!


So for this and STANDARD 10 from my first post, I put these two forward as Very deserving exceptional DJ's!  Well worth your time to see and listen to. And IF you follow this link above? You can download for a limited time, Chloe's Lovely Xmas Village. She is giving it away for free! MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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#14 Natsumi


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Posted 22 December 2018 - 06:46 PM

Ooh fav DJ on 3dx? That's a tough one. Many of my friends are really great DJs in their own right and it would be really hard to choose just one. But If I had to only pick one of them. I'd have to go with DJ Ash (Ashbash). He is the reason I started DJing in the first place and inspired me to try EDM. 


Now as for my top 10 Fav DJs it would go something like this: note that I don't love one more than the other :3


1. DJ Ash

2. Ukari

3. DJ Starrfyre

4. Torax

5. Xanar

6. WildHoney

7. Chloe

8. Gremio

9. Nixxx

10. DJ Lexilicious 

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#15 honeybee



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Posted 22 December 2018 - 11:17 PM


#16 nobody


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Posted 23 December 2018 - 01:54 PM

gosh please its topic about djs or our friends being objective for me the best female dj in 3dx is ZaraUk

about male dj my pick will be Kiwi

#17 MeiLing


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Posted 23 December 2018 - 02:29 PM

Raeven and The Pathfinder

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#18 WildHoney


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Posted 23 December 2018 - 03:00 PM

Mei, I  have to agree, both of them are great. ROB taught me so much, He actually BUILT me a room to DJ in, made me set a DATE for my debut and then  helped me set up by giving me tips and helps and good critiques. He turned  me  into a metal head :P But seriously he is a skilled DJ. Raeven too, I have often gone to her room and listened to her DJ. I admire both her style, and her picks of music. Two thumbs up on both! I have planned to "showcase" them both in the near future so if keep an eye out you will see them. :)

#19 WildHoney


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Posted 23 December 2018 - 03:03 PM

And Natsumi your list is also filled with talented ones. A few I have not had the luck to hear or experience, so I will definitely put them on my list of people to go hear!

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#20 Tlaera


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Posted 23 December 2018 - 05:17 PM

Raevaen literally rocks my world.  She plays great music and frequently introduces us to new songs.  I'm a serious metal head, and it's way cool that she finds songs I've never heard before.  I especially like all the covers.


Her best trait, though, is that she enjoys people interacting on Local during her sets.  I like to chat and sing along and be silly.  I've gotten resistance to those kinds of things in other places, but Rae encourages it.  


Always a good time at Absolute.

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